Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm choosing this color, because both Jody and I like it.

Saturday, the 27th, we met in a parking lot northeast of Tacoma.  I climbed in her car and she took me to lunch and we went to a thrift shop [YEA!  Both of us found neat items we needed and practically free].  Then we went to a garden nursery center.  During those hours we talked and talked and yammered and yammered.  What a treat!  And at the nursery beautiful flowers and trees.

Then life occurred in huge blessings.  She took me to her home, introduced me to her husband, and their kindness became overwhelming.  A lovely dinner, hours of sharing about the Lord's grace and mercy and healing power.  I was filled with "HALLELUJAH!" again. 

On Sunday, we went to church. I loved it. The members have a real strong heart for missions.  They are focusing on giving to local and distant needs for food and spiritual gifts.

Worship???  Oh, it was amazing.  The men have been on a retreat, so the team needed to adjust a bit, I guess.  But the music, worshiping and praising filled my heart to overflowing.

And then the pastor, Jody's brother, said there was a guest speaker.  He was introduced clearly and my heart immediately exploded.  Jim Hayford, the brother of Jack Hayford, was a friend of the church.

He had been a pastor in Seattle for 25 years and had retired.  If I'm remembering correctly, he hadn't been speaking at this church for a year.  And I had the gift of being there that very moment.  It was a very straight and very mind-and-heart-filling message.

Before we left for her house to have lunch, we had our photo taken.  I had fallen in love with Jody and Bill.  We'll be friends and family forever.

 After lunch, talking more and more, it was time to leave.  Bill said we needed to pray -- mostly for me and my safety and health -- and it was wonderful.  Jody had prayed for me very intensely a couple other times.  This "retreat" at their house was filled with praise, prayer, and godly promotion.

Now a couple funny bits:  Jody's name was the same as mine.  I was Joanne Lee [maiden name] and she was Joanna Lee [middle name].  I've never experienced that in my whole life.  Just had to to chuckle more and more.  AND we are both rock addicts.  I was overwhelmingly blessed to see what was in her yard.  OOO-OOO-OOO!!!  [And one small one:  Bill is one day older than I am.  Never run into someone like that, either.  What a laugh.]

Before I left, I took more photos of and from their yard.


This was one of the most "loverly" days I've ever spent.  Being drawn to the Lord, over and over, and prayed for over and over.  And resting.  Absolutely necessary, because of the stress I'd felt for several days.  How kind of our Lord and His servants' hearts.
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This was a wonderful day, a whole week ago.  Have so many stories to share, but can't get online to post very often. Will be doing more and more when I reach home next week.  Many lovely times with family and friends -- and a few of the "heart" challenges that will need the blessing and the love of the Lord to bring spiritual and emotional healing.  

Spent last Tuesday with a blog friend, Gayle... had met her online, but never face-to-face until I was in her area in the Northwest.  Gayle was someone I really wanted to be with and we had a lovely time together.  I was filled with joy.

It was a blessing to be with someone who has the same spiritual views that I do.  How nice is that?  We shared our hearts, our souls, and the Word.  We rejoiced over our Lord's love and kindness.

Now, no stories, just photos.  Truly spent time grinning.  Big Time.  Lovely walk, lovely lunch.  



Again, it was a lovely and joy-filled day.  Gayle was a treat!!
 [My next post, I think, will be about another blog friend I met who, with her husband, poured prayer and love on me.  Couldn't have had a more joyful day and night this weekend.  (A 27-hour "retreat".)  Am still "HALLELUJAH-ing over that.]

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Friday, October 26, 2012

ISAIAH 55:12

I have had quite a time here in Tacoma... wonderfully with friends and family.  Taking piles of photos of trees, leaves, water, birds, and boats. 

On the other hand, though, some stressful bits and pieces. My sisters who live here have, since Mom's death, dug through her hidden files for the first time and discovered "new" info about my mother's adoption when she was born in 1920.  Things are different.  I'll be thinking and "hmm-ing" quite some time.

Leaving Tacoma on Sunday to go to Clatskanie, Oregon, to visit other sisters.  Will post piles of stories and info soon.  So much to tell you.  You will smile and sigh... but rejoice in our Lord.  Nothing else matters.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm probably never going to be able to tell you all the wonderful... and sometimes scary ... events that occurred.  But I can't NOT tell this one.  God's sense of humor just makes me grin and grin again.

I'll begin with the ending.  How's that?  Won't be so boring or confusing.

I was stopping at rest areas rather often, because I could take pictures of the tall hills, beautiful trees, rivers, rainbows, and history info.  I was driving towards a western portion of Montana, and a rest area didn't seem to have a lot of surrounding nature.  Decided to skip it.  Then, at the last sign is said, "History".  I thought, "Gotta do it."  So I pulled in.

