Friday, July 30, 2010


Again, thank you all so much. All I've heard from Kris so far is that when she reached home [Fairbanks] it made a huge difference in Fred's heart. [She didn't tell him she was going to be there until her plane landed.]

So far I'm just plain old tired. My Mom, as S.Etole reminds me over and over as I'm ready to scream, is an actual "Maxine." Sometimes that can be funny -- but when in a small portion of her small apartment and being "lipped at" about my less-than-perfect life, choices, views [according to her], it wears me out.

I've been at the library for a while. Am heading to Point Defiance Park to walk on the beach, pick up the rocks that catch my eye, take some photos with my new camera so I can become adept [my long-time camera was stolen from my car a couple days ago], and simply relish the time filled with my Lord's kindness.

My God-job of this next 2+ weeks is to stay with my Mom -- gives my local sisters/nieces a break. When I get home in 3 weeks, I will then receive the necessary rest.

I'll post re: the accident when I have more info. However, again, thank you so much for the support, kindness, prayers...


Thursday, July 29, 2010


In this past several days many wonderful things have happened. I've been off line much of the time, so haven't been able to keep posts going.

However, something happened yesterday and I figure this is a reasonable way to get the need out. My youngest sister, Kristan, is from Fairbanks, AK, and we hadn't even seen each other for 10 years. She and her husband, Fred, came to the Lord a few years ago, and I've heard over and over how amazing they are now. We finally saw each other yesterday and spent about 1/2 hour -- in the midst of all kinds of family people coming and going -- talking about some of the wonderful ways the Lord has touched us. Right after we finished, her phone rang. One of her sons was calling to tell her that her husband had been in an accident and someone had been killed. One blessing was that I was in the right place at that very moment, able to wrap my arms around her very firmly and strongly and pray loudly and overwhelmingly so she could hear me over her trembling and sobbing, and even though most of my family in that house at the time is not Jesus-focused, it didn't make a difference; I didn't hold back at all.

In another bit of time the story finally fell into place. The final conclusion hasn't been made, etc., but the main thing is that it appears he ran a red light, and struck a 14-yr old girl who was riding her bike, and she was killed. It's even been said that they saw eye-to-eye right before it struck. Her friend and brother were also with her. There's no way to describe the devastation on all sides of this, of course.

Kristan was going to fly back next Monday after Mom's b-day party which is Saturday. Instead, she is leaving at just about the time this will hit the website. One of the sad things: the girl who was killed has a name nearly identical to hers... Kirsten.

Please just lift this to our Father. Last night as I prayed while floating in and out of sleep I kept hearing "Trust Me." There's nothing else any of us can do.

Thanks so much. I've never asked if it's appropriate, etc., to post things like this, but I'm so limited at this point that all I can do is what I can do.

Even though we've not met, most of you are on my heart. One reason I am looking forward to being home in mid-August is so I can start reading your posts and enjoying your presence.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


NOTE: There are flaws and errors and all of those wonderfully frustrating aspects. However, I need to hit the road ASAP to make sure today's goal is accomplished, so can't putz any longer. The physical need: My neck is burning... occasionally happens on long trips, but not usually this soon.

Here goes:
Overall, had a really good day. A couple of challenges, such as a sudden storm between Cheyenne and Laramie that swamped my car as if it was going through an intense car wash, dropped my speed from 75 [maybe 79 -- oops!] to 55 almost instantly so I could see what was around me and not risk hydroplaning. The other largest interference was that I misplaced the paper that had the name of the motel where we would be staying. It took about half an hour, with a helpful clerk at a motel where we weren't and I thought we were, my g-son Dyllon calling all the numbers the clerk gave him, and then finally me calling AAA in Cheyenne to guess which one it was from the tour book. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! It was 6 miles away at the opposite [east] side of Laramie, an exit I had failed to even consider. However, it has been a wonderful place to be. Anyhow, as soon as I called and the reservation was confirmed, my bp and brain both slowed down. Dyllon and I both were thanking and praising the Lord for doing this for us... and thanking the clerk and the AAA helper.

