Sunday, December 16, 2012


I wrote this preparing for Christmas in 2006.  I'm a fairly intense person [expect a number of you are already rolling your eyes when you read those words, because you've already figured that out and don't even know me personally] and at that time it was very, very stressful in our extended family.  One of several situations was this:  October 1st, when my grandson Jack was 12, his long-time kidney disease became overwhelming.  He was in the hospital over and over again, and when he was sent home he was always in serious condition.  I was involved at the hospital, staying with him as needed, and at his house, sometimes taking care of the other 4 family kids while parents were working or with with Jack at the hospital -- tried to be anywhere I was needed any time to help. Through exhaustion and emotion I cried a LOT that Fall through Christmas and into the Spring.

This poem dropped into my heart in November.  Those last two verses are exactly true.  Without them -- those blessings through people at church and fellowship --  I could hardly have "survived".  Through them, our dear Savior filled my heart with hope.  [3 years ago, Christmas Eve, Jack had his kidney transplant.  His Mom -- my daughter -- was his donator.  I was his caretaker at the ICU.]

Hope the info doesn't drive you nuts, but I always love how the Lord drops glory into our lives in the midst of UNglorious circumstances. 

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Unknown said...

An intense poem and beautifully displayed

a joyful noise said...

Behind the scenes God was working, molding and creating miracles of healing and protection. Thank you for sharing your poem and testamony at: Tell Me a Story

S. Etole said...

He's always more than we can ask or think.

Kristin Bridgman said...

He can answer in the most surprising ways, can't He?
And no, you haven't driven me nuts yet ;)

Floyd said...

What an amazing poem... It was definitely "dropped" in your heart by God. That is the story of who we are. Dependent on Him, and He supplies from often the most unlikely of people. He has a way of always doing more than we could ever suspect.