Monday, June 27, 2011

RMN4GOD.... but...

Heavy sigh.

Before I drove out to the Northwest in April and to mid-May, and before Jill came from England/ Uganda for six weeks and we were going to the Grand Canyon and then up to northern MN to visit Susie and other friends.... Before all of that, after nearly 20 years of "Roaming for God", being in the right place, at the right time, to help others or serve God or be helped and served ... Whichever way God would guide... He began to speak in my heart and mind and say, "When Jill leaves, when those trips are done, this ministry is finished." I drove approximately 8,500 miles during those 3 trips, April 26 to June 23. She leaves tomorrow. I'm done.

And, as my husband or others might ask, "And how does this make you feel?" I'm not sure. Sometimes I feel teary; this has become my "life". It was so exciting at times, so amazing to hear and see His instantaneous plans come to pass. However, it also was, occasionally during those times, tiring, frightening, intense.

Now, do I feel useful here in Omaha? Yep. Have a lot of the Bhutanese and others on my plate on a regular basis. Love them. In fact, will be going to the airport twice in the next 18 hours to pick up "family" members who are arriving from Nepal. What a blessing! We have our first wedding on Saturday, Kharka and Usha who left the Hindu religion and came to the Lord just recently. What a joy that will be. Some helping with my yard and rushing and hugging and kissing me every time they see me. Who could ask for anything better than that.

But... with no more "roaming", what will come? HE knows, since He's the One Who closed one door, He's the One Who will open the next one.

Suddenly... as I typed that ... I realized that whatever comes down the road -- even lacking me driving my car -- is going to be another "filled with excitement" journey.

Yep... filled with excitement by my exciting and faithful Father.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just received this info from my sister, Kristan, Fred's wife. I could probably fill in more gaps, etc., but will just send this along. Rarely hear anything, as you can see. When the final result comes, I'll be sure to tell you. Thanks for sharing, praying, etc. In this past year, Fred has gone up and down in depression, OF COURSE, [which of us wouldn't have gone through that???]. He has continued on with the Lord faithfully, however, in spite of this serious and intense event. The young gal's parents have forgiven him, so far as I've heard. [Just thought I'd fill in any gaps by placing other posts re: this event last July. Thanks for being patient. AND, please pass it along to others who will pour their caring hearts on all those connected to this.]
update:...he pled guilty to Crim. neg homicide and third degree assault...the sentencing is on August 18th, the max he can get is 3 1/2 years so it is strictly up to the judge. There is a chance he could get "ankle monitoring" only, time to serve and then ankle monitoring..don't know where it will end up. Sorry that you weren't filled in, I will let you all know what happens the day we get out of court, If he has to serve time then I assume he will go straight to jail from the courtroom, I have never been through this so don't know the protocol. Love you and God Bless, Kristan

Friday, June 10, 2011


On the way home from the Grand Canyon, we had one of those amazing "Right Place, Right Time" events.

At a Visitor Center and Rest Area as we entered that western phase of Colorado, and Jill and I were welcomed very intensely by the center's team. Wonderful people.

In the process, our connection to Uganda entered the discussion and they said that a Ugandan worked in that center the last portion of the week. I wrote a note with my Ugandan background and interest, gave him my email and phone number. Had no expectation that he would be in touch, but hoped he might.

Last evening Mathai called, and, between Jill and I, and him and his wife, we were on the phone for one-and-a-half hours. We knew some of the same ministries, some of the same people, had the same heart, the same goals for reaching others with the gospel.

It seems we are connected in many ways and he expressed the desire to become a friend, to share spiritual warfare principles, and to let me teach him some of the aspects I'm involved with and have been for about a decade. [When we were talking about one of those intense aspects, he yelled with excitement, "YES! I've been trying to tell our pastors here and they don't understand."]

So, AGAIN, God dropped someone into my life [and Jill's] in just that short few moments at the rest area.

What a blessing!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


May 29, Memorial Weekend, our local Bhutanese Christian group, some of my "family", were baptized in a local lake. A COLD local lake.

I was filled with joy as I watched. I'm going to pop some photos here, names on them, and you may recognize them. I'll "link" them when it's someone I've shown or mentioned before. I'll place some comments as needed, but the exciting part was when some Hindus and Buddhists come to the Lord in the previous few weeks, months, and days [I was screaming HALLELUJAH!!! when my "boy" Kharka made that decision just a week earlier. So to see him there standing up solidly for the Lord just overwhelmed my heart.].

Here are some links. Probably could do it more practically, but don't know how, this mis-techy person.

Phurba, G-Pa, Rupa.

Here we go; thanks for your patience. I don't have all the photos I'd love, but these are pretty good, overall.


I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER had considered going to the G. C. But, Jill was returning here from UK/Uganda and wanted to go, and offered to pay. So, I poured driving energy into it and she poured her not-wealthy-oriented funds she had saved for some time into it. We really met in the "middle."

I drove for a week, about 2500 miles. We were at the G. C. for an amazing 2-1/2 days. Saw so much, met some lovely people from so many different nations, and will be pouring and pouring and pouring some of that info your direction. For now, hope you enjoy the photos, these few compared to the hundreds taken.



Sometimes God creates an excitement... when not at all anticipated.

About 5 years ago, I struggled to come up with a license label that would give my "life anticipated" God-job. I really wanted to have "Travlin4God", but couldn't drop enough letters to make it fit into the plate requirements.

The pic of it was my final decision. And I was OK with it.

WELL, while at the Grand Canyon last weekend, parked in a marketplace, walking to my car, I saw a young couple walking by the car and heard the gal say, "Ramming for God?" She had a very questioning look on her face, also a bit of 'that person must be crazy' side. I hollered, "No, 'Roaming for God'." They said, "OH!!", looked more casual, and walked off.

However, as I thought about it a few seconds later, I realized that her "translation" was probably more accurate. Not that I ram, and ram, and ram at people the way I heard in Seattle years ago.

Back in 1964, a man stood on a corner downtown, who I passed nearly every day as a title insurance policy-delivery job in the local buildings. In fact, as I heard him over and over, I sometimes went a block or two out of the way, just to avoid hearing him holler "If you don't know Jesus, you're gonna go to hell."

So, NO, I don't "ram" like that. But, I guess I have to admit that I "nudge" a lot of the time. I DO try to be more like another gentleman who planted seed in my heart in ways I never would have guessed.

I was delivering policies at a skyscraper, standing by the elevator, and a man approached me and asked for directions. I was able to give them and he very kindly said, "God BLESS you."

A couple years later I came to the Lord when He broke into my life. Those two men had planted seed. One was true, but scared the tar out of me. The other made me want to know God in a way of "Blessing."

So, my license plate can give either message. I just hope it's somewhere in the middle, and has good results.