Tuesday, November 25, 2014



...    They started to leave together.  Anne and Cary took their bikes and crossed the street.  Allen was paying at the cafe and also ended up talking to one of the waiters. They knew he’d follow them soon. 
      When Cary and Anne were across the street and riding the bikes, suddenly Anne’s tire went flat.  Cary stopped.  They were doing whatever they could, and suddenly something else happened that was very scary.  They happened to be on the wrong side of the street, because it was covered with trees and the trees were covered with pelicans, not far from the lake and river. 

There were hundreds and they were pooping.  While Anne and Cary were there, it was hitting their hats, clothes, shoes, and hands, and it was very stinky.  Allen came and he grabbed Anne’s bike and took it across the street.  He told Cary to head for home.
      As Cary started to ride, and glanced across, she saw a lot of guys standing out and laughing.  This mistake of theirs was making a lot of people happy.
      Cary had to ride the bike through the park area again.  By herself, without following Allen, in the dark, she was a bit scary.  She did it, but sometimes she was getting too close to the edge of the lane.  She also was smelling the stinkiness from her hat and her shoulders.   A few minutes later, she was able to pull into YWAM and it was late enough that lots of people wouldn’t be hanging out so they didn't have to smell her and laugh at her and embarrass
      Cary stuck into her room area, grabbed a towel, soaps, and shampoo, and ran over to the other side of the compound where she could take a shower. Even if she had to bend down, since it wasn’t high enough to be over her head, she would do it.  The clothes were dirty and stinky and her tennis shoes.  She had to wash it all, and scrub everything.  She had to let the water go down, wipe the place again, and then have more of the water officially let her have more and more of the soaps poured around her body so all the smelling is gone.

This portion is truly true.  The photo was not taken there, but it's just an example, more or less.  However, the trees were filled with the pelicans, and the reason Anne and I were there is true.  My stories are fictional and non-fictional.  This one is truly non-fictional. Even as I had to clean and clean me and my things.  YUK!!

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