Monday, December 14, 2015


       I counted on His Words back then when we were going around the NW and California and back to Omaha a few weeks later.  We'd be seeing our families and friends since we were getting ready to go to Uganda when leaving Omaha.  We thought we might be in Uganda forever, but it didn't work out quite that way.   We trusted Him,  served Him whenever and wherever we were.  So it's been a huge blessing to us, even though we haven't been around the world or around the nation often enough.  But it was a huge blessing to meet and see many and help anyway, anywhere we could.  The Lord protects and uses and encourages.  All we can count on.
      NOW, as my brain and body issue is a day-time challenge, He is Who I trust and Who I focus on.  He will keep me here, use me here, and take me to Heaven and use me there.  All I count on, moment-by-moment.  I worship and focus on Him consistently and look forward to seeing Him... and many others... face-to-face. 

 [OR however our seeing/hearing/talking/walking situation is there.
Find out for sure when I'm there. 
 And, as I've indicated,
 I can hardly wait!]

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Unknown said...

Amen, Jo! What an awesome testimony! You've such a wonderful gift of encouragement! Thanks!