Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Last week, I shared the story of how I met Jackie and how she had been placed in my life.  Needed to share another portion; hope you will enjoy it.  Not intense; blessed.
Two years ago, during the Thanksgiving weekend, on Friday we went to Duluth after being with Dave's family in Minneapolis.  The North Shore time was our celebration for our 25th wedding anniversary.  [The anniversary was in September, but we never had time to take a trip until then.]  

We were looking forward to seeing Jackie.  She was at an art show at a mall in Duluth.  When arriving from Minneapolis, that was our first stop. There were many artistic aspects in the mall... knitting, sewing, quilts, photos, paintings.

Jackie had a special painting there that I'd never seen and it really was neat.  She sometimes didn't only paint, but she added threads, salts, and other ways of making them appear realistic.  This one actually had a section of a flower basket that she had woven with the paper of the painting.  

The price had been marked down from $250 to $125.  She saw that I really liked it, and said she'd drop it lower.  I thanked her, but shrugged and told her we couldn't afford it. 

Anyhow, we had a wonderful visit with her and her husband and we bought a few of her cards and a prayer shawl she had made.  That was it.  Said we'd try to see them again before we left the area. 

On Sunday, we were meeting friends in Duluth who were visiting up there from Luck, Wisconsin.  We hadn't been together for quite a while.  We met for a brunch in downtown Duluth at one of our favorite eating places.  

While there, Bev said she had something for me.  After eating, we went to their car, Dan opened the trunk, and gave me that painting.  They had stopped at the mall ... I had introduced Bev to her a few years earlier ... and, hearing we were meeting, Jackie had given it to them to give to me.

I nearly cried from joy.  WHAT A BLESSING! 

I called Jackie immediately and thanked her so much! 

Later, through a Christmas gift of money, I was able to have it framed.  The next June, when going through that area again, I took the painting with me to show her how the framing had been done which beautified the painting even more.  She was thrilled.  AND I can't imagine ever removing it off of my dining room wall.

       The painting is a blessing.

And so is Jackie.
 [And so is her husband.]

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