Monday, December 28, 2015


       TRUTHFULISM STRIKES AGAIN!!  Even when a photo has Jeremiah words, this and many other portions are filled truthfully in the Bible, of course.

       As I indicated on this photo, it was during our wedding vacation time [the wedding was September 21, '85] and it was a huge blessing for me to be in Lake Superior.  I was an ocean addict since I was a kid when born in Portland and raised in Vancouver, Tacoma, Klickitat and working in Seattle.  I was 28 when the Lord moved me out of California to Omaha, and, formerly, I had been seeing the Pacific Ocean from Washington, Oregon, and California.  I had never been up to Lake Superior to see this and it was a really wonderful gift from my husband -- it looked like an "ocean".  He'd been born and raised in the Twin Cities and he was at the Offutt Airforce Base.  And I had been in Omaha.  The Lord suddenly put us together at a church.  What a blessing to have such a wonderful husband and he was wonderful for my daughter and son then and now for six grandkids.  They all put up with me, BUT they all love him so much. 
Our Wedding and Renae was 15 and Steve was 12; they loved him then!
They love him now... and this was a couple years ago!
        Anyhow, I often am filled with joyfulness through the Lord, and, if I am alive and my brain and body working, I'll be rejoicing April 15, 2016, b/c it will be the 50th year event since the Lord officially broke into me and let me accept Him when I was 20.  I had been filled with sinfulness and horrific situations for most of my years,  as a young kid and a teenager, even though I had strongly known the truthfulness re: the Lord.  As I was going to commit suicide when I was 18 and 19, He broke in and protected me and dropped special people into my life. 

      [ Surprisingly, I was dropped in and encouraged through a Portland Avenue Baptist Church in Tacoma, WA, March, '66.  I never had had a picture of that until April, 2014. A friend who wanted to know of me re: my age situation,  she drive all around my former Tacoma area when I was visiting there.  Well, she was so excited to see this church. It ain't Baptist any more and hasn't been for about 20 years, but other things have been in it, and it's still being used by some sorts of Godly-Words.  So that was a picture of me with it in August, 2014.]

       Bless you all.  I don't know when/how I'll keep blogging, b/c my dementia has increased significantly and I can't read and write very well, very often... even though I'd done it since I was about 6 years old in Klickitat,WA, in the first grade of school. Now,  I can't do anything very well.  

BUT I love the Lord and -- moment-by-moment, day-by-day, night-by-night -- I worship, rejoice, glorify, and honor!

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Lux G. said...

Our God is an awesome God.
Keep spreading His goodness and miracle to your life. Your story is inspiring. :)

Happy New Year!

a joyful noise said...

As long as we have strength - (of all kinds) we will serve the Lord and praise His name. Thank you for your testimony of God's grace, protection and healing over your life - shared here with us at Tell me a Story.

Ifeoma Samuel said...

Hi Caryjo, reading your post now, I do understand totally. There is still more ahead of you in 2016. Please find some strength to keep blogging. Writing is a good way to sharing God's testimonies and inspiring stories too...

As regards your comment on my blog, no worries, there are spiritual declarations there too...The Lord has been tuning my heart towards a Commitment to Worship for 2016. I need to take it seriously if I have to grow in faith.

You are much loved, Caryjo.
Hugs and Blessings from South Africa.

Unknown said...

Great post, Jo. God has blessed you abundantly! I'm praying for you, sister. May God bless and lift you up to continue to do the work that He's placed in your heart! Happy New Year to you and all of yours!