Wednesday, July 31, 2013


And He DID show me kindness through Himself 
and many others in this town;
 happened long ago, leading me to salvation, 
and happened just this past week when 
I was blessed to meet, greet,
 pray with, pray for 
a number of people. 

 My heart is filled with the joy of His love.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


In Tacoma, on Wednesday, July 17th, my daughter, grandkids, and other family connections, and I, went downtown.  Wanted to go through the touristy shops and a special location.  This place is a huge pile of Chihuly glass artware. 
HUGE!  A walking bridge area.  I'd always seen the blue glass when driving on the Interstate, entering Tacoma, but hadn't taken the time to go for this wonderful walk.

WELL, it was wonderful, but in more ways that one.

As we were walking across the bridge, in a bridge-covered location, a man was playing his flute.  The song at that moment was "Amazing Grace".  I decided to hold back for a bit of time and see if the musician and I could talk a bit.  This blessing of godly music touched my heart.

We talked... for about 20 minutes.  He is not ONLY a musician... but connected to Columbia and Uganda and other nations where children need to be brought to adoption.  A strong heart, a loving man.

John is in his early 50s.  He told me his back hurt.  He very strongly asked me to pray for him to be healed.  So, with people walking past, I laid my hands on his back, and prayed for him very intensely.  [Who, ME??]  And I have his name, email address, and ministry focus info, so now that I'm home, I intend to get in touch.

I went off to walk around the other artistic bits and pieces.  It was wonderful, gorgeous.

 Later, when walking back across the bridge, heading for the sidewalk and main street, he was still there.  We smiled, quickly hugged, and rejoiced together for another couple minutes.  What a treat!

Hope you love the photos.  Can't NOT include them.  Some over our heads, some in front of our eyes.  And, saying again, WHAT A TREAT!! -- both for a new spiritual brother and the view of all the gorgeous glass art. 


OH, and BTW, Chihuly went to the Tacoma Stadium High School.  One of my sisters knew him when she was there.  How amazing is that?  He's known all over the world now.


This is what I truly count on.  
All I CAN count on.

[All WE can count on forever and ever.]

Monday, July 29, 2013



When, on June 30th, I left home for the month-long trip out and about to the Northwest, I was hoping I'd enjoy my time in Casper, WY.  Never been there before.  My grandson, Dyllon, was with me, sharing the driving during that 600 miles.  I had a motel reservation already.  Hoped it would be good.  [It was.]

There was a man who sat aside in a small eating area.  The clerk was sitting with him often and another lady, occasionally.  When I was walking past, to turn down our hallway, I always saw him there, looking quite tired.  But obviously cared for.

The next morning, when we were loading the car to leave, I saw him sitting there, and felt the Lord tapping me on the shoulder to greet him.  

He told me his story. Joe had been at the motel for two months since he'd had his "blind" eyes in surgery; now his eyes were better, but he was going to see the doctor regularly until the healing was totally in place.  He would be returning to another Wyoming area, but not real soon.  We talked for just a few minutes.  He did indicate that he is worried about how our country is moving along, allowing too much sinfulness to be accepted.  I told him I certainly understood.  He said he is a Catholic and looks forward to going to church. 

I asked if I could pray for him.  He said, "YES!"  So, I just held his hands and prayed for his health and to strengthen his heart for the Lord.  Then I asked if I could take his picture.  He was very pleased.  Then I asked his age.  Joe is 83 years old.  And a blessing for others and being blessed.  This is a truly good thing.

I was extremely frustrated the next day when my computer died.  I wanted to enter his photo, write this story, and share it, especially since it was my officially first time to be on the trip and having ministry pour from my heart and wanted to share it with all of you and encourage you.  Couldn't.  Almost cried.

I got home today and Dave "computerized" all my photos ... he had made a computer for me from his piles of pieces he has ... and now I'm back to normal.  Whew!  Now we are in each other's lives again.  Nice to see you; have missed you MUCH!!  When I finish reorganizing my life now, I want to read and read and read some more.

Tell Me a Story

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Physically, I'm struggling today.  Tiredness, dizziness, etc.  Tomorrow I have to hit the road to Portland area... not far from here ... and a couple days after that I truly begin to hit my way home, but won't be there until next Sunday night, at the earliest, because I'll be stopping a couple places in eastern Oregon to teach a couple blog-friends about a particular form of spiritual warfare. 

HOWEVER, I wrote this poem even before I came to the Lord.  I was about 19 years old; wrote it in Seattle.  How can I NOT share it today when I know my struggles are held in the Hand of my Dear Father Who loves me.  Nothing/NOONE else counts.

Oh, and today's Word that struck me is Nehemiah 8:10, The joy of the Lord is my strength.  And this poem has "joy" in it.


