Sunday, November 9, 2014


      This book was published 41 years ago.  It was written approximately 50 years ago.  The author, H. A. Baker, and his wife, were missionaries in SW portion of China.  Many of the kids they took in for school in a small town suddenly came to the Lord and suddenly saw heaven, around and about them.  The kids, laying on the school floor sometimes were seeing the same visions and going together to the same portions of heaven, and being greeted by their former friends and angels.
      The Lord dropped this book on me about 30 years ago.  I have read it a few times, and have kept it.  Yesterday, the Lord laid it on me to read again.  Been about 10 years since I have.  Started yesterday and I am about 1/2 way through it.  When I was finishing one of the chapters today, this ending paragraph in the chapter called Visions of Heaven, piled on my heart.
      I'll write the whole thing, but it begins with the picture and will be followed with the last portion of the paragraph.  It touched my heart strongly today, and can't NOT share it around and about the world, because we won't live here forever and ever.  That's what I count on.

Here it goes:

Our life, our work, our service, our hardships here are
 only brief and passing incidents on the way to
 the true life, the true city,
 in the true Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

[The italic portion is the way my mind read it,
 not the way the book was written.  
Just written word by word.]
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S. Etole said...

Terrific photo!

a joyful noise said...

Many of those old books are fascinating and remind us that God wants to do great things in and through us. Thanks for sharing at Tell Me a Story.