Monday, August 20, 2012


One Sunday afternoon, in April, 1978, while folding piles of clothes on my bed from the dryer, I received a phone call from my then-and-forever-friend, Susie.  

[Photo from my visit in May, 2012]
We both lived in Omaha at that time.  God had used her to "rescue" me and my kids from California 4 years earlier, and we lived with her family for several months. It was an amazing blessing and protecting stretch.  Now, when she called, I was living in my own home, about 3 miles away from hers.

During the short call, she indicated that there was the need for a meeting that evening.  I said I'd be there.  I wasn't certain why and she didn't tell me.

Shortly after the call, while continuing the folding, the Lord dropped the answer in.  He told me Susie's family was moving to their generational homestead land in northern Minnesota, 550 miles away from me.  He knew I might cry a little, but it was the right place for her and hers to go.  No question.

THEN, He dropped a song into my heart.  I grabbed a paper and pen and wrote it immediately.  Never had to adjust it; it was exactly word by word and music note by note.

[Oh, and, yes, that evening this "moving to MN" was quickly shared with us.  How kind and caring can our Lord be?  Very sweet to me with that event occurring unexpectedly.]

I've had the song all this time.  A couple years ago, I shared the history of the song and sang it at my church at the talent show.  I am NOT a great singer, but my husband played the tune very carefully and sweetly while I sang, and the "listeners" really enjoyed it, especially the wording.  [I told them that God gave it to me; can't take the credit for this one!]


 There will be joys in heaven
Words try to express -
"Love" and "comfort"
"Peace" and "Rest".
There will be joys in Heaven
Words try to explain -
"No more tears", "No more pain."

We'll be with Jesus,
We'll be with the Father,
We'll have total freedom and fellowship sweet,
With joyous communion around the throne,
Worshiping freely at Christ's dear feet.

But one of the pleasures that I'm longing for.
One of the joys that I want more and more
Is walking and talking with those that I love,
Walking and talking on streets high above.

No more separation by time or by space,
No more to be missing your sweet loving face
No more to be standing watching you go.
Walking and talking above.

So welcome us Jesus to the house you've prepared.
Let us adore you and worship you there.
Let us be ever, together, dear Lord.
Walking and talking above.

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Mary said...

Beautiful! How kind and caring our Father is. He knows the pain of separation.

Thank you for sharing this!

Beth said...

Wonderful story and words. Awesome pic of you and Susie--very pretty are the two of you ---your close friendship is so apparent.

a joyful noise said...

God is so thoughtful to give you a heads up on your sweet friend moving away so far. It sort of prepared you ahead of time for the meeting. Thank you for sharing this lovely story at "Tell Me a True Story." Your poem/Song is so inspired by the Lord. Don't you just love it when this happens?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful song and the reason for God giving it to you. It is like seeing a personal letter to a friend, and you let us in on it. Thank you, JO.

Linda said...

The friendship you two share is a priceless treasure, and the song a lovely tribute. You are beautiful ladies.

Donna said...

Your song is such a blessing. Close friends of ours moved last Tuesday across the country. We've known them for almost twenty years. We will miss them greatly. This was just what I needed. Thank you.

J Vogler said...

Wow, that is a wonderful song! I would love to hear a recording of it sometime. It's definitely inspired!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know the tune. Maybe I can chord it on my guitar and sing it sometime myself. Good lyrics!!! Love, Niki

Floyd said...

How amazing. Not only the beautiful song, but the sense from God and the lyrics to your soul. Thanks for sharing it with my soul. I'm with you...

Anonymous said...

dropping in from Jennifer’s...oh I love those sweet kisses from God...He did the same thing for me...prepared me when my daughter got engaged that she would be moving. He does care so much for His little sheep.

Gayle said...

I wish I could have heard you sing it. Simply wonderful.

Jennifer @ said...

What a beautiful, God-honoring song. So glad you've shared here. And I love seeing the two of you lovely ladies together. What a special friendship you have.

Christina said...

What a wonderful God-bump. And a beautiful poem!