Monday, December 5, 2016


On the Colorado River
    When I had driven a lady from our city in May, '92, and taken her around to the western portion of Nebraska, to Wyoming, Colorado, and all over in a lot of Utah.  She'd had some strong wrong words on her book she was writing and, when she wanted to see some of those states to see if she was going to write the right words, she had me take her.  It was about 2 weeks.  Well, I'll show you a few of the pictures AND I'd usually put a lot of the Word of God on those photos.  So, this is a way to share around and about.  AND, after I had brought her home, Dave and I were very involved with her and her husband.  Then, it was about a year later than she didn't like me at all.  She was mad at me, b/c I was dealing with the Lord issues for her.  She did not want to be involved with the Bible and anything of the Lord.  BUT, many photos I took then are filled with the Word.  I've always enjoyed seeing many of the locations.  AND a special one in Utah was filled with the Word MANY times.  I can't write well, read well, etc., other than focusing on the Lord and worshiping and praying, day and night, forever and ever.   SO, here's a few pictures.

Romans 11

And this was a fun, fun, fun thing for me!


a joyful noise said...

That dear lady was not mad at you personally, she was under conviction because she saw Jesus in you and Dave and it made her rebellious. I love your photos of rocks and the words you place on them. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell Me a Story.

Saleslady371 said...

My flesh may fail, but God is my portion forever! Oh, I like that one the best! You got some amazing photos from that trip with the woman. Good thing the Lord put you in her life to pray for her. Some day she will understand; maybe she does already! Hugs to you.

Unknown said...

You have so many experiences to draw from because you've been a woman of action your entire life. You know how to live, sister! Keep on keeping on. Love your passion and perspective, Jo!

Those pictures are awesome! As grand as our Father's creation is, those little prairie pups are right up there with the majestic mountains. Wonderful pictures.

Praying for you, Jo. Your entire family as well.