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...Cary had been back in her room for a few minutes, checking the clothes she had hung up to dry, someone knocked on the door.  She went to answer, and one of the youth said, “Madam, pastors have come and they are in the teaching room.  Come, please.”
      She hurried over.  When she entered, she was overwhelmed with what she was seeing. 

     Pastors Job, Justin, and George were the ones who had arrived.   Job said, “Dear Cary, we want to pray for you, because we know you are leaving soon. Let us stand together."  All of them did and the four of them held their hands.  Job said, "Thank you, Father, that you sent Cary here for the spiritual warfare information, so I would learn and teach my church.  Again, thank you, Lord.” 
      Job nodded, and Justin began.  “I appreciate my spiritual sister, Lord,  for helping me to deal with the legality between the other portions of Uganda that have been trying to call me a foolish man and take me from pastoring.  Now I’m safe.  Also, Lord, thank you for using her to help the family next to me when that little girl was burned.  The family smiles now, because she looks very good.  Please bless dear Cary for us, Lord.  Thank you.”  Justin touched her hand and smiled sincerely.
      “Thank you for using her, Lord, to purchase malaria pills for me.  I’m doing so much better already.  My church is so happy.  If I ever feel so ill again, malaria or anything else, I truly will try to reach to a doctor who will help me.  Thank you, Lord, because now I’ve changed my attitude, my hope.”
      After the prayer time, they all laid hands on her shoulder, and prayed for safety and health.  When they were leaving, Cary touched each one, and said, “I look forward to seeing you in heaven. I would love to see you here again, of course, but since I doubt I’ll be here, heaven is the only opportunity we have.  The three of you, and Joseph, Jacob, and Pauline and other encouraging people have been a huge blessing.  Again, thank you so much.”
     They waved and smiled as they were heading to Job’s car.
     Cary stood on the porch for a few minutes.  She lifted her arms to the Lord and said, “Thank you so much,  Father.  You told me to come.  Sometimes it was very nice and sometimes it was filled with sorrow and fear surrounding me.  But you have helped, encouraged, and protected me and many others.  I'm grateful and appreciating you.  I love you so much, my dear Father.”
      She went to her room and went to bed, and immediately was sleeping and seeing dream visions of the wonderful not-distant future when she would be home.

Much of this portion of the chapter is truthful.  The pastors came to the YWAM to pray for me, because they knew I would be leaving soon, and came to express their appreciation.   With all the work I did with Job, Justin, and George was wonderful, but I only had one photo and it was of Job.  Sure would love to see any of them again.  

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a joyful noise said...

The heartfelt thanks of brothers in the Lord awaken joy in your heart even though sad at having to leave. Thanks for sharing at Tell me a Story.