Friday, February 26, 2016


Grand Marais, MN, at Lake Superior, November, '12

      Dave is a special person!!  He's been a wonderful husband for the 30 years when God put us together.  And he's been a great step-dad for my daughter and son, and the grandkids love him strongly!  He works physically at our church -- doing a lot of the fixing situations -- and plays piano and/or organ at 3 other churches ... Wednesday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning [possibly with up 3 of them and he's driving around and about re: the timing from 7:30, 9:00, 11:00].  And he has several piano students.  Doing what he can.  AND he and one of our main friends, Gary, have been redoing some of the stuff in our house.   Anyhow, he's wonderful.  I'm a strongly blessed lady.  Even with my brain and body issue that's a challenge, he is patient re: me.  

OH... and he just arranged for me to be on a plane March 19th [early in the morning] to Portland and will be picked up by my sisters who live about 60 miles from Portland.  Then I'll also be in Tacoma a few days later and then there for about a week. [ BTW, all my sisters are a few years younger than me!]  Then back down to the Portland area April 8th in the early evening I'll be on the plane to Omaha and, because of the way our hours change, I'll be here about midnight.  BUT he arranged this so I can see my sisters, nieces, nephews, family friends and lots of other friends.  As I've often said, I was born in Portland, was in Tacoma several times until I was 23, and visiting very frequently since then, but not living there, even when I was in California, Nebraska, and Oklahoma ... and Uganda, Costa Rica, Morocco.    I'll be so excited to be at the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound and see Mount Rainer, and, when on the plane, coming in or going out of Portland, will definitely see Mount Hood!  And the Columbia River on both the Washington and Oregon side for many  many miles and to swing by Multnomah Falls, one of my favorites. So, we'll see how things go.  Since I can't drive, I don't know how I'll be taken around.  But I'll do what I can, when I can, where I can. 

Dave and I focus on this and do it:  
Worshiping and glorifying and praising to and for the Lord is all that counts!! 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


    Truthfulism strikes again.  I focus on Him, --- moment-by-moment, day-by-day, night-by-night --- because I can't read and understand nearly well as I was even as a kid, and can't walk often or drive at all.  So I look forward to seeing Him and meeting the angels that have been protecting and keeping me.  I've heard about that before, especially in April, '06, when a lady saw them walking by me when we'd been in a very serious ungodly and serious situation.  Well, as I've mentioned,  I sure look forward to meeting the angels and getting to Heaven to truly see the Heavenly Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and many of the prophetic portions... and a portion to see family and friends, and much of the family I would never have officially known... could be there recently or hundreds of years ago.  Anyhow, focusing and can hardly wait to "come and behold the face of God."  HALLELUJAH!!!

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Monday, February 22, 2016


      This is what I have counted on and rejoiced in and can't not look at the Word and the photo I've used for it.  Makes me be filled with joyfulness.  Can hardly wait to see the Heavenly Father and all the others ASAP!  Blessings are filling my heart for many, many around our world and focusing on the clouds, the sun, the moon, and all the birds that fly highly.  Can hardly wait to be with the birds when I'm heading to Heaven.  BLESSINGS are on my daily heart and mind.   SO bless all of you, too.

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Friday, February 19, 2016


      That's an every-moment and every day and night focusing on the Heavens to our Lord.  And, yes, HE is ALMIGHTY!!  That's what I/we can count on forever and ever.  BTW, He put me into Revelation again ... has put me there many, many times for many years ... and laid it onto me 4 days ago, and I've read 3 portions [Chapters 1 to 3 ... 4 to 11 ...12 to 18] and tomorrow I will read 19 to the end.  Then He'll tell me what to read and I will.  I have to concentrate and focus.  AND I think He's told me in the past couple days to re-read Revelation again, so I'll dig through my several Bibles to live in that Book again.  So, focusing on the Lord and reading and worshiping and glorifying is all I can do... and I sure want to go through the clouds when I'm on my way to Heaven.  YIPPEE!!

  BTW, I'm a cloud addict and most of the time during the day when I'm worshiping and glorifying and honoring and singing and praying 
I stand wherever I can to see
the sky and see the clouds.

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Monday, February 15, 2016


      I've been a Revelation addict for years and years and in my present-day time these Words are very strongly in me.  I say many of them during the day and night when worshiping, spreading honor and power, and glorifying for the Heavenly Father.  Anyhow, when I found this photo again when looking around my piles of pictures, this grabbed me.
      Bless you and yours forever, and I look forward to Heaven and many of the people in those thousands of years and very local years.  Hope the Lord will put up with me there as well as He has delivered me, healed me, and shown love to me in a variety of ways and places in this world. 
       Anyway, Dave has continued to be a wonderful husband and we have served and worked for the Lord and worshiped the Lord and expect that being in Heaven is a truly good opportunity.  So, I worship and pray and glorify to and at the Lord.  Look at Heaven significantly!!
       [BTW, this is an explanation of how the Lord has been so special to and for Dave and I.  In September, '03,  Dave and I both thought strongly that I must go to Soroti, Uganda, as the Lord has said, and we both thought I would be killed in that area.  But the Lord strongly told me to go, and Dave heard and nodded, too, and  we felt that was very much necessary to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do.  When the timing was strongly dropped on, Dave walked with me for about an hour at the Omaha airplane location, November 10, '03, and Dave and I hugged and kissed many times and we both thought I would never be back.  Dave came the end January, '04,  when he had a way to be out of his job for a vacation. We were there a couple weeks so we could spend time with our Ugandan friends and "family" from the few years we'd been there.  And they absolutely LOVE Dave!  AND they put up with me.  DUH! When he got there when he landed... and brought a couple computers for a couple of the pastors in Soroti who had come down to meet him ... and when he arrived he saw very strongly that  I had malaria and was very seriously exhausted.  I had been in dangerous situations a number of times, but was always protected and used as a "God-gift" to many.  When I was home in mid- Feb. then until May '04 my exhaustion had continued.  Then I was OK.   Well, God had used me strongly, but He had protected me even when in serious situations. ]   

     Dave and I were at a hotel at Kampala for a couple days.  Our Ugandan son was with us for a day and we were heading to the airport the next day.  We both LOOKED good, and pleased that I hadn't been murdered, but tiredness was a strong situation for days for Dave and lots of weeks for me.

