Monday, December 26, 2016


     Didn't take the pictures, but had a wonderful time at my daughter's home and taken there by my son at 7 on the Saturday evening and brought home when it was about 10.  My husband was there from 8 to 9:30, b/c before that he was playing piano at a church and then going again and would be doing the piano and would be able to drive home about 12.  He got home about 12:30 of the morning of Christmas on Sunday.  WELL, he went to others churches at 7 in the morning and got home at 10:30 and a couple hours later we went to the Bhutanese and we at their church from 12:30 to 3:00.  AND Dave took me home and went back to our church to do some cleaning.  Anyhow, I've said too much.  I'm still sleeping most of the time from about 7:30 or 8:00 at the evening and getting up about 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning.  All I can show you is our present time Christmas things AND they will be here until sometime in February.  Love to see them and won't get them out for weeks and weeks.  Anyhow, bless you and thank you.  I'm talking too much as usual.  Sure love and miss many, many of you!  Pray for many of you, and worship and glorify the Lord and focus on Him and Heaven!!  

Monday, December 19, 2016


For about 2 years, this is what I'd been doing then and what I've been doing more.  This is a significant portion of the words to the Lord and He dropped it onto me.  I've been doing it several times a day.  At night when I'm in the bed I'm singing it and early morning when I just wake up I do it. I use these words and lot of others that have dropped into me by the Lord about a year ago.  Worth a wonderful time of day and wonderful time to focus on Heaven.   Bless you all and thank you.

Monday, December 12, 2016


     A year ago today it was indicated to have me drive in at a hospital.  A hospital teaching lady that was in a place to check drivers situations, and I was told to be there, b/c I'd been told by a few people to go there.  They were worried re: me, b/c my dementia and my 2 canes and my misunderstanding was what I was supposed to be there.  I THOUGHT I'd be able to drive, b/c I haven't broken into any of the streets or towns in our area.  The Lord has used me to drive and worship and pray re: the demonic situations.  I was too tired and sleeping too long at night so I couldn't drive around about to other states... especially when I would go to the Northwest area nearly every year to see family and friends since I was born and raised there... I couldn't go around after another year ago.  Then, all I could do was drive around Omaha and other nearby towns and to focus historically re: what has happened in about a thousand years ago where other gods were worshiped and people were sacrificed to those other gods.  Anyhow, now I can't drive.  My husband has driven me around a couple times a week. He works fixing much at our church and at other churches he's playing piano and organ.  He doesn't have a lot of free time.  A couple gals have picked me up.  When the driving is taken around, I can pray and worship and glorify the Lord. 
       So, this is IT!  I can worship and pray and glorify and focus on the Lord and focus on Heaven.  So, this is the piece of our car for about 10 years and it was actually on the former car shortly before it for a few months.  It was re: my driving around and about and says: Roaming for God.

Sorry if I didn't write well enough.  Oh, well.... I'm tired all day and tired all night, so writing doesn't work very well.  I've been a writer, and reader, and an actress for years and years and years.  Now, I can't read very well, and can't write, and nothing else. .... AND all I can do is focus on the Lord!  HALLELUJAH!!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2016


On the Colorado River
    When I had driven a lady from our city in May, '92, and taken her around to the western portion of Nebraska, to Wyoming, Colorado, and all over in a lot of Utah.  She'd had some strong wrong words on her book she was writing and, when she wanted to see some of those states to see if she was going to write the right words, she had me take her.  It was about 2 weeks.  Well, I'll show you a few of the pictures AND I'd usually put a lot of the Word of God on those photos.  So, this is a way to share around and about.  AND, after I had brought her home, Dave and I were very involved with her and her husband.  Then, it was about a year later than she didn't like me at all.  She was mad at me, b/c I was dealing with the Lord issues for her.  She did not want to be involved with the Bible and anything of the Lord.  BUT, many photos I took then are filled with the Word.  I've always enjoyed seeing many of the locations.  AND a special one in Utah was filled with the Word MANY times.  I can't write well, read well, etc., other than focusing on the Lord and worshiping and praying, day and night, forever and ever.   SO, here's a few pictures.

Romans 11

And this was a fun, fun, fun thing for me!