He gave me His hand and led me

Across stream,
and River,
and Mounta

He gave me His Spirit to draw me To the Wonderful

He gave me His Grace and Compassion
His Joy, His Righteousness, too.

He gave
me His Love and Mercy
And created a life wholly new.

He gave -- I received --
........Eternal Peace.
He gave -- I received --
.............Love never to cease.

Friday, July 19, 2013


I left Tacoma yesterday, and don't think I'll ever be there again.  The photos were taken another time, because of today's computer issue, and the words written then.  However, the reality is still Reality.  All the photos are connected to Point Defiance Park beach area or downtown when seeing the Rainier... "my" Rainier.  The last photo is on the Washington side of the Columbia River ... one of my favorite Rest Areas.  Will be there in about 5 days when heading east.  But, as I said, this truly is Truth. 


Some days feel sluggy and bloggy and foggy,
even when hard and firm Rockiness is in sight.

[Sometimes the rocks are in bits and pieces;
not a firm foundation.]

Sometimes life simply seems unraveled. Unorganized.
...or dusty, and gusty and dingy and fringy...
yes, sometimes,
that is how our days,
hours, minutes, seconds
... our lives ...
And yet...
The reality,
The True Reality,

Strength, solidity...

Strong Roots linking our past to the future...

Wispy, whispery Spirit breezes swifting through,
bringing Light into our hearts.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I wrote this after the 9/11 episode.  When a few weeks later I was filled with depression, Dave sent me to he North Shore of Superior so I could seek heart-healing.  I wrote a lot while there, some serious, some historical, some humorous.  Two of the poems were funny.  This is one of them.  And this is truly "me". 
I have many-hundred rocks in my not-large yard.  From everyplace in the country or around the world where I've visited or lived.   And I never stop smiling at, or grabbing, rocks.  In fact, I have a few in my car this time from Wyoming on the way here to the NW.  Expect to grab some more here, especially from the Oregon coast, because I don't anticipate ever returning.  
 Go home without rocks?  I don't think it's possible to NOT
add beauty to my house and yard and heart.
Today I feel very serious about a lot that has happened. Family and social issues.  Rejoicing and heartbroken.  Extremely back and forth. 
Decided to share this with you, because it's filled
with truth and joy and shows my funny side. 
Most people don't see that side of me often enough!

Tettagouche State Park, Minnesota
Scripture says, “the rocks ... cry out” --
(My out-of-context translation)
And they did.
[They really did!]
I planned to not take some home.
(That is what I planned!)

But they would have none of it.

They shouted to me
to rescue them -- take them away --
away from battering waves and
freezing blasts of wind --
Shouted with colors
and sparkles
and barnacle-patterned mouths.
And I !!stopped!! --
 just for a moment --just for a short glance.
And they grabbed me --
my heart, my soul, my arm --
and forced me to pick them up --
until they over-flowed,
first hand-- and then pocket,
and finally made a temporary lodging
pouched in my over-sized sweatshirt.
[Taking me to the shore and saying “no rocks” --is akin to taking a
to a penny-candy store and saying,“We’re only looking.”]
For some reason the spaces, colors, division, isn't occurring in reality.  Sorry.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013




Yesterday my daughter, her husband and my grandkids went to the Mount St. Helen volcano area.  The kids saw much, were greatly touched and impressed.

When I was there years ago, what touched ME was the way the flowers came up after many stretches of time since the mountain was destroyed, thousands of feet.  Beauty arose... and truly touched my heart.

Today and yesterday and days before that, while here in the Northwest, the Lord has poured His Seed upon me, my heart to reach out and pour seed onto hearts of others.  Praying with/for people on the streets, in the rest areas, on the rivers.  Simply dropped into my life, momentarily.  I don't know the consequences, but certainly hope we will meet in heaven and truly know each other forever and ever in eternity.

YES, in the photo, the volcano rocks are obvious, the dead pieces of the trees in front of the eyes, and then the glory of the Lord breaking through miraculously.  What else can we ever do?

Monday, July 15, 2013



Since my arrival from the northern Oregon "sisters" location, I have been hanging out at Point Defiance.  Driving through it, walking on the beach, taking a "million" photos of Mt. Rainier ... much more extremely clear now, but I can't download them until I'm home with a computer, so you're stuck with one from a couple years ago.  Anyhow, watching the waves, the islands, the mountains [both Olympic and Cascade ranges seen from the Tacoma area], the boats, the birds, and millions of flowers and trees. I'm overwhelmed with joy.

