Wednesday, January 27, 2016


When in New York, the first time for me in a summery time, and I was able to see many place and see a number of people.  Was there to take my daughter, Renae, out from New Jersey when she'd flown out a few months earlier and taking care of kids, especially in a couple homes.  Well, I drove out from Omaha, and stayed with her at that house, and then was driving up north to another friend I hadn't seen for many years, since about '67.  Then Renae and I had gone down to Washington, D.C., and could stay in a house connected to when my husband at the Offutt AFB had known a couple who had moved and been in the D.C. location.  A few days later, after back up to the family kids in New Jersey, we drove all the way home.  Didn't spend any time at a motel.  We drove for that 1200 miles-ish time.  We both were driving and resting in the car.  Left N.J. in an early afternoon and got home in Omaha in the mid-morning time.  I slept for a day or two after that... DUH!... but it was a blessing to be out there and to be home.    AND, BTW,  when walking in the NYC area for the first time, this man I saw sleeping just off the sidewalk and sure grabbed my attention.  So, I had added a Word on there about 5 years ago.

Leaving home!  My birthday had been the day before leaving!

My first time on the huge "boat".

And we were leaving; she and the parents and kids loved each other, then and forever!

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Monday, January 25, 2016


      This boy that I was used to pray for him when he'd been wounded and torn away from his parents months earlier by the Lord's Resistance Army.  A few days later, after shortly having been with him for only about 15 minutes, I was told that he was in the protection location the day before I was with him and hadn't been able to know anything of his parents.  When I was praying for him, he was crying and put his hands over my hands.  The language was being translated.  I found a few days later that a couple guys had been out to find his parents, let them know he was alive, and they got together.  It was a real dangerously stretch for so many family and friends then... thousands had been broken into and through so much of the danger and so many murdered.    Since he was 10 then, he's now in his early 20s.  When in Heaven, over the next dozens and millions of years, I sure want to meet him again.  Or so many of the others that I was used for by the Lord then during December, '03 and January, '04...3-1/2 weeks in both of those times.  Still love the Soroti pastors and so many of the others that I was involved with.   Miss them MUCH!

One of the other kids, about 12, and badly damaged.

       Doing what I could do whenever I could.  Jill was a huge blessing for me, BTW.  We became strong good friends then and have loved her ever since.  She's come here from England and/or Uganda and I was to see her in England shortly after our connection.  A blessing broke into my life through her.  And Dave and I were a blessing to her.  Worth a smile and wink right now!

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Saturday, January 23, 2016


    The Lord told me to put a piece on my blog, so I spent about 1/2 hour looking through piles of photos.  This is the one that grabbed me.  Moment-by-moment, day-by-day, night-by-night I'm worshiping, glorifying, praising, and honoring the Heavenly Father.  Even though I don't quite understand everything, and can hardly read any of the Bible any more, b/c I can't understand most of the words, even thought I could as a kid, so the dementia is increasing and focusing on the Lord in my mind and heart is all I can do.  As much as I love many family and friends and people here, I'm also filled with love regarding family and friends and people in Heaven.  So, doing what I can do and focusing how I can momentarily.
     Bless your day and your foreverness!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016


      When I was 17 when photoed and heading to the graduation a few months later, this is an amazing picture.  Also, the Word is truthful now... moment-by-moment, day-by-day, night-by-night.  All I can count on... especially since my brain and body issues aren't working well in the world, and not even working well in my house ... I'm focusing on the sky and the moon and sun and looking forward to being in Heaven. 
      When in Heaven, I'll know the reality of all info re: our world through the Lord for hundreds, thousands, and millions of years.   That's what counts.  AND seeing some of the people from the Word that I've wanted to meet ... especially the prophets and protectors, since I've sometimes been one, too ... and I look forward to seeing family and friends, recently or through hundreds of years.  Anyhow, the Lord laid this photo re: me this evening to share and I'll worship and praise and focus on Him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


