Sunday, November 23, 2014


      When Cary, arriving at the Rescued Children's location, began to walk towards the main portion where she often interviewed some of them.  It was hot outside, but she could sit on the veranda.  She looked ahead and saw a chair, and walked over and sat down.  Suddenly, she was horrified.  She saw a mid-teen girl who looked shell-shocked and ashy. Her eyes were vague and distant, very pale and very sad, and she walked slowly and focused only on the ground.  Cary wanted to get up and talk to her, but felt that it was not something she could do.  So, she prayed for her and lifted her up.....
 ..... For a few minutes the three of them talked more and smiled much.  Then, suddenly, Cary glanced up and saw the teen-aged girl, similar age of Simon’s, again who seemed very shell-shocked, The boys looked at Cary and said, “Have you seen her before?”  Cary nodded.
      Simon said, “I’ll tell you, but it’s very sad.  She was in one of the rebel groups, and was with her best friend. The rebels grabbed her friend, and while slitting her friend's throat, they told this girl that if she screamed or cried, the same thing would be done to her.  I don’t know how she ever was left out, but somehow was able to get here.  But she is still very, very sad.  I still hope her family can be found, but she hasn’t told enough.  We are trying to help her, but the girls and our leadership, especially Madam Susan, are still having a hard time.  And Madam, you are a prayer, too, so I know you will do that.”
        “What is her name?  I will pray and spread it around my family and friends. And, boys, it was a true God-gift for me to hear the story from you, but not hearing from her.  I’m sad from hearing what you have told me, but if I had heard it from her and seen it from her, I would have grabbed her and been hitting the floor with sorrow.  Now I can pray.  All I can count on is our Lord.”
      “We don’t know her name.  Many of us don’t use our names, anyhow.  She does not talk to any of us very often.  We only know the murder of her best friend and the threatening.  I smile much of the time and laugh much, as you’ve seen.  But I don’t laugh or smile about what happened to her.”
      When all of their talking had taken place, she and Simon and the boy walked to another part of the compound.  She went over to where David was waiting, and when he was with the guards, she talked to them.
      “Thank you so much for protecting these people.  I have been very happy to be here, to see so many who are safe now.  It is very hard to hear the stories and I’ve cried sometimes.  I also know that many of them and of you are serving our Lord.  This is my last time to be here.  I’m going to be flying home from Entebbe to the States in just a few days.  You are heavily on my heart, though, and I appreciate you very much.”
      They nodded thankfully and showed real appreciation

This one, using Simon and the girl, is thoroughly truthful.  I remember all the details. I hope this sorrowful girl has come to a heart-healing, spiritual uplifting portion of her life.  All we can count on.  As was indicated, I never learned her name, but did see her and my heart exploded even before I heard from Simon what had happened.  I hope to see her in heaven, and hope she will be running through there with her dearest friend.  I truly can hope for it.  

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Inspired By June said...

My husband and I support my friend, who serves in NA with a team from Pioneer Bible. She is not a translator, but rather working directly with the people, teaching them and helping them to deal with the trauma and tragedies they have seen/endured. It is great work in Jesus name. She is a long-term missionary. She will be with the village a minimum of 5 years, God willing. Terrible things are happening, in NA, all over the world. But our God is greater! Thank you for sharing your part of the story, Cary. May God's blessing be upon you.

a joyful noise said...

So many children have sad stories, and then some are able to rise above the sadness and smile. Thanks for sharing!