Dyllon and I went bowling. The first time for me in about 20-plus years. When I was in my teens and 20s I bowled fairly often, enjoyed it, and was good at it. WELL, last evening my
scores were just at the 100 level for the first two games and Dyllon -- who bowls regularly -- beat my sox off. However, miraculously, I beat him in the 3rd game -- by 2 points -- when I made it to 126. Had a good time, loudly hollering, groaning, wailing... hi-5-ing over the occasional strike or well-done spare. The best part? Dyllon was impressed. [My body is struggling today -- used shoulder, arm, leg, and rear muscles that haven't had such sudden intense movement in some time.]

The best part of the day: We stopped at the Lincoln Monument/Rest area just east
of Laramie. The storm had finished, so it was a nice break. When we got out of the car, a couple guys were enticing the gopher-style potato-chip-eating rodents with their bits and pieces. Dyllon became enthralled with this. So, for nearly half an hourhe sat on the sidewalk by the waste bin and tried to feed them his chips. This sometimes over-the-top energetic young man did hardly anything else; took a couple small breaks to hit the bathroom and the display area that had a couple of grizzly and black bears -- and the Lincoln statue -- but other than that, it was hanging out on the sidewalk and very quietly and gently drawing the animals to him.

Today: We drive
to Blackfoot, ID, to stay with friends. Hope to take a side route from far western WY up the edge of the Rockies -- hoping for some fun scenery and maybe a small town tourism bit along the way... not so much for me, as for a chance for Dyllon to have a good time. [Oh, and b/c I won that one bowling game, he's buying ice cream today, so I'm hoping to find a gooood shop along the way.]

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The Lord lays trips on my heart; part of what I refer to as my God-job, the reason for my license plate:

I'm leaving Monday morning for the Northwest — between northern Oregon and the Sea-Tac area. My 12-year old grandson, Dyllon, is going out with me; he’ll fly back home with his dad when Steve comes out for the party, mentioned later on. I’m pretty excited to spend this time with Dyllon. Even though he lives here in Omaha, due to a lot of family situations, we’ve hardly ever spent a full day together alone. I’m hoping he’ll be able to put up with me for the 10 whole days before his dad arrives. To remind myself to be less serious and intense and, instead, more flexible, I’m planning to wear my Grandma Cary pink sequined ball cap [I wear it whenever I’m telling one of my G.C. stories at church or a youth group]. It should make Dyllon grin, which is always a treat.

I don’t know what God has laid on my roadway. I have learned over the years that He will put me in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to meet exactly the right people He has chosen for me — that I may pray for them, share with them, help them, or, as rarely occurs, but is wonderful when it does, to have them pray for me or share His “word” with me. I’ve had amazing experiences in the past — rest areas, gas stations, motels, restaurants, overlook sites — so am always excited when He says that it’s time to hit the road. [My first 2 actions when starting a trip — pray for protection through the Blood of Jesus and the ministering angels, and then play -- and loudly sing along with -- Willie Nelson's “On the Road Again” song.]

I will be away for a month. [I originally thought I was going for about 2-1/2 weeks; the Lord indicated I am to stay in the Tacoma area for an extra 2 weeks, which will add a pile of time out there. Biggest concern: Missing my dear husband; in our almost 25-years, I’ve only been gone this long one other time.] Should be back on August 19th.

The obvious purpose for the timing of the trip is that my mother’s 90th birthday party will be the end of the month. That should be interesting, to say the least. Lots of long-time family and friends, many of whom I’ve not seen for twenty or more years.

My goal, while traveling, is to use my blog as a journal. I will share the stories, the photos, the events ... maybe not every day, of course, but will most certainly keep my friends informed.

