Friday, December 18, 2015


  I count on that, even consistently. In spite of what is shared around and about our nation and the world that is filled with confusion and sometimes not understanding who and how our Lord occupies... and has occupied for thousands and thousands of years ... I focus moment-by-moment, day-by-day to the Word of God.  And I rejoice and praise for my Savior. 
      I look forward to seeing Jesus either if He comes down here to deal with our world or if I'm up in Heaven.    He is what had been counted strongly on me even when I was a young kid.  I didn't understand Him well enough then, of course, but He protected me when many fights had entered my life, even as a young kid.  I could easily have been beaten and murdered from my childhood time to when in my teens and early twenties in the Northwest.  A few times, even since then, I've been in locations where me and my friends were dealing with our serious national and international situations, and we've heard that we were going to be murdered.   Through all these years, now when I'm seventy, it's been a huge blessing that our Heavenly Father has sent angels and others to protect and keep me and mine alive.  Anyhow, He reveals secrets and is Light and fills with protection and piles of love!  And I praise the Lord and rejoice!

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Michele Morin said...

What a blessing to look in the rear view mirror and see evidence of God's good hand during times when we weren't even aware of Him