I was the only person.  I took a couple photos of the sign and its info.

Then a pickup truck pulled in and a man got out and said, "It's you AGAIN!"

When I looked at him, saw the dog, I laughed and said, "It's a God thing."

We then talked for a few minutes, both laughing, and sharing about our lives and our plans.

So, THIS is the beginning and here are the photos.

William and Josie Wales

NOW, this is the explanation of how it happened.

I had left Dickinson, ND, on Friday morning.  Had a lovely evening visiting our friends we knew at the orphanage in Uganda.  They were a treat!

My first stop was at the Badlands scenic view at a rest area. 

[see the buffalo?]
While I was there I ended up talking to a man and noticed his dog had a red bandana around its neck.  The man said he was going to Portland and Vancouver to see his son and daughter and we both indicated the trip would go well.

I hit the road.

I stopped at a rest area about a hundred miles later.  The reason I stopped?  One of the most amazing rainbows I had ever seen.  SO WIDE!  [Photo didn't come out well, compared to the scene, but couldn't not stop and try.]

As I was driving away through it's long circle, I saw a dog running in the grass section and it had a red bandana.  I looked at the man nearby, hit the horn and waved.

That night I stayed just near Butte, MT.  I left earlier than I planned, didn't stop for breakfast.  Just hit the road.

A few rest areas later, I pulled into that empty one and that's when the man and dog showed up and the laughing began.

Then, as we talked, and shared where we lived and where we are going, both to and from.  He lives in northern Wisconsin, small town.   Then we began to discover what we believe in the Lord, churches we attend, how we rely upon Him and His way of leading us to help others.  We took photos of each other, prayed, and blessed each other as we were leaving.  He took a photo of my license plate, too, because he liked the message on it.

We shared cell phone numbers and emails.  Already been in touch.  Hoping to connect in Vancouver late next week when I am there with a friend.  He was so excited about telling his son what had happened.  I called my husband immediately.

This covered about 500 miles with piles and piles of stops and rest areas and road issues.  William is now a friend and we are convinced the Lord wants to use us separately and together to serve Him in whatever bit and pieces are dropped in.

Is this too long?  Possibly.  Could it be shorter?  Don't think so.

I grinned and smiled and rejoiced for a long time.  Now it's in your hearts, too. 

[I'm sitting on the floor in the Tacoma Mall, and some of the wireless stuff has been interrupting and forced me to redo and redo... so if the writing doesn't look the same, it's b/c I can't fix something.  Won't be home for two weeks.  It will be tougher at various places until then.  Sorry.]

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


When I left Vermillion, SD, on Monday morning, I was really one excited lady.  I was going to meet... officially meet ... a blog-connection special person, and have breakfast.  I arrived at Jennifer's at 9:30.  Thought I would be there only a couple hours and then hit the road to reach Susie's before dark.  That was the plan.

POOR Jennifer.  She had to put up with me.  I had so many questions regarding how to seek publication for a couple Christian novels I am writing, what to do next, and on and on. She gave me many thoughts and ideas to pursue.  Gonna do it.

Overall, besides a delicious breakfast and neat Haiti video with her daughter, it was simply a blessed treat.  Lovely home.  Comfortable.  VERY comfortable.

She was stuck with me for an extra hour.  I didn't leave until 12:30.  Left after a nice picture and a really nice hug.
 Monday evening I pulled up the driveway at Susie's about 7:00, darker and later than I had planned on.  And met her new "baby" Callie. 
This morning, while sitting in the living room in one of my favorite chairs, feet on the sill, looking out the window through the rain at the original family farmhouse, I saw a "dog" come in front of it, its color blending with the leaves.  Kept thinking it couldn't be a dog, but no proof for sure.  Then, suddenly, it ran to the back of the house... and it's tail let me know it was a fox.  That was a new one for me in all these years.
This afternoon, deer started running up and down the hill into the back yard and near the trees.  Another treat to watch them watching us.
Tomorrow morning, I hit the road for Dickinson, North Dakota, about 400 miles west from Susie's, to stay with some good friends Dave and I met at the orphanage we worked at in Uganda. I haven't seen this couple for several years. It will be a treat.

Looking forward to the blessings that will be on my trail... and am asking angels to protect me while on the highway.  My husband always prays that.  Believe me, I appreciate it.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


As planned, I left Omaha at 4 on Sunday afternoon.  I was going to drive about 125 miles north to Vermillion, SD, to spend the night at a friend's house.

