Monday, May 23, 2016


Two days after God put us together... officially, May 19, '85... and almost no one knew about that for about a month, b/c we were trying to make sure this would really be happening, and carefully.  He was several years younger than me and had been buried strongly in the Lord.  Anyhow, on May 21, he came to my place and knocked on the door.  When I opened, he handed me an envelope.  He was going downtown to a special music situation and a couple of his friends from church were with him in the car. Since he was a youth leader, and my daughter was involved with him at church, the people in the car assumed it was something he was giving to her.   No one would know it wasn't anything for my daughter. Anyhow, as I said, it had my name on the outside and had a couple of what he had drawn on it. When I opened it, after he had gone, I was amazed. It was a poem that he sent to me. I've kept it for all these years in a picture frame for it to be seen. Anyhow, I'll show the words now and show a photo of it! He was a blessing... and his info re: us was quite unusual for me. AND he did all of it that day at the Base when he was there. WOW!!

How can such a tough cookie be so fragile?
      Yet you are.
      And I understand.

Fragileness is a part of your beauty, like a flower,
      and your willingness to risk hurt shown your strength,
           which balances and makes you whole.

I pray that i see your fragility,
      so i can trust you as i ought.
         I would loathe to crush the flower underfoot,
             when i desire to nurture you and grow you up in Jesus.

I pray the Lord's forgiveness,
      and yours,
if i'm not tender when i need to be,
     and tough when i need to be.



Since my dementia has increased, I can't read well and can't write well and can't follow through well.  It's been a bit more than a month since I've been on here.  I'm sorry, b/c I've loved and enjoyed so many of you.  But sharing this is very important to me.  Anyway, worshiping the Lord and focusing on Heaven and glorifying the Lord moment-by-moment, day-by-day, night-by-night.  BTW, I've read the Bible since I was a kid, and until several months ago.  Now I can read the Bible and the words, but I can't understand things nearly as well.  Now I'll shut up.  But just wanted to let you know, b/c I sure enjoyed being involved with you in these last few years!!

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