Friday, November 14, 2014


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      “We’ll be there in only a couple minutes.  When we are there, I want you to meet her, and pray for her, and then we will go out and about to get whatever obviously is what she needs.”  Then Joseph looked at Cary seriously. “With the hundreds of people in the church area as IDPs, needing much, they will pour themselves around you to see how much you can give them.  We’ll only focus on her.  Her death and needs are very important.”
      “OK.  I’ll try to do the best I can.  If you want me to do something, turn someway, you tap me on the shoulder and I’ll do whatever you say.  You are it.  Oh, and is there something besides her health that you know?”
      “Yes.  I forgot to tell you.  So much of what has happened to her has happened to many during these past months.  Her husband and two of her sons were murdered while fighting the LRA group that was invading their village.  She’s a bit older than the young lady you saw in the hospital whose little babies were murdered.  This one truly is bigger.  An upper-teen couple of boys.  And that broke her heart, but it isn’t the reason it’s breaking her liver.”
      When he drove in, he parked near the building where she was on the veranda.  Cary was shocked.  She was there, but also six kids. And, while looking, it was obvious what was needed.  They had junky, broken mattress and sheets spread around.  Some wore partially decent clothes and partially torn clothes.  Cary wasn’t sure if there was any food for them.  And her tummy was huge, even though her body was very thin.  And a baby was not on the way.  Her liver was, though.
      Joseph was covered with young kids who ran towards him when he got out of the car.  Obviously, many of them had seen him before.  He smiled, but told them to go away, because we would be with this lady and her kids.  They shrugged, and they stepped back, but their parents and others hung out behind them.  They all watched us.
      When Cary got out, she was able to reach out for her hand.  Cary stood up, but the lady was sitting down, and looked grateful for us to be there.  Joseph greeted her and, in their language, obviously told her something about our concerns.
      Suddenly, Joseph grabbed the camera off of Cary’s arm and told her to sit on the edge portion of the veranda and pray for her and he would take proof of this with a photo.

     Cary did.  “Dear Father, I know you know all of us everywhere.  All I can ask this time is that you will continue to touch her heart and her body, heal her here or take her to heaven.  That’s what all of us face.  Trusting you is all that can be accomplished.  Also, Lord, please touch the hearts of these kids, because they look so angry, so frustrated and furious.  With their dad and two brothers murdered and their mother seriously ill, please pour and touch them.  Thank you, Lord.  Bless you.”
      When she finished, Joseph jumped in, talked to the lady momentarily, and tapped Cary’s shoulder so she would look at him, and he aimed at the car quickly.  Cary nodded and bowed a bit to the lady.  And, as he had indicated, she hurried over to the car and jumped in.

      "Now, Cary, let's get the food, the cooking oil, flours, and blankets.  And we'll drop them in later, but make it very quickly so no one will run up and grab us to do similar for them."
      They went to the streets, and prayed for the Lord to open the right doors for them to purchase all that is needed so they could take it back quickly.
      They did.

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Gary DeVeau said...

Such a place of need, both spiritual and physical. The fields are truly ripe for harvest. Send your people, Lord! Break their hearts and open doors to minister to all their needs! In Jesus Mighty Name! Amen ><>

a joyful noise said...

Joseph was wise and it was good he was with you. Thanks for sharing with us here at "Tell me a Story."

Floyd said...

Love the memoir… Your heart is full of our Father's spirit.