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Friday, February 12, 2016


           This is so truthful re: me!  I worship and pray and glorify several times a day in my home and anywhere when someone is driving me around and about.  Today was a miracle.  A special friend drove, and she asked where I wanted her to go so she would be seeing more of the spiritual issues.  So I told her what road/highway to hit.  She truly saw more and more than any other time in her many years of the area.  Some filled with demonic issues, but and a strong one filled through and to the Lord.  She's a few years older than me, [she's 78] and she can still drive around. Today for 2-1/2 hours being driven around and about was a blessing by me and my friend. AND she told me when she was leaving and heading home to her place that this was a blessing to her from me when she went to some such special spiritual locations.  

        [Two months ago it was indicated that I can't drive any more, b/c of my brain and body issue.  I've been crying a lot of the time, b/c I've been a strong driver for many years, going around our nation and worshiping and focusing on when, hundreds of years ago historically, other gods were being sacrificed to or being worshiped to.  Now, I'm just home most of the time, and my husband or a friend will take me around about once or twice a week so the spiritual warfare can continue.  BUT in my house, day-and-night, I sing and pray and focus strongly on the way our world is.  Looking to our Heavenly Father, Jesus, and piles of Angels.  HE is a blessing!]

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


      This truly is a heart-grabber for me, moment-by-moment, day-by-day.  Since my brain and body issue doesn't work very well, when I saw this photo that I've used before and this Word that was put on it a couple years ago really grabbed me.  Focusing on the Lord is all that counts and worshiping the Lord is what we must always do.  HALLELUJAH!!

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Sunday, February 7, 2016


      This is truthful.  My brain and body and heart is using me to worship Him and pray and glorify Him so no matter what I’m seeing or hearing or crying re: our present-day world situation, I can worship.   Have been doing even now for an hour to determine the photo that would work in at it well enough.  It was in the summer of ‘14 in Tacoma, visiting family and friends,  and seeing the night or morning clouds and the sun or moon.  Loved it as usual!

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Saturday, February 6, 2016


             This is on my heart, day-by-day.  I "know" Him and 
           I want to know Him more often and see Him soon, 
              forever and ever. 
                  ALL I can count on!

  And this one makes me smile and rejoice!! 

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Friday, February 5, 2016


      This is all I can count on, forever and ever.  With my brain and body issue, my worshiping and focusing on the Lord, moment-by-moment, day-by-day, and night-by-night.  He is all that counts.  Anyhow, when just glancing through my Morocco photos I saw this one and it suddenly grabbed my attention and my heart.  The Lord has used me to read Revelation many, many times.  NOW He has me reading again the Psalms.  THEN after that, it will be Revelation again.  Focusing on the Lord is all that counts.  Bless you and yours...  

 OH... AND reality strikes again.  I suddenly saw this picture and decided to share it, too.  It was quite a time to pray, sing, and worship on the roof where we were staying in that famous Casablanca, Morocco city.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016


       Reading a portion of the Bible today chapters Psalm 25 to 32.  He had told me about days ago to start on the Psalms again, and I began about 8 chapters a day.  For years the strongest portion for me is Psalm 30-32.  About 34 years ago and 8 years ago there were some of the verses that dealt with a very serious situation both in Oklahoma and Omaha.  I've never forgotten.  And when I saw it this morning, and I had written way back then and wrote on some of the verse as "5/84" or "8/84" and "9/07".  Decided to grab what I could today and spread it around. 

Bless you and yours...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


              This photo grabbed me again, and it's because much has broken into our world through computers and cellphones and lots of other things. Being in that place:  Canterbury, England, May, '95, and visiting with a friend in England who took Dave and I around and about and saw a portion of the nation for a couple days. This Word hit my heart then and it is every day now.  And I'll show a pictures ... the one who we'd met in Uganda and who wanted us to come to stay with her for about 3 or 4 days when she was home about a month earlier.  Dave and I both had malaria a few weeks before leaving Uganda, so we struggled a bit during that whole time in England for those few days and during the four months back in Omaha before going to Uganda again.  Anyhow, it was a blessing to be in England that time.  AND we both worked in Omaha area, and we could do it, but we were both very tired much of the time.  Now I'll shut up.  Show you a little bit.  But the Word on that was very truthful then... and it is now.



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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


      This Word was dropped on me yesterday and I looked around at my photos and, when seeing me on this when on another place in Morocco where we would be blessing and praying for people, in our hearts, to say the least.  It was a God-gift to be in Morocco -- Spring, '01 -- and that's truly what I count on day-by-day.

       I put the cross there when I came back from Morocco.  It had been given to me and many very secretly and carefully that came from an underground area in one of the main cities.  I've never forgotten them.  Some were kids, too.  So, I have kept this cross there every day and I can't forget.

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