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Pastor Joseph, the Baptist Church, and the IDP group of people on his church yard.  Pauline, the nurse, was with him.  We were going around and about that day.  Weeks later I was in the church.  
A blessing for me, significantly.
......      Cary was very surprised.  She stepped up.  He said,  “People, this is a spiritual warfare woman who has entered our lives.  We have shared very tightly about what has happened and how the Lord can come to our area and pour out his strength for us.  She shared with Pastor Job one day, and doesn’t know that he talked to our pastor group about it.  I didn’t tell her ahead of time that I wanted her to share, and she is today’s main preacher, even though I didn’t tell her she could do this.  However, but I believe she will tell us.  The interpreting will take place as needed now, and will be explained by me at church tomorrow evening.  Now, dear Cary, please say what you can.”  He smiled at her and touched her arm as he went to sit down.
      “Thank you.  I did not anticipate this, but I’ll share as clearly as I can.  Pastor Job and I have talked about the fact that the Teso and the Karamojong named each other with curses attached.  The fighting and unrest between the two tribes have continued for about four hundred years. It began when the large group of people were rushing from the Ethiopian area.  They ran together for days and days, maybe months.  Then one large group of them determined that they couldn’t go further, were too tired, had too many families that couldn’t deal with going over the mountains and climbing over huge high rocks.  They were in the northeast portion of what has now become Uganda, but, as I’ve said, about the high rocky area, obviously, was why they felt they needed to stop.  The other group, mostly young men, told the others that the people who were staying were only scared and not brave enough to go on.  They called them a very bad name and headed over the mountains and the hills.  The ones who stayed behind were furious then at these young men, but they couldn’t go.  Years and years and years later, the Karamojong who stayed behind, became very dangerous.  Often they are today.  I was told a few years ago that when they had come to the Lord they were shocked and surprised  that they had to stop shooting and killing people.   The Teso group became less strong than the other, overall, but the fighting and the murders have continued so much around and about.  Now, Pastor Job intends to connect with Christians there and get together and pray about the horrific spiritual demonic warfare and attempt strongly to turn this around.  This is significant.  I realize you can’t change tribal names, but God can show you how to reverse this curse.  Possibly by repentance between Christians of both tribes in some significant location.  You can at least start to think that direction and see where and how God leads you.  I have shared much of my spiritual ministry with Pastor Job and many in our nation and other nations.  It is truly important to know what the history is that focuses on how the Satanic portion can take over.  Many of you who are here are dealing with Joseph Kony’s demonic service.  He is the nephew, as I recall, who took over for his aunt who had begun this.  Many are abducted, abused, damaged seriously.  Some have turned to the Lord and broken out, and they are doing all they can to help others.  I’m a very grateful woman, because so often in other nations of the world, people do not step forward as strongly as my Ugandan dear ones have.  Thank you for letting me share, and I hope it will help you understand more of your own background so things can be changed."
            Cary smiled, and started to walk, but she stopped.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t tell you the verses the Lord laid on me for my ministry a long time ago. I need to grab my Bible.”  She went to the seat and picked it up.  “OK.   Here are the verses.   First he gave me was Isaiah 42:16.  It says, ‘I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth.’” She looked around and they were, with big eyes, nodding.
      “Here’s the other one.  Amos 2:9.  It might not sound right, but the Lord laid it on me years ago, and I haven’t turned it around.  Here it is, and I’ll explain momentarily, not long. ‘Yet I destroyed the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and he was strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed his fruit from above, and his roots from beneath.’  Is it a little confusing for you?”
      Many of them nodded, again, but with the confusion she had seen happen in many people in these years.  “I have many friends who are used by the Lord as the fruit people to deal with serious spiritual sinfulness and work hard at turning it around.  In many nations, for instance, is the acceptance of abortion.  Many of my friends will go places to let people know it is not acceptable and it should not be done.  They are very strong and very brave.  Then, the Lord uses me as his roots.  I’m not the only one, of course, but the purpose is to look for the foundation areas, the way Satan dropped it into nations acceptably, and when and how it can be broken out.  That’s only one thing.  In your case, dealing with your tribal background that is causing serious situations, some of you will be ‘fruit’ while dealing with the everyday reality, and some of you will be ‘roots’ so the background connection can be broken.  You figure out who you are that the Lord can use.  Not all of you will be actually involved.  God uses all of his people in different situations.  However, if he happens to call you into this situation, he will show you what to do and where to go and how to reach through and bring his peace, joy, glory, and piles of love.  Now I will sit down.  Thank you, Joseph, for giving me this sharing time.  What a blessing for me!”

A strong portion of this is filled with reality.  It truly was when Pastor Job ended up asking me about the spiritual history connected to their portion of Uganda and what and how the reversing could be done.  I'm very blessed that I was used to be a teacher and a helper.   I truly miss being there and seeing these wonderful people.

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