Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm a week late sharing about this wonderful event.  I was one heavily involved, extremely happy lady.


Sanu arrived with her Bhutanese family from Nepal February 25, 2011.  I was at the airport meeting them and also had been responsible to put their home together, which was a real  challenge.

Sanu's family and I became "family".  I love them dearly, and they love me, too.

Charles and I had met a few months earlier when we were both at an apartment helping others who had recently arrived.  He had been involved in the missions department at his church, and had become friends with Sanu's brother, Kharka, who had arrived a year earlier.

 The Wedding.  

Charles and Sanu are special.  Charles, in his late 20s, was waiting on the Lord for the woman God had chosen for him.  Sanu simply wanted to walk as God desired.  They had been family friends for about a year, and suddenly realized God desired them to be with each other.

To be at a wedding that brought both cultures together was a real treat.  Charles' family was very kind and accepting of Sanu's; and vice versa.  That was a true blessing.

So, here are a few photos.  It will give you an overview.  All that counts at this moment

May see them this weekend; will be back late tonight from their honeymoon.  They flew out to S.F., CA., and then drove north on Hwy-101.  I've loved part of that area for many years.  I expect Sanu will be a bit overwhelmed by the views out there.  Since they left Nepal last year, she hasn't been anywhere but Omaha, except to Missouri to meet Charles' family.  AND in Nepal they were very limited in any kind of travel.  For her, now, life has changed.  I'm looking forward to hearing her stories.


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Visits With Mary said...

Isn't it wonderful to see God's will in the lives of those we love..She was a beautiful bride!

Lyli said...

Beautiful story! May God richly bless this marriage.

Laurie Collett said...

What lovely people and a lovely wedding! May God bless their marriage!

HeARTworks said...

Oh life must be very interesting for Sanu right now! May the Lord grant them a special blessing! Patsy from