Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Scripture says, “the rocks ... cry out” --
(My out-of-context translation)
And they did.
[They really did!]

I planned to not take some home.
(That is what I planned!)
But they would have none of it.
They shouted to me
to rescue them -- take them away --
away from battering waves and
freezing blasts of wind --
Shouted with colors
and sparkles
and barnacle-patterned mouths.

And I !!stopped!! --
oh, just for a moment --
just for a short glance.

And they grabbed me --
my heart, my soul, my arm --
and forced me to pick them up --
until they over-flowed,
first hand-- and then pocket,
and finally made a temporary lodging
pouched in my over-sized sweatshirt.

[Taking me to the shore and saying “no rocks” --
is akin to taking a
to a penny-candy store and saying,
“We’re only looking.”]

My first attempt at adding a photo -- North Shore of Superior at Tettagouche State Park -- and a large number of those "familial" rocks live in my house and yard [and car and backpack and jackets]. So... just moved one more tiny degree forward on the blogging learning curve. YEA!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Been playing this childhood game
at an unchild age --
hiding from a formidable foe --

The Heavenly Father

Silly, isn’t it?
He knows all,
sees all,
in kindness,
seeks all--

and finds all --

all who are seeking Him.

But I’m hiding --
my flaws,
(especially those pesky sins)
-- like a 2 year old --
cover my eyes,
in self-delusion
believe that if I can’t see Him,

He can’t see me.

I hide from His hand --
still not quite believing,
still somehow cringing
Still afraid --


for the other shoe to drop.

Of what am I afraid??

That my heart will be revealed for all to see --
transparent before Him --
(and man)
pride rooted out by my
Who loves me --
(even me).

Forgive me --

Abba, Papa, Daddy, Father,

for the sin of hiding --

When Your heart’s desire from me
is more

--simply more --


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Monday, February 15, 2010


My friend, Susie, asked if I would post this as she is going to put something that will link to it. [I don't understand all those things very well, yet, but I just try to go along with the program...] I wrote it back in October, '01, while I was hiding out on the North Shore of Superior, trying to deal with brokenheartedness connected to 9/11's life and death. Much of my writing during those days was very serious, very dark. This was one of the only light pieces, and I've enjoyed sharing it with friends and family over these years.

“Grandma” -- eyes wide, he asked -- “weren’t you
a-scared, camping ... in the woods ... in the dark
... alone?”

“Of course not!!” I answered .. and then added,
“well, maybe a little ...
But God was there --
and so were ladybugs.”

“Grandma, were there bears?
BIG, Black or Brown,
and Furry?
Did ya see ‘em?”

“No,” I said, “No bears, no scary stuff at all
[unless you count spiders],
Just squirrels and chipmunks, and, ...
Oh, yes ... I saw ladybugs.”

“They flew into my shirt and my
pants and my hat – and stayed there --
all red-orange and black on
my purple and blue and magenta.

And I brushed them away --
Oh, so gently
[one never wants to hurt a ladybug].”

“Did you have fun on your trip? --
Did you miss us and want us with you?”

“Of course!!” I answered,
wondering how a sometimes Grumpy Gramma
would do with all the munchkins.
“I thought you would like the water and the rocks,
and the trees -- but mostly,
you’d LOVE
the ladybugs.”


At yesterday's service, the last song was I Stand in Awe of You. It's one I like, but I had no idea it was going to overwhelm me. As soon as the lyrics showed on the screen, so did Mount Rainier.-- [An especially wonderful treat to swarm my heart and eyes here in Omaha.] -- A beautiful picture. My favorite sight ... period. Even though I've been blessed to see wonderful, breath-takingly
beautiful scenery in other places in the world ... this one is "it" for me. A couple of my sisters who live in the Northwest have told me before that when they see the Mountain in all its glory they think of me and how much I would enjoy that particular sight at that particular moment in time.

I have lots of photos of the Mountain, but even the best of them lacks the true reality of the view.

Back in March, 2003, while I was visiting in Tacoma, a time when seeing the Mountain is not so frequent because of the cloudy spring days, I was seldom able to have the blessing of seeing it. However, there were a couple of times... and I
wrote some less than wonderful prose/poetry about it. But decided that I would pop it your direction and you can laugh/roll your eyes and wonder about my addictive personality -- well not "wonder" about it, but have it proven once again.



I’ve pleaded with The Creator for just one more look –

Climbed atop my car in parking lots to take a photo
sans poles and power lines.

I’ve begged for a seat on the Mountain side of a plane
so I could gaze
– just one more time
When exiting the area.

I’m not sure why any of this is true.
Maybe I have a hole in my faith that needs visual reminders
that no matter the problems
or the challenges

The God Who made the mountain –

Can handle my molehills.


I’ve never thought of myself as a “groupie”
I’m not easily OVERimpressed.
But, today,
on a plane –
rubbernecking and photographing –
I realized

I am an unabashed,
uncontrolled, uninhibited, overawed
Mount Rainier groupie.

I don’t, like some, worship the Mountain,
I worship the Maker of the Mountain –

He who made the rain –
Made Mount Rainier.

I’m so glad He did.


Seattle to Bremerton

I despaired of seeing
“my” Mountain –

Too many gray days,
overcast, clouds plumping
around the sky edges...

BUT – on the ferry – out on Puget Sound –
we broke ‘round an island
in majesty

SHE rose off the horizon
– Center stage –
Robed in Light.

[I was ready to jump up and down and scream with delight!]

If you’ve never seen The Mountain –
You can’t possibly understand
the rush of awe, of joy,
I find with every encounter.