Monday, October 5, 2015


[He dropped his poem on to me on May 21, 1985, 2 days after the Lord had put us together.  This was a true gift.  I have had it on my dresser in a frame ever since.  It's still a HUGE blessing.  Filled with truthfulness when he wrote it when he was at the AFB and gave it to me suddenly.] 

How can such a tough cookie be so fragile?
              Yet you are.
                           And I understand.

Fragileness is a part of your beauty, like a flower,
    and your willingness to risk hurt shown your strength,
         which balances and makes you whole.

I pray that i see your fragility,
     so i can trust you as i ought.
I would loathe to crush the flower underfoot,
    when i desire to nurture you and grow you up in Jesus.

I pray the Lord's forgiveness,
                                 and yours,
  if i'm not tender when i need to be,
     and tough when i need to be.


   Tomorrow is Dave's birthday.  He'll be 56.  And, shockingly in our world, I'm 70.  He's been a HUGE blessing to me ever since the Lord dropped him into my life.  He's been a wonderful step-dad and loved by grandkids and, as I've said, a huge blessing for me.  I'd never thought, when I married back in Christmas Eve, '68, that I would never be divorced or forced to be apart.  In May, '84, it truly occurred.  And I was a very sad lady re: dealing with my kids and jobs and whatever I could.

     Suddenly, May 19, 1985, the Lord put us together.  We were both a bit shocked.  He, the youth director at a church I had entered about 3 months earlier and was at the Offutt AFB, was 25 and had never been married and was a strong Christian since he had come to the Lord officially when he was 10. On the other side, I had come to the Lord when I was 20 [April 15, 1966], and had a terrible history since childhood of fighting, attempting to commit suicide, very drunk sometimes, and, even when about 18 years old in the bars in Washington and Idaho, got mixed badly with the men.  I tried to change when the Lord broke into my life officially, but it took a bit of time.

     Anyhow, Dave has been a huge blessing to me.  And, surprisingly, he thinks I'm wonderful, too.  The best I can do is write pieces, take pictures, and show a lot of love through family and friends and serving the Lord.  Because of him, we were missionaries in Uganda.  I'd always WANTED to be a missionary when I came to the Lord, but couldn't do it.  We did it then.  He is/was a real treat to me.

     I don't know if I can keep blog pieces very often... my dementia and body and other issues keep me from doing all I want.  I sleep nearly a dozen hours at night and sometimes sleeping a few times during the day.  Oh, well.  And he's working as Facilities Manager at our church, has piano students in a variety of area of Omaha, fixes computers and gives them to people as a gift from the Lord, and plays piano or organ at 3 other churches during the Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday times.  What a guy that blesses many!

     Anyhow, just wanted to have people smile.  Our 30th anniversary was 3 weeks ago.  So the blessing has expanded on me!  I love Dave and LOVE THE LORD!!

30th Anniversary; a fun day-time trip!

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Wise Hearted said...

Beautiful story of God putting together just the right people at the right time. You are blessed my sister.

S. Etole said...

Birthday blessings to your special husband. Hope you get a chance to celebrate.

a joyful noise said...

Wishing Dave a happy birthday and enough strength to keep up with you. :-) Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story

Lux G. said...

Awww. So sweet and inspiring.

Unknown said...

Beautiful poem and tribute to a good man appointed by God to you. Happy birthday, Dave. May God continue to bless you two!!!