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This is filled with both non-fiction and fiction,but is a heart-filler when the girl entered Sam and Adhe's life  It begins with joy, and ends with joy, and good stuff in the middle.
Ipullet at the hospital where Jill, Joseph, and I arrived with a pile of necessities for her to help her brother in serious physical situation. He died the next night during surgery.  Heartbroken for all of us.

                           CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE
      “What a treat to be here with you, Sam, and, when we get to your place for her to see Adhe and Stella.  I can hardly wait!”
      Sam smiled.  “When we get here, I’ll let Adhe change her name.  Ipullet is a very funny, but nasty one.  I’d grab a name, but I’ll leave it up to her.  It’ll enter her heart very strongly.”
      As Sam was pulling into the driveway, honking, Adhe ran out, Stella holding her hand, and they both hugged Sam and Cary.  Then Sam took Ipullet from the back seat, when she had woken up as they entered this side area, and held her hand and took her to Adhe.  Adhe smiled and Stella smiled, and both of them reached out to touch her.
      “Thank you.  I am very happy to meet you.”  Adhe spoke in English, and Sam translated to Ipullet’s teso language.  Smiling continued.
      Sam drew her into the house, and, because the hours had increased, he put her in Stella’s bedroom.  Stella took her hand and pulled her to the bed.  Adhe gave her a nice nightgown.  When Ipullet saw that, her eyes expanded and she smiled.  However, before she could go to bed, she needed to wash her feet and brush her teeth.  Then both of the girls went to bed.
      Sam and Cary, when sitting in the living room and munching    on the left-over portions from dinner, decided to talk about the name change.  Adhe smiled.  “I have already decided to name her Rebecca.  It is truly one of my favorite names and to use it on her will be perfect.”
      Cary smiled.  “Thank you so much!  This will fill us with joy.”  Then she paused a minute, and hummed.  “My dear friend, Jill, who was with me in Soroti, and was part of how Rebecca was brought to us, came up with another name.  She chose ‘Sanyu’, and I told her that was the name of your ministry home.  Jill smiled again and suggested that it be added in.”
      Adhe smiled.  “Now she is Rebecca Sanyu.  That fills me with joy of how the Lord has brought her here.”
      “Well, I need to head to my room.  This has been a very busy and heart aching and heartbreaking day.  I’ll miss Jill so much I want to see her.  I’ll be phoning her many times, I’m sure, but seeing her and hearing her suggestions are a huge treat.  And I would have loved to have you see her, Adhe.”
      Adhe smiled.  “Yes.  I’ve heard much.  If I’m ever in England, I’ll certainly try to connect with her.  Or if she returns to Uganda, I’ll rush around to find her.  She is wonderful.”
      “Hope you two sleep well.  I will see you in the morning.”  She hugged both of them, very strongly.  “I missed you two so very much.  Never want to leave you again, of course, but, eventually need to head out to Soroti and then to Newton.  Oh, well.”
       Cary hugged and went to her room.  She quickly pulled the mosquito malaria-protection net, crawled into the bed, and made sure that the net was under her mattress.  In spite of the heat kept in the net area, she went to sleep and did not wake up until morning.
      When Cary walked into their house, she was very happy.  Rebecca and Stella were eating breakfast, Adhe was preparing some chai tea for Cary and slicing bananas, mangos, and pineapples to put on the table.
      “Hi, Grandma,” Stella said.  She jumped off her chair and ran to her.  Cary picked her up and held her and kissed her cheek.  When she put her down, Rebecca came to her and smiled.  Then, surprisingly, she said in English, “Your have chicken feathers.”  Rebecca felt her hair and looked confused.
      Cary laughed, but she also felt her hair.  Then she understood.  In these couple days, when she hadn’t washed it and it was stiff this morning and very dry after those hours of heat in the bed, she truly understood.  She laughed at Rebecca.
      “But Adhe, how did she come up with English words?  I’ve never heard them from her in these days.  I’m confused!”
      “Well, Mum, Sam found out early this morning that she does know some English and other languages since her school time.  She’s a smart girl.”
      Cary smiled.  “Has Rebecca adjusted to her new name?”
      “Yes she has!  She smiled at both of the names.  I’m very grateful that Jill added the Sanyu into it.  What a blessing!”
      As they were waiting for lunch time, Cary and Adhe walked to a nearby home where several girls had lived.  Rebecca was still wearing the ladies dress, because Adhe didn’t have clothes for her. She had already given everything away to others.  Well, when they entered the home, greeted by the mother and the girls, and meeting Rebecca, they were very excited to pull the clothes out that could be given to her.  Trying on the shirts and the skirts and the shoes, Rebecca was filled with joy.  She kept laughing.  They took quite a few back to the house.
      When Sam arrived, Rebecca ran out and grabbed his hand and pulled him to the home quickly.  The clothes were spread on the couch in the
living room.  She counted them, and laughed while she counted from one to thirteen.  Sam laughed and held her hand and, seeing how she was dressed before, he loved her shirt.  It was bright red and with a colorful girly flowery skirt, and she laughed again.   Cary and Adhe stood in there, too, and grinned and grinned and laughed with them.  Stella jumped up and down and laughed, too.
      Later, when Cary was walking to her room when it was dark and hot, she was praying and rejoicing.  “Thank you, dear Lord, because this day was filled with joy, with friendship, with significant gifts from you.  What a blessing today has been.  Again, thank you!”  And when she started to walk through her door, she had to drop her arms, because she had been lifting her arms high towards the sky with her worshiping.  She couldn’t not smile.

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