I decided to stay off I-29 ... going through Sioux City, 90 miles north of Omaha, when the flooding last year had ruined so much of the highway, the road repairs were insane.

I have taken the other highways to Vermillion before, and decided that would be good.  Lots of hills and farms and lovely views.  Thought it might be a good way to rest and just enjoy the driving on gentle curves, instead of the straight, straight, straight I-state.
The Lord had dropped words into me a number of times about this long-time trip to the NW and back.  He indicated a number of joyful and interesting events would occur.  However, I had no idea that by 5:30 the first mind-blowing gift would land in my life.

I had driven about 65 miles on this side highway and decided to pop off the road at a scenic overview I've stopped at many times over the years.  It is on the Omaha Indian Reservation and has a view of Missouri River.
 When pulling into the parking area, I saw a pickup truck and a couple men standing to look down at the Missouri River.  Rarely seeing anyone in all these years when I've arrived, I was momentarily hesitant, but decided it would be fine. If the Lord doesn't say "Don't", I do.

Turned out that one man was the step-father of the other one.  The younger one, in his 20s, has lived only about 4 blocks from my house!!  The dad lives a few miles away.  BUT we had a discussion about spiritual warfare, when the Lord may return, what we need to do to help others prepare for the failure of our nation that could be heading down the track right now, and on and on.  I have his phone number and ministry info pamphlet.  In 15 minutes we covered all this.  And blessed and thanked each other for serving the Lord.

I could never have expected this.  [Who would??]

Much more has happened on this trip already. Blessings will continue and increase, I'm absolutely positive.  He certainly started filling my heart with joy Sunday evening and yesterday.  Now, I'll just keep grinning on the inside.

Here's a hint:


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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well, friends, needed to get this out to you so you can, hopefully, keep some of it in mind for me and others over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be hitting the road. 

 And have blessings laid on my table tomorrow... and my heart.

Before I leave, I will go to the Bhutanese service.  As soon as church has ended, a first-birthday party will be held for my "great-granddaughter" Sneha. 

 She turns one on the 19th, but, partly since I had to leave now, they planned this get-together it a bit early.  After Dave and I return from that, and have a bit of sharing and prayer time together, I will leave.  Probably about 4:00.

First part of the trip is a ministry-related friend a couple hours north of here.  She's a treasure.

Monday morning I will be meeting Jennifer.  Hope she'll put up with me; I promise to try to be nice.

Then I head north about 400 more miles to Susie  SHE always puts up with me.  Has for about 50 years. 

 And I'll have the blessing of staying with her until Thursday morning.

After that, I'm heading to the Northwest, beginning through North Dakota, then Montana, Idaho and Washington.  Will see friends and family all along the way... meet new blog friends, which is really exciting to me.  I met Darlene on my last trip in May, '11.  

We did good; looking forward to seeing her again and spending the night.  I'm sure there will be a funny post of some kind.

In the Northwest, Seattle-Tacoma area and then northern Oregon, there will be lots of connections.  Can hardly wait.

I will probably be heading home around November 2nd.  I hope to make it home by the 5th.  Will desperately miss my dear husband by then.

So this is just details.  BORING! I'm sure.  I'll make it less boring for you when I'm on the trip or come home, because you will be seeing photo after photo of scenery, family, friends [including your blog friends].

Now, one side-issue.  Some of you know and some don't... I was diagnosed recently with peripheral neuropathy.  Basically, that means that my brain sends instructions to my feet and they don't get it in time.  Recently, I had to get a cane... and it's a very colorful one.  Fits my personality.  Driving has not been a concern.  I don't get dizzy doing that.  However, sometimes walking becomes very staggery and stumbly.  Supposedly, dizziness isn't part of that diagnosis issue, but it's connected to something.  They haven't figured it out, yet.  The dangerous part is climbing in and out of the car and walking to rest areas, or convenience stores, or malls, or anything else, when my body is used to driving, but not walking. 

Does the word "annoying" mean anything to you?  "Drives" me nuts.

Other side issue.  I believe this is my last trip.  Not necessarily to Susie's, but these long trips can be dangerous to my body... and that might increase over time.  It can well be a teary time for me... maybe others.  [Leaving mountains and ocean forever and beautiful falls... like Multnomah ... will be heart-hurting, also.]

I have four sisters, piles of nieces and nephews and their kids, friends that go WAY back from elementary to high school.  Every time I think of going I'm excited... and then I begin to cry a bit.

Have to get busy with cleaning the rest of the house, laundry, organizing my phone list and maps, and on and on.  So, need to shut up and go away.  Only 24 hours before I'll be on the road.  Whew! 

Thank you so much for being caring and loving...