       Even though I've shared this photo and Word more than once over this stretch of time as a blogger, today it grabbed me again!  In May, '84, during a very dangerous stretch of my life, I was very sad and very worried re: me and my kids.  A process of divorce then.  Laying in the Psalms was a truly stretch of time in those days.  The Lord had laid a bunch of it on me, and this really said the right Word at the right time.  
       Within several months later, I was thoroughly filled with peace!! I had come back up from Oklahoma to Omaha in September, '84.  Saw friends.  Suddenly,  the Lord had healed my heart in Omaha at 2 churches.  Even though I knew my heart was a challenge, but just sleeping and doing what I could do, even though I got so stressful.  However, I was suddenly in churches with friends -- October, '84 and February, '85 -- and, not understanding what was going on at those churches at those times --- at both places healing was taking place and I had no idea that I was going to be healed.  I was 39 then.  Well, amazingly, the Lord had things dropped onto me.  So, my heart was healed then ... and He'd also done it at a church in summer of '74 when I was 28.  I'm very blessed re: His healing situations for me and millions and billions historically, of course.  I'm a "blessing the Lord" person, strongly! 
       I would have been in Heaven 31 or 41 years ago, or even when I was a kid with serious stuff connected at me strongly.  Now, at 70, it's not my heart issue, but other things.  I keep hearing I'll be in Heaven soon, and day-by-day, for several months now, when praying and worshiping I keep hearing it.  I don't mind being in Heaven, b/c I'd see a lot of people who amazingly had come to the Lord... I've been involved with many people in serious non-God situations and they came to the Lord and, in the not-distant future, were in Heaven.  Anyhow, I'm trusting the Lord for the consequences.  
      OH, and as a little kid, I was taught to be a fighter to protect me and my sisters, and I was an angry kid way back then.  I'm very grateful that the Lord officially broke into my life when I was 20.  I'd known OF Him even when I was very young, but hadn't known if or when it would be possible or important to turn to Him.  I was heading to suicide a couple of years, especially when I was 18 and 19, and because I was very sinful in Seattle.  I'm very grateful that the Lord dropped people into my life and I knew what I should do.  April 15, 1966, at 6:30 in the evening at someone's home in Tacoma that was sharing very straightful at me, I knew this was the right thing to do.  What a blessing!!
      NOW, talking too much at you, etc.  But this verse, and used on the photo taken Dave and I were in Uganda as missionaries, this has always grabbed my heart and my attention.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016


This has been a verse that's very strong in my heart, as I indicated.  That picture was taken of me by a lady I had been walking with and staying with in that portion of California back in early April, '09.  I strongly drove out from Omaha to hear at the location of Joel Rosenberg.  The Lord had told me strongly to go and to drive, not to fly out.  On the way I did a lot of praying and worshiping situations.  I had never been in that town,  and, while driving from Omaha, I saw much in many places along the far  southern portion of California.  I'd lived in San Mateo and Redwood City [south from San Francisco] during  '69 to '74 when down from Tacoma, WA. Then, had hardly been into much of California since the Lord sent me to Omaha in May, '74. So, yes, I'd driven through a variety of the portions in California over the years, just popping down to help someone, 
or take someone there.  However, I had never been in the San Diego area.  A lady I was connected by a long-time friend here in Omaha, she drove me around a lot of places in San Diego so I could see homes and churches and a lot of the firing situations in a special portion outside of the city.  I saw a LOT right then! 

BTW, hearing Rosenberg's speaking pieces 
and the ones he'd put in to share that day, too,
 was very surprising and wonderful!! And I brought some books home of Rosenberg's.  However, one was special for my husband when a book from LTG. William G. Boykin.  He was speaking re: U. S. Army during this speaking day.  Many military people were at this portion and thousands were at this Rosenberg sharing situation.  The man wrote to Dave:  "Thanks for your service."  Dave had been in the Offutt AFB many years doing many things.  This book was a blessing!

And a day or so later I was driving home which took a few days, and seeing friends in other states.
  That was a blessing.  
Anyhow, that Word has been strong at me for many years.

In the past 30 years I've often driven nearly every year from Omaha to the Northwest area to see my Mom [who is in Heaven now], sisters, nieces, nephews, friends.  I was raised in that area most of the time when I was 7 and about 23.  Had been a few different places, but mostly fairly short times.  Tacoma has been my "home" situation for many years.  Oh, and my husband has driven out there a few times when he had time from his jobs.  And sometimes we've flown out.  
AND, my family sure has loved and appreciated him.  
Dave is a real blessing!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The truthfulism of this grabs my heart!  I love the Lord, I'm a rejoicer, and He's been so helpful to me since I was born.
Anyhow, wanting to share something today/tonight somehow
and this Word on this photo did it.
I took the photo when going from Seattle on Puget Sound to Bremerton where I could end up with my car
 and head to Tacoma.
I've loved any kind of birds for most of my life.
This and the others with it really made me smile and rejoice.

AND I often think that when I'm on the way to Heaven birds will surround me strongly and be with me
until above the clouds when the angels will take over.
  Always makes me smile to think of it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


