Monday, August 27, 2012


I wrote this poem/song 30-ish years ago here in Omaha. One Sunday morning before church the Lord simply laid it on me. -- I love it when He writes and I get to hold the pen! -- I hadn't thought of it for a long time, but with the stress of this past few days, shared in three serious posts, this song hit my heart again. 

The photos were: 1) taken by me as you see my foot draped over a cliff at the North Shore while I was resting in the Lord and rejoicing in His kindness to me, and  2) taken by someone else on my behalf as I was reading the Word and writing a poem and story describing why I was there.  The "there" time was connected to my depression and "run away" stretch to the North Shore in early October, 2001, when the 9/11 event had hit my heart so strongly I needed to seek the Lord's restoration of my soul.

The photos fit the song, precisely, so thought I'd toss them in.

  Sometimes I feel the need
***to slip away and seek God’s face.
To hide myself from everyone —
***to flee life’s mad’ning pace.
To hear my Father speak to me
***To hear His voice of grace —
Sometimes I need to be alone with God.

Sometimes my heart is hungry
***for a glimpse of heaven’s peace.
The burdens seem so heavy —
***the cares of life increase.
But then I reach my hand to God
***and all my sorrows cease —
That’s why I need to be
***alone with God.

Sometimes the day’s so hurried
***and I do not seek my Lord.
I find myself at end of day
***not having read His Word —
To see what He has written me,
***To see His love out-poured —
Sometimes I fail to be alone with God.

Sometimes my Father sees that I’ve
***this need to be alone.
And He seeks me out at night
***when my heart and mind are calm.
And He whispers through my dreams —
***and reminds me I’m His own.
Sometimes I need to have a
*** touch from God.

In all of us we recognize
***this need to be alone.
To close the door unto the world —
***to stand before His throne.
To hear His words of wisdom
***to know that we’re His own.
Sometimes we need to be
***alone with God.

He wants each one of us
***to take the time — and come alone.
To meditate upon His Word —
***to pray before His throne —
To praise His blessed name,
***Or make our petitions known —
Oh, how we need to be alone with God.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of those days - very stressful, so I am taking your song and spending time alone with God right now. Thank you for the beautiful message JO!

a joyful noise said...

This is heart felt even now as trying times are ahead. It is so beautiful when the Holy Spirit writes the words for us. Thank you for sharing this moment at Tell me a Story.

Kristin Bridgman said...

This is how I felt out at my pond, getting alone with Him. I also get alone with Him many times in my prayer closet :)
I love that last picture!
And I also love your sentence. . ."God writes and I get to hold the pen".
Loved being here and reading your poem. It's very calming here.

Gayle said...


Susan said...

Beautiful, Joanne. Continuing to pray for you.

Jennifer @ said...

You are such a precious, precious soul. I'm so glad God made you.

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

Beautiful, beautiful poem - God has certainly gifted you!