Thursday, September 30, 2010


Bet you'll be happy to "hear" that there will be more photos than words in this "yammery-personality" post.

Sunday there was a picnic for the Nebraska-based Nepalese/Bhutanese refugees. [The refugees are Bhutanese, but the camp is in Nepal; it has been there for more than 18 years.] We had a blast! The worship service was a blessing. The food was amazing. The fellowship was wonderful. We don't understood one word of their language -- and their English pronunciation/accent isn't usually easy, either -- but were so welcomed and loved. We have been involved with these refugees for several months now ... most of the ones we're with are Christians, some are Hindus [but being drawn to the Lord bit by bit by their own folks], and the occasional Buddhist or Muslim. What an opportunity to bless and pour forth the Lord's love!!

I simply love being with them and helping in very practical and basic ways --- ESL, clothes, small household items, budgeting -- my husband teaching piano, tutoring, fixing/putting together computers. And whatever else the Lord drops in our life... we live only a long block away from a number of them who are in an apt. complex.

So, here goes.

They were asked to come forward and dance. Well, one of my young men, who has been in the States since early July, was the first. Don't know whether the dance was connected to Bhutan or his overwhelmingly funny personality or "insanity" ... but he had a blast and everyone was clapping to the music and laughing.

Subat/Bob Marley [the name he brought here to the States with him], the dancer, is in his early 20s. His nephew, Kharka, is in his mid-20s. My "G-ma" person is Subat's mom and Kharka's g-ma, and she's only 2 years older than I. I became involved with her only 3 days after she [and Subat and her other son-- whose name I don't have down, yet, but is in the picture with his wife] arrived from Nepal in early July. She needed to go to an ER, and I took her and Kharka and the sons and we hung out for 5 hours while tests, etc., were done. Kharka has been here for several months and knew a fair amount of English before, so he was the interpreter. Subat knows very little and his brother almost none. And G-ma, absolutely NONE!! What a time. [And, yet, she adores me!! Every time I see her she holds my hand and just pours love over me. And she's still a Hindu, but I know she's headed towards our Lord.]
See? I lied. I promised more pictures and less "yammering"... didn't work again; my "mouth" always takes over. [Susie would figure out a way to show the photos and pop the occasional word in, and then there's ME... so opposite.]

Anyhow, the picnic was a fun and blessed time. One of the most amazing parts is their respect and honor aimed at Dave and I ... and the fifteen-or-so other supporters from other churches and organizations that were there ... and some of us are "plain ol', plain ol'" hanging out folks. But they really seem to appreciate that little bit. [And it was obvious, too, that the refugees are dearly loved!]

Thanks for "listening"...


I left to pick up the g-kids from school. Pulled out of our driveway, turned down the street, moving happily along..

AND SUDDENLY -- a mouse showed up on my windshield, right by my steering wheel -- OUTSIDE [thank you, Jesus].

It then ran across the wipers area and under that area. Then came back... and forth.

I needed to stop at a shop, and when I started to climb out of the car, it was half-way on my door... front feet clinging to my door. I was freaking about it falling into my car and running across my lap, and on and on.

Well, I didn't see it again. I did get out of the car... very carefully ... and as I was heading into the shop, that was the last time I saw it.

Gone, gone, gone. [However, is this a clue of what we're headed for in our house this winter?] Our neighborhood has at least 3 stray cats, and I've been feeding them. Maybe that will bring a huge benefit as winter hits... maybe I can feed them more and more and more ... and hug them lots, too.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh, how we wanted to play and have a good time on that very special Tuesday. Not much could have been better.

However, nothing se
emed to be falling into place ... too many small needs of others and ourselves filled our plates. Our family issues kept us from trying to have a party or celebration. We managed to cram in six hours on Monday -- Dave canceled piano students, and his temp job wasn't on the schedule for that day, so we celebrated a day early.

My gift to Dave for us was having 2 CDs made with our main special songs -- 19 songs both for our relationship and our individual characters -- Dave's main personality song is "Roller Derby Queen" [which is NOT connected to his personality, but he's a Croce fan] and mine is "Old Time Rock and Roll" [which IS my personality, and I'm planning to have at my funeral]. Besides that, our wedding songs and other favorites, both Christian and secular, filled them. Our friend, Gary, put the CDs together for me, using 45s, albums, CDs and downloading a couple of them. It was a lot of fun to drive around in the sunny countryside for a couple of hours and listen to the songs. Riding, sharing, holding hands... thoroughly enjoyed.