God has used me to meet and teach and touch a number of people.  I had no idea when or how it would come to pass.  It has been amazing. For instance, I met a lady at my favorite restaurant, Harbor Lights, yesterday.  As I was leaving from the small outside eating area, Terri and I said, basically, "Bless your day."  Well, I asked where she was from and she said Indianapolis.  I said I was from Omaha.  We talked about much, and when she said her son is a leader of a Teen Challenge, I began rejoicing. Shortly after I was saved, in 1967 the book by David Wilkerson, "The Cross and Switchblade", was dropped into my life and filled me with extreme desire to serve and fight for the Lord.  We talked for quite a while, and are going to be spiritual "forever friends".  I never could have imagined that was the reason the Lord had me stop there for dinner, when, as much as I like it, it ain't cheap.  It was more important to meet Terri than to be concerned about a few bucks.

That's one example.  There are others.  Can hardly wait to share those when I reach home in a couple weeks.

I miss reading so many of your posts... but rarely have time to do more than toss something on for you. When I get home, I'll spend a number of days of posting my things and reading yours.

God truly is using me... and I truly am tired and struggling physically and mentally.  Can I trust ME??? NO!!!  Can I trust HIM??? ABSOLUTELY!!!  HE is "IT"!

[Oh, and a long-time friend of mine with me today ... met when in 4th grade ...and, when sitting in her living room, she said very strongly that she thinks abortion and suicide -- as you are old and are ill -- is perfectly OK.  I can't change her mind and her heart, but, while driving her around and about, I told her more and more re: the Word and some of the Reality I know.  Hope Dorothy will eventually turn to the Lord thoroughly instead of just casually.  I truly hope so.  She and her mother always saw me as a poverty, poor, emotionally-ill kid ... they were, in their way of thinking, much better off than me.  Dorothy has a lot more respect for me now, but she also still somehow thinks I'm "less than".  I want the Lord to break through before she dies.  She's dealing with cancer and other issues now--she's been smoking since her teens and will be 68 this Fall.  Believe me, her house is filled with the nicotine stains on the walls and the odor is pretty overwhelming..  So I'm  tossing her on your hearts.  Can trust you more than I can trust me.]                                                    

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Well, this morning I'm heading for Tacoma, but might drive over to the ocean ...Washington side ... or circle off the Interstate to cruise on the Cascade mountain side.  Want to see the beauty, to keep my heart
focusing on our dear Lord. 
 I decided to share this Word with you. 
 It truly filled my heart back then. 
Does now. 
ISAIAH 55:12
The mountains
and the hills
shall break forth before you
into singing,
Align Center
and all the trees of the field
shall clap their hands.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

JOYS IN HEAVEN ... and the Northwest

There will be joys in heaven
Words try to express -
"Love" and "comfort"
"Peace" and "Rest".
There will be joys in Heaven
Words try to explain -
"No more tears", "No more pain."

We'll be with Jesus,
We'll be with the Father,
We'll have total freedom and fellowship sweet,
With joyous communion around the throne,
Worshiping freely at Christ's dear feet.

But one of the pleasures that I'm longing for.
One of the joys that I want more and more
Is walking and talking with those that I love,
Walking and talking on streets high above.

No more separation by time or by space,
No more to be missing your sweet loving face
No more to be standing watching you go.
Walking and talking above.

So welcome us Jesus to the house you've prepared.
Let us adore you and worship you there.
Let us be ever, together, dear Lord.
Walking and talking above.


While today, driving to and from a portion of southern Washington and northern Oregon, I nearly drove off the side of the road.  I saw two of my favorite mountains.  Cascade mountains always break into my heart and fill me with joy. 

Since I was filled with joy, I decided to share this poem/song with you that I wrote back in Spring, '78, when my friend, Susie, was moving from Omaha to northern MN.  God dropped this in.  When I think of her, my husband, many family and friends, this song just overwhelmed my heart again.  If I had some photos of the ocean area I'd be sharing those, too.  Can't see enough gorgous natural gifts anywhere except in the Northwest.  My heart is overwhelmed with joy here simply by the beauty of the created world.

Friday, July 12, 2013


While spending another couple weeks in the Northwest, going around and about, I have unusual access to computers.  I can't re-create my stories, download photos, etc.  So, the best I can do is pull some other bits and pieces together.  I know you saw the photo where I connected my poem.  I also re-added a post from 2010 and connected the two.  I would LOVE to look at your posts to Sandra and Deidra, but can't get around and see.  I'm way up in the hills over Columbia River and nothing is easy to connect to.  Next month, when I'm back home, I'll read you over and over again.  Try to catch up.  So here's the other bit I wanted to add from 2010:
The Lord laid Revelation on me to read, probably over and over -- He's done that before. It ranks right up as a favorite book, and I enjoy it... it thoroughly excites me.