        Last night we were at a murder site in the eastern portion of Omaha.  No surprise to me.  Several years ago the Lord had me walk in a variety of those areas and praying and looking at the homes and dealing with what the Lord told me to do, where to go.  I've also driven for about 5 years through those areas, also.  NOW, since legally I can't drive anything b/c of the increase of dementia, it breaks my heart a bit.
        Anyhow, when we were told that a man had been murdered, a couple days later we were at that location.  It was snowy and icy all around the street, and very cold.  My husband took me, since I couldn't drive, and he stayed there and prayed and encouraged. [Dave and I have, usually, other God-jobs so we are rarely hitting the road together.  Now he's doing it any time if at all possible at the murder situations.  That's a blessing to me!]
        The amazing piece jumped at us.  When Dave and I got there... a little more than 3 miles from our house... we were among the earliest who had arrived, and so shocked and surprised to see a bunch of guys that walked into the house where the man had died.  It was a broken house for a length of time and he was, according to the news, someone who walked in our town without a place to stay, so the police/news people had said he had just popped in. 
Well, we heard things a bit differently shortly after there. We discovered that the guys were from a strong and special place in Omaha called Open Door Mission.  When one of their leaders spoke to us and said that Derek, who was 55 when murdered, was with their group and had been moving around sometimes to see people who didn't have homes, and he had been in this empty place and had lead some to the Lord.  He had prayed for some of the men.  Anyhow, we don't who and/or why, but he was murdered. The only good thing we know joyfully is that he is in Heaven.
        There was a stretch of time when about a dozen of the Open Door Mission guys had come from that part of town and about a dozen of us... First Responders people... even though the road was icy and hard to walk on ... we stood on a snowy side at a yard portion of another broken home.  Then, after some sharing from them, a couple of our main pastors who are leaders, told the guys to get in the center so we could lay our hands on them when the praying was being done. And to encourage them, even though this situation had confused and confused them.  We saw some tears.   I had a couple right in front of me and I put my arms around them. 
Joshua on the left.  In my heart!!

         When I was putting my arms around, Dave held my 2 canes and held my back so I couldn't fall.  THEN when the time was finished, I grabbed the guy/kid I'd been touching... think he's in his 20s ... and I asked his name.  He said he is Joshua.  So, since I'm reading the portion of the Bible right now, I told him I'd be praying for him.  And I have been!  Won't ever see him again I'm sure, but just lifting to the Lord. 
        When leaving, Dave and I were blessed and encouraged by a few people. 
        Anyhow, last night was cold and sorrowful in a lot of ways.... but the Lord broke into a lot of us and a lot of others in a kind way that night.  Usually, we pray for families, etc., when someone has been murdered.  However, we don't know much of anything about Derek's history, but we expect that he will know family and friends when he's in Heaven. 

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Monday, January 11, 2016


      This Word of God is filled with truthfulism.  Focusing on Him in the Bible and in the world and in the Heavenly area is what counts. And He is WISE and He is PERFECT

       I'm very heart-broken much of time now.  Way back then He had shown through the Words when using His people.  Also,  He dealt strongly when portions were broken through, because other gods and the other non-God angels doing much wrong and dropping much into the minds and lives of many in tribes, towns, or a variety of places in the world.   Now, when seeing so much on the news or in newspaper, much of that former sinfulness is fully accepted in many locations, including most of our states and most of the nations in a variety around the world.   Makes me cry, etc.  Even when I was a young kid, in the '50s and '60s,  much of it was NOT an OK thing,  and I knew it strongly all around where I was living or walking by the street homes and in schools.  And even knowing it I used the bad words and much of the other stuff I also was doing, and I was a fighter as a kid.  And most people I'd heard of the Lord many times, especially in my early teens, and when filled with sinfulness, especially when 18 and 19, I knew it was wrong and I was considering suicide. I didn't think I could change my life and just wanted to kill myself.  The Lord broke in and protected me and used me, eventually.  It's was nearly 50 years ago that I accepted Christ.  
      However, even though much of the sinfulness portions back then that I truly knew were un-Godly, now most of those things are fully acceptable even in many of the churches, schools, and homes -- the small kids, the teens, college kids and way above them.  I was upset in my age of 50s and 60s [1995s and 2005s] re: what had changed officially in our world.  Now it's even stronger and I'm 70, and some of the people in my age-range think I'm too picky.  For instance, what truly is a sinful situation that's in my mind and heart when reading around and looking around, and they hear of it somehow, and they shake their heads and stay away from me.  
      Anyhow, this is my present-day heart issue.  See much, hear much, and cry much.  AND, as I said, He is WISE and He is PERFECT!  All I can trust on and rely upon, forever and ever. 


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Saturday, January 9, 2016


       This is what I rely upon, forever and ever!  All we can count on.  I thoroughly trust the Words in Revelation, and this grabbed me hard and filled with joyfulness!

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Friday, January 8, 2016


      Even though I can't see mountains in the mid-portion of my location state areas, I've been a Mount Rainier addict since I was a kid.  And, of course, many other mountains, too.  However, it was a wonderful opportunity to take the photo when flying into the Sea-Tac area nearly a dozen years ago.  So, take the photos when driving, when walking, and when flying.  Usually, all the way from Omaha to the Northwest area generally.  Now, b/c of my dementia issue I can't drive out any more to see my sisters, long-time friends and recent blog friends, and my nieces and nephews all out in that area.

      BTW...Serving the Lord in my area, even though I can't drive any more, 
 I worship the Lord, pray for people I hear about,
 and focus on the Lord, day and night, forever and ever.  My husband sometimes drives me around when he has time ... he's a hard worker at churches and piano students to work with ... and tells me to tell him where to go so I can focus on the Lord situations, both historically or presently, 
and pray and worship as often as possible.
I hope to be in Heaven in the not-distant-future.

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