Then we went to dinner in a restaurant at the Old Market in Omaha's downtown "tourism" area. And walked, and wandered through shops, and watched other walkers... it was a nice, NICE time together.

It doesn't even matter what kind of special event enters our life... it is simply a treat to have my dear husband
. He's such a treasure. And I've experienced support, even through many tough situations, some connected to life-in-general, and sometimes family uprisings, of one type or another -- and his support is amazing even though he is rarely connected to the original issue.

I just thought I'd pop in a few pho
tos, representing different anniversary trips.

The trip to Paris was a real surprise. We were returning from
Uganda after attending our son Sam's wedding. The slide across from England to France for a couple of days during our return was just a neat side-step and didn't cost much, as we were staying with acquaintances in an apt not far from downtown Paris and could even walk back from the Eiffel Tower. We would never have done it otherwise -- we like England, and it's always simply part of the layover, and we could allow those extra fun times.

[One of the special remembrances: after we left the Tower, we took a ride on the Seine. As we were moving along, I suddenly burst into tears. At first Dave was a bit concerned, but then I explained. I was so amazed, considering my childhood and adult background, I never would have imagined that I would be in that place. It was overwhelming. Dave has always felt especially blessed that he was able to bless me that way.]

Anyhow, I'm sure this post won't be particularly exciting, but still wanted to do it. The final photo was taken this weekend at church. The kiss matched the one at our wedding. [Don't anticipate a 50th anniversary, and if we somehow do make it that far, and I'm 90/Dave is 75, I'm not sure we can pull that same position... and neither of us are wanting to live that long; we're hoping for heaven before that!]

Here they are:

Saturday, September 25, 2010



In a glass-enclosed room overlooking the church foyer –
[A glass-enclosed, heat-radiating,
producing” room]
Jesus-loving, Bible-believing,

Women of God meet –
unmasked -
before each other –
with care and challenge –
and, amazingly, lacking condescension.

Who are they?

Marys – their love for our Lord
pouring forth;

Marthas – she wasn’t all bad, you know,
just fogged in
by busyness.
[Who, her? ... who, me?];

Deborahs – wisdom exuded in their words and touch;
Lydias – both practical and creative
in approach to life;

Ruths – loving their family with on-going sacrifice;
Dorcas’ – serving, serving, and serving some more.

And, with all due respect,
Rahabs –

who see the signs of what is coming,
and make the choice
to follow the right road no matter the cost.

All these beautiful ladies
in modern dress
[or slacks, or jeans],

the room over-flowing with love and laughter,
shared heartache and tears.

What a blessed – most blessed – glass-enclosed room.

Who’d a thunk it?

[Nearly four years ago, October 8, I found this room of ladies at our newly attended church. And for about two years this classroom was my most comfortable place for loading and unloading, for sharing in a helpful manner and receiving piles of love. A couple of years ago, I wrote this to honor them, and even though that class has broken and spread throughout the church, so have these lovely ladies whom I still respect, admire, and love.]

Monday, September 20, 2010


Desolate. De The word caught the edge of the wind and plummeted into her heart echoing, reverberating, until it encompassed and inundated every part of her soul.

Desolate. De She stared into the darkness, searching the recesses of her mind. Then she remembered. The prophet Isaiah used that word to describe Babylon.

"It shall never be inhabited, neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation...And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces..."

She shrugged. "All those times I listened as the words of the prophet were read, all the wonderful, tempting promises of God, and THIS is what I remember."

She had come out in the pre-dawn hours to search — wander — through the dark narrow bends in memory. She had hoped — hoped desperately — to discover a reason — one tiny reason for life.

As she delved further — searched deeper — any glimmer of hope she had was extinguished. Wilderness surrounded her. A stark, empty, forlorn barrenness, brokenness.

As the light of dawn broke and dispelled the darkness, she stood from the rock, the decision made. A gust of wind caught her red-brown hair and as it swirled about her, she gloried in the freedom of her new course. Since she had nothing to live for — no one to live for — she would stop living. She did not know when or how, but she knew the day would come — and come soon — when she would end her life. Momentarily, she recalled the law, and knew that to take her own life was to murder and would separate her from the God of her Fathers; but Law gives no hope — and without hope, there is no Life.