Chapter 7:12 has one of my favorite portions. The host comes from every nation, tribe, people, language... then the angels and four living creatures... and then they all fall prostrate before the throne and worship God and the Lamb of God... and this verse just explodes -- I have it underlined big time and read it with a loud, roaring, "hallelujah-ing" voice:

Amen! (So be it!) they cried. Blessing and glory and majesty and splendor and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and might [be ascribed] to our God to the ages and ages (forever and ever, throughout the eternities of the eterities)! Amen! (So be it!)  [Amplified]

Thursday, July 11, 2013


    While on a ferry, this is one of my favorite views of Seattle.  So excited to see the sky scrapers and the Space Needle.  The Space Needle was built in 1962; I arrived in Seattle in Mar, 1964, and walked to and from that area and went up the Needle.  I was 18 the first time.
The ferris wheel is new, and draws a lot of attention on the waterfront.  I don't have the courage to go on it.  But looks like fun.

   On Monday, July 8th, we went over from Bremerton and had a great ferry ride.

   Then we went to Space Needle.  The "we" was my daughter, my granddaughters, and me.  The boys had stayed in Bremerton for a couple hours to go to the Navy museum, etc.  They arrived on the waterfront later.

   The problem of the day, in spite of lots of rejoicing, was me.  I was in significant pain of my abdominal area.  I would have to bend over, even when walking.  I could hardly breathe, because of the pain.  So, instead of staying in Seattle for another couple hours and playing, we had to hit the ferry again and head for Tacoma.

   I've been told that we will go to Seattle again next week.  Later that night, in Vancouver, WA, area, I ended up in ER about 11:30.  Was released about 2:30.  Had a signficant bladder infection.  Now, through a variety of pills, etc., I am coming to a place of healing.

   All that to say... it was a blessing to be in Seattle, a blessing to be with my family, a blessing to have non-cloudy times from the Space Needle and able to see Mt.Rainier and some of the Olympic Mts.


 [The computer stuff I'm using/doing ain't easy.  I'd love to show more, do more, but can't until I'm home in a couple more weeks and have access to my own computer aspect and photos, etc.  Please put up with me!]

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


What a birthday for me!   I left my friend, Linda's, in Camas, WA, with my grandkids.  I went to Vancouver, WA, and met with 3 sisters, my daughter and her husband, and we mixed all around into 3 cars and we all drove on the Oregon side of the Columbia River interstate following each other to Multnomah Falls.  We climbed all over the place and just had a wonderful time there. 

We then went to Klickitat, WA., crossing the bridge in The Dalles, OR.  One of my sisters, Betty, hadn't been there since we left originally 50 years ago, and she would have been about 9 years old.  

Amazingly, when I thought we'd just be driving by the Klickitat River swimming "pool", so the family would see where I "lived" ... my sisters too young to swim in this place back then ...  my grandkids jumped out of our cars and started swimming.  Dyllon, who is pushing 16, swam across in swimming trunks and shoes.  WHY?  Because he was going to climb up the cliffs/rocks and jump off.  My granddaughters, who will be 16 this week, also swam across and did some jumping.  This really caught our attention, because it's not the easiest, safest place swimming and jumping can take place.  In fact, at one point, Dyllon started climbing up higher and higher, and all his aunts with our big mouths were hollering "NO!!!  Come down to 'green'!"  He  responded wisely, stepped back down that few feet before he jumped in again.

I sure understood.  When I would be swimming across the river those many years ago, early 1960s, I would start a number of feet further up the river, swim aiming up the current, and that would have me floating down to reach the rock area without floating beyond them, which could be a problem, believe me. 

It was so much fun watching the kids play.  The younger ones just played on our side of the river. 

While all this was going on, I was standing next to an elderly man.  Found out he had been there for many years.  When I mentioned our family, he said he worked with and knew my dad.  He knew my mom.  And Susie's parents.  Was so impressed wth them.  And all the other people I knew back than and brought up.  John and I suddenly became good friends! We exchanged addresses. I'll be sending notes to him. He's 80. I was able to share the Lord with him a bit.   And I left one of Dave's CDs with him.  [John's great-grandson was playing there and he is from K.C., MO.  Who'd a thunk that?  Omaha and K.C. at KLICKITAT, 1700-ish miles away, at the same time?]

It was a true blessing.  We had photos taken of us standing there.  When I get home, you'll see more of this.  I took this photo about 3 years ago when driving through town to show it to Dyllon when taking him out to my mom's 90th birthday party in Tacoma, and posted it, so, even with all the computer issues was able to copy it here for you to understand the joy of the day.

 [Now, just FYI, my ER situation re: what was determined as bladder infection, just as my birthday hit at midnight -- how strange is that? -- I'm doing a bit better now.  I still have pain in my leg where they gave me the shot and some pain in my abdominal area, but not nearly as bad as when in Seattle at the Waterfront and Space Needle.  I'll be posting about that time at the Seattle event.  FUN in some ways, FRIGHTENING in others, b/c of me.  But the ferry from Bremerton and those other scenes just kept me grinning, even when I was in such pain.  Many of you prayed for me; greatly appreciated!]