Thursday, December 20, 2012


There was a star that shined the night
that Jesus Christ was born.
It shone so very 'specially bright
with twinkling, brilliant sparks of light,
the night was bright as morn.
O Sing, O Sing of Christmas,
the time of Jesus' birth,
the time when we recall again
God sent His Son to earth.

The Angels sang their joyous songs
on that first Christmas eve.
"Alleluia, Praise the Lord"
rolled 'cross the fields in sweet accord and spread the news,
"God's Holy Word
has come; O please believe."


The shepherds in the fields by night
heard the angels sing.
They heard the songs and left the sheep,

they did not stop to eat or sleep,
they hurried on through darkness deep,
they ran as if on wings.

The Wise Men came from parts unknown
upon their camel's fleet.
They'd seen the star shine in the East,
they'd come to share a royal feast,

with the Baby, God's High Priest,
and worship at His feet.
 O Sing, O Sing of Christmas,
the time of Jesus' birth.
the time when we recall again
God sent His Son to earth.

I wrote this during Christmas-time, 1971. At the time, I lived in Redwood City, CA.  "Sing of Christmas" was first simply a poem.  Then, a few days later, while in the bathtub [as crazy as that sounds], the melody went through my head and never left. That year, I sent out the poem as my Christmas card. Eventually, the music was written, and in the late '70s I sent it out again, this time as a song. One evening my dear friend, Susie, in Minnesota, called. She played the song on the piano and her family sang it to me over the phone as a Christmas gift. That was truly a sweet present.

I hadn't shared it for years. However, last year I chose to post it, because I wanted to post something Christmasy and decided this would be fun to do.  Well, redoing a bit of it... colors, photo, and "history" about it has been improved.  Wanted to send it to my dear ones and friends around the world.  
Bless you all...


Floyd said...

That's a great song! You've been writing a long time! Nothing better than the songs of a heart singing to God our Father. Merry Christmas. Thanks for the gift. God bless.

Kristin Bridgman said...

Love it. . .the poem and the story behind it!
Wish we could hear it from the piano and you singing it :)
Merry Christmas to you!!!

Unknown said...
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Susan said...

Beautiful, JoAnne! I'd love to hear the music sometime :)

Gayle said...

It is lovely! Thank you for sharing it. We're all down with bronchitis here but hoping the antibiotics will kick in and we'll start feeling better soon. Have a wonderful Christmas dear friend!

Jody Lee Collins said...

Joanne, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

jasonS said...

A wonderful poem/song! I love the story behind it too. Merry Christmas, Joanne!