Wednesday, December 16, 2015


     With my brain and body issues now, especially since a few days ago it was indicated through a hospital that I can't drive a car any more.  So, instead of driving around and worshiping through towns and many locations, all I can focus on is serving the Lord and worshiping the Lord in my house -- day or night -- and turning my heart to serve Him more and more. 
    Sometimes I'm crying, b/c this is such a new piece of my life.  I was a protector and keeper, especially when the seriousness of my family was laid on me strongly since I was 6 -- protected my sisters who were younger than me, and I was a babysitter, especially when I was 7, and until I graduated about 10-1/2 years later when I was just shy of 18.  Touch Cookie for years.  Grateful that the Lord broke strongly and kindly into me when I was 20.  So, around our nation and a couple nations in the world, especially Uganda,  I've still been used to help and protect people.  Now I'm home.  HOPE, HOPE, HOPE to be in Heaven in the not-distant future.
      Blessings-- in spite of the fact that I'm just here now -- I've surrounded to many of my family and friends -- here and other parts of the world -- through praying and worshiping and glorifying the Lord is all I can do!

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Sandra Heska King said...

So much love to you, dear Joanne. You've given so much. Maybe now it's time to rest and let others give to you? xo

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about the driving. But I know you won't stop spreading the Truth in love. May God bless you, Jo. I'm praying for you and yours.

Karen Del Tatto said...

Your testimony is beautiful in the midst of affliction and trial. What an example you are that our service is never restricted, and Kingdom work can happen right from our homes with profound impact.

May God bless you abundantly.