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October was a heart-filled spirit healing -- Miracle #8 -- and my heart and breathing was also a bit easier.  Made more friends.  Kept moving along.  Cried much... don't think I've ever cried as often and as long, but it was connected to the sadness of my life change.  Yes, the Lord certainly understood and had told me what to do re: the divorce.  The readjustment had caused me to be filled with sorrow, frustration and fear.  Not crying ALL the time, but often enough that most people knew the tears could flow just about any moment.  I wrote much, and that helped me unload.

The Lord had touched my spirit and heart and I was moving forward.  I had no idea He was going to provide another miracle for me.

In February, 1985, there was a man from Tulsa, OK, coming to a local Omaha church and a friend of mine knew him and wanted to go.  Patti wanted me to go with her and Ken was a friend with both of us, so he suggested it to me, too.  We all went separately.  When I arrived they were sitting in the front row of the church and had a seat for me.  It started out great with a lot of singing and a good amount of preaching.

Then at various portions of the evening, healing was brought forth.  NOT physical; but based on family relationship needs and spiritual challenges.  One reason:  this was the day before Valentine's Day.  LOVE was the focus.

I stepped up with the others a number of times to have my love focus adjusted to the Lord.  We'd sing, pray, have hands laid on us by the pastor and his friends, and then return to our seats.  Nice.

THEN life changed for me -- and I still laugh, I rejoice.

There were several hundred people in the service, so when stepping forward the front was filled with whoever had been asked to take that place.

All the men were asked to stand together in the front area and all were prayed over.  The words:  Give love, Be loving.

Then the women were asked to replace the men.  MANY women, about three rows of them, very long lines from side to side.  I was in the middle range and the 2nd row.  

A lady was chosen by the preacher to walk from one side to the other and touch every woman and give those same words connected to love.  And that's what she did.

I heard her coming a few people to the left of me, saw her reaching and touching.  She touched the person in front of me and said the same word.  THEN she touched me and said, "Lord, heal that heart."  And she continued on to the others saying, "Love."

I froze.  I was so touched by the Lord, I couldn't move.  I felt laughter rising from my belly, and suddenly I would roar out loud.  I had no idea why, and I'd try to close my mouth, but I couldn't keep it in.  While that was going on, I could tell all the people had sat down.  I simply couldn't move.  I heard the pastor tell them, "Don't focus on her.  God is touching her.  You pay attention to me and listen to my teaching."

The Lord told me more than one thing.  He DID tell me that He was healing my heart.  But He also told me that He was sending me a husband so I would have a marriage that would bless me forever.  

I rarely have had a message from the Lord before or after that evening.  It was several minutes before I finally felt my body soften, loosen, and I could take my seat.  People in the service, some of whom had known me for years, touched or smiled at me before I made it to the car a bit later.

And my heart stopped ... hurting.  Stopped ... pounding.  Filled with joy... with hope.
Then the miracle increased.  A week later, I entered a church where I had been asked to write and act and "sermonette" for the Lenten services.  It was an intense time for me... writing, directing, acting, sharing.  After my first evening, the Lord laid it on me to attend on Sunday.  When I sat down, He said, "You are home."  So, I joined the church.

I had a youth and Renae became part of the youth group.  Three months after my arrival, the Lord dropped the youth director, Dave, into my life and four months later we were married.

 September 21, 1985

AND what the Lord had said to me, in that February service, was true.  He sent me a husband and he HAS been an everyday blessing for all these years.  And I'm absolutely certain sure that he will be forever.

              September 21, 2010        

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a joyful noise said...

Beautiful continued healing and gifts from God!
Thank you for sharing at Tell Me a Story!

Kristin Bridgman said...

Tulsa is where I'm from. Thank you for sharing your story...I love happy endings! :)

Floyd said...

A miracle and a blessing from above! God is good. Some of us take the rocky road, but God is calling all of us. What a great story and what a great man to obey and live a life of love for those God blessed him with as well.

Sr Crystal Mary said...

So great. When you thought all was gone, God had other plans for you. I am glad you are happy,and got a second husband.
I know what its like to laugh when touched by the Holy Spirit, its amazing.

Unknown said...

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