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 ...They talked for a while, and then, suddenly, Cary asked, “Where is Fred?”
    “He’s at the Nile area right now.  
He’s counseling a couple who are
having marriage issues.  However, I think he’ll be there for another couple hours, but we can get there, and I’ll take some food with us so we can sit there, and walk and eat ‘til he’s free.  What time do you need to go to Kampala?  Can you stay here overnight?”
      “I think I can be here for about three hours is all.  I need to get to Kampala, if possibly, and at the hotel as early as I can.  Especially before it’s dark.  I sure want to spend a bit of time with you, Honey.”  She turned to Joseph.  “Can you drop us off?  It’s only a few blocks away, but that will save us some time.”
     “Yes, Cary.  Let’s go now.  Jacob and I go to the church for our meeting as soon as we drop you off.”
     They got in the car, and headed quickly to the Nile.  When there, Jacob and Joseph hugged Cary and told her they loved her and looked forward to seeing her again. They showed appreciation to Josephine.  When the duffle and backpack were taken out, Cary and Josephine carried them to the tourism building and put them inside and were protected by the police.  Then they went down to the river near where Fred was with the couple for whom he was counseling.  It was wonderful, because as they were walking his direction, he was shaking the hands of the couple and they were leaving much earlier than Josephine had thought.  When Fred saw Cary and Josephine he ran to them and hugged them.
      “Cary, my dear sister, it is a blessing to see you.  Of course, my dear wife, it’s always a blessing to see you, too.”  He stood between them and they went down to the river and walked by a tourist boat area.  Quickly, Fred said, “Hey, Sister, do you want to ride on the boat?  It’s only a half hour and then we’ll grab some food and then put you to the taxi area.  I’d love to drive you to Kampala, but don’t have a car.  The taxi’s the best you can do.”
      “I’d love to be on a boat.  Never have.  I’ve only gone walking around as far as I can and sitting on the rocks.”  She smiled at Josephine.  “Do

you remember when James and I were with you that day when we were in another part of the Nile and sitting on the big rocks that were on the edge of the river?  It was so much fun! ”
      “Oh, yes. That truly was a lot of fun, and you and James were on
the boda-bodas and I had been on
a bus and waited for you to be there. I can’t forget that, because we laughed so much.”
       “I’ve had pictures of it, too.  You took one of James and I while sitting on the rock and James took one of you and I.  I never can forget the fun of that day.”
      Fred said,  “Then let’s get on the boat now.  I’ve arranged it with the men.  It doesn’t cost much, so we’ll do good.  The river isn’t flowing too much right now, so we won’t be bouncing around.” 

He took their hands and walked them to the boat and they sat.  It left immediately.
      During the time at the tour stretch, Cary was amazed.  She was seeing parts of the nation that had prison across the Nile near the Lake Victoria.  She saw large farming areas.  When she asked, Fred told her that the prisoners would be helping the farmers.
      “Oh, the birds!”  Cary grabbed her camera and started taking pictures

of the egrets and many others on the trees that were in the midst of the river, right at the
point of the Lake becoming the Nile River.  She had a lot of fun with that. 
      It was a wonderful time to be on the Nile and the Victoria.  Cary loved it. 
Prison area by Lake Vic
Lake Victoria on left of tree; Nile River on right.
This photo was taken in February, 1991, and the division, using the tree, was all that was used then.  People sometimes walked on the planks to go over to the tree, and that could be pretty dangerous, depending on the weather.   A few years later, the Jinja tourism section was filled with correction and much more "easiness" for the ability to get near the trees at the division between Vic and Nile.



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a joyful noise said...

Thank you for sharing your interesting boat adventure in the Nile and the lovely photos, with us at Tell me a Story.

Floyd said...

Ahhh, the birds… Of course. What a blessing you received and what a blessing you were and are. That's our Father in us. Wonderful story, sister. I love a good memoir…