The sun's rays caught the crest of a wave and danced toward her on the shore. She moved back from the water instinctively, realizing even in this freedom of death, the reality of life; water on her robes would be heavy as she walked home.


A man came toward her, sauntering down the beach. She saw the boldness in his eyes and the cocky smirk that played the corners of his mouth. He was a large man, broad shouldered and big muscled with dark curly hair and beard. Normally, she would have played with him...teased him. But not this morning. The seductive gestures, coy looks, and bawdy words that came so naturally were gone. Freed from life, from a future, she also was freed from the demands of her present... and her past.

Without a word, with hardly a glance toward him, Mary slowly turned, pulled her cloak tightly about her, and walked away.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I was reading a goofy mystery written in the mid-'70s that had hippie characters and many others that represented that phase of our culture. And, I read a comment that got my attention. "Alfie" said that in 1966 Time Magazine stated "God is Dead." I most certainly remember the overall effect of that phrase in our society.

So, out of curiosity, I decided to see when Time Magazine's issue came out.

It was April 8, 1966. Exactly one week before I received Jesus, the Son of God, as my Savior. So if "God" was dead (or planning to die), I'm glad He didn't disappear before pouring forth piles of effort to bring me into His Family.

BTW, I know the "God is dead" statement goes back decades, etc.... but I still had to chuckle at the cultural relativity to my life change.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Sometimes I feel the need
***to slip away and seek God’s face.
To hide myself from everyone —
***to flee life’s mad’ning pace.
To hear my Father speak to me
***To hear His voice of grace —
Sometimes I need to be alone with God.

Sometimes my heart is hungry
***for a glimpse of heaven’s peace.
The burdens seem so heavy —
***the cares of life increase.
But then I reach my hand to God
***and all my sorrows cease —
That’s why I need to be
***alone with God.

Sometimes the day’s so hurried
***and I do not seek my Lord.
I find myself at end of day
***not having read His Word —
To see what He has written me,
***To see His love out-poured —
Sometimes I fail to be alone with God.

Sometimes my Father sees that I’ve
***this need to be alone.
And He seeks me out at night
***when my heart and mind are calm.
And He whispers through my dreams —
***and reminds me I’m His own.
Sometimes I need to have a
*** touch from God.

In all of us we recognize
***this need to be alone.
To close the door unto the world —
***to stand before His throne.
To hear His words of wisdom
***to know that we’re His own.
Sometimes we need to be
***alone with God.

He wants each one of us
***to take the time — and come alone.
To meditate upon His Word —
***to pray before His throne —
To praise His blessed name,
***Or make our petitions known —
Oh, how we need to be alone with God.

[I wrote this poem/song eons ago here in Omaha. One Sunday morning before church the Lord simply laid it on me. -- I love it when He writes and I get to hold the pen! -- I hadn't thought of it for a long time, but over the past few weeks it's been floating in and out of my heart and head. I decided to share it.]

Monday, September 6, 2010


There's a gaping hole in my soul

Big enough to drive a truck through.

It's not a fear
ful emptiness
No reason for panic


Anticipation -- Breathlessness



nose-pressed-to-the window


my God


to enter in

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Sometimes it's either literal or symbolical that the Lord steps into our path. Sometimes we are taken to Heaven suddenly... or left behind.

This one is literal.

Friday evening I was headed to the grocery store. The nearest intersection had a red light my direction and I stopped, of course. The road is on a bit of a curve, the nearest passing lane nearly invisible from my particular site. A couple minutes later, it turned green... of course. Within a second, a car ran the red light. Usually, I would have taken off immediately. I was glad I hadn't hit the gas and started through for my left turn.

Then, suddenly, another second or so later, another car ran the light ... speeding. And I still had not moved forward -- something about as rare as you could imagine. I was shocked. If I had moved normally, I would have been broadsided... by someone going about 50 mph in a 35 mph zone. Wearing a seat belt wouldn't have saved me.

I keep seeing that picture in my head... knowing that my Father protected, kept me, posted angels ... whatever the explanation.

Part of me always looks at situations like this and reminds me of Paul... I'd be happy either way. Here with my dear ones... in heaven with my DEAR ONE!!

I'm still in recovery from my month-long trip. Exhausted, frustrated, tired b/c of this
annoying "aging" thing of life. But, this is one more proof that I am still to be here with you and yours and His.

Bless your dear heads, Friends and Family.