I’m looking forward to the mountains, rivers, ocean, beaches, ROCKS, ferry rides, and waterfront walks -- and my favorite dill pickle brand. However, even more importantly, I hope to see spiritual partners and intercessors and mentors. Can hardly wait.

NOTE #1: I've spent so much time this past week just getting ready -- cleaning the house and yard so Dave won't have to do much, packing, sorting, visiting folks, running errands, and on and on -- I haven't looked at any of your posts. I hope to accomplish that in the evening at the motels since there won't be much on my plate to do. I've "missed" you... you've been on my heart. Just haven't been able to concentrate on "visiting" you.

NOTE #2: If there is anyone in the NW area who reads my posts, and wants to connect, I will be more than happy to try to work it into my schedule. Think it could add a lot of fun and flexibility to this drive. [FYI, on the way out, I’ll be taking I-80 and I-84 to the Portland area; will be arriving there on Thursday.]

Friday, July 9, 2010


One of my favorite movies, just for fun, is the 1955 original "We're No Angels". I wanted to relax today -- my b-day -- no work, no pressure, etc., so after going to the mall to hang out for a while and dig through sale racks, I came home and popped this DVD in to watch. WELL, one of the script lines always catches my attention and I decided to pass it along to you. It's so scripturally accurate, even though the movie isn't. Here it is:

"If crime showed on a man's face, there wouldn't be any mirrors."

Monday, July 5, 2010


God of all power
@@Lighting the sky
Chariots of thunder
@@Swords flashing by
Inside of circle of Your arms
@@Under the shadow of Your wings
@@@@Cupped in the hollow of Your hands –-

You whisper to me,
“Peace, peace, peace."
@@@@@"Peace, peace, peace."

God of all power
@@Waves pound the sand
Cascades and canyons
@@Formed by Your hands
Deep in the quiet of Your love
@@@Poured by the ocean of Your joy
@@@@@@Wrapped in the shelter of Your heart --

Whisper again,
“Peace, peace, peace."
@@@@@"Peace, peace, peace."

God of all power
@@Sought me with grace
Kindness and mercy
@@Shown from His face
Wooed me with tender words of love
@@@Held me with cords of gentle strength
@@@@@@Bound to His heart with wondrous joy --

Whispered to me.
“Peace, peace, peace."
@@@@@ "Peace, peace, peace."

He whispers to me,
“Peace, peace, peace."
@@@@@ "Peace, peace, peace."

About ten years ago, my "musician" husband had a musical phrase popping through his head, just a measure or so. He didn't know what to do with it or where to go. When he had hummed it to me, played it on his keyboard, it stuck in my head and I really felt an anointing for the melody. It just poured through my heart. He didn't have any words.

Well, we got home from a Wednesday evening service, I rushed downstairs to my office with some words in my head, and within about 10 minutes, I had written the "poem" using his melody. He expanded the melody since he had to adjust it to fit the words a bit, and he added the "tag" ending. Overall, really easy.

He was worship leader for the singles ministry at the church we attended, and started to use the song, and some people fell in love with it. We "CD'd" it a couple years ago, along with some of our -- mostly his -- other songs. It's not professional enough to make it to the radio, etc., but there still are folks that like this song very much.

One funny part, and Dave does tell this now, chuckling. My quiet, gentle, sweetheart was highly irritated with me when I rushed up from the office, waving the paper in my hand, jumping for joy, hollering, "Here's the words for your song!" He always says, "I was really upset. It was MY song, I'd been trying to figure out where to go with it, and in just that short time SHE had the words." We always laugh now. Creativity ... on both our parts ... can "create" the occasional annoyance.

Felt it would be nice to share the poem. Wanted to fill this with lots and lots of photos to emphasize the glory of the hand of God in His marvelous creativity, while still revealing His kindness and willingness to drop a million levels of His power to whisper encouraging, life-building, gentle words to me, to us, to all. However, I decided to focus on the phrase "Keep it simple, Stupid."