Monday, October 19, 2015


     Been on my heart to share photos.  I've shown a few of the pieces in the past, but never shown what I looked like when we were going to the Nile River at the Murchison Falls National Park.  A treat in early 1996, shortly before Dave and I were returning to the Omaha area in April.  This was on my heart today, so going to drop some of the pictures on.  Can't share the dozens of them, but I was connected to rejoicing and serving the Lord.  On the truck, except for me and one other lady who is from Ohio, a number of them had come to help for a couple weeks at New Hope Uganda and they were from a southern California church. They were a huge blessing.  And the guy from our NHU put me on the truck.  So, I'll share what I can.  The Lord laid it on me to spread it around.  People will smile!!

Getting ready to leave.

On the way home to NH...not clean!

Sunday Morning, CLEAN!
     And my husband couldn't go, because he had a serious body issue and being on the truck and going around would have hurt him.  So, one of the ladies from Ohio, who had just arrived to be a short-term missionary, we became friends during the trip to that northern Uganda area.  Dave took this picture, because we both looked good after lots cleaning taking place.  I've never known her since then, and that was in '96.  Sure would love to connect with her somehow again.

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a joyful noise said...

That really does look like the wilds to me. So glad you were able to go and find another short term missionary to enjoy her company. Thanks for sharing at Tell me a True Story.

Unknown said...

Those are amazing pictures! Not sure I'd ever want to be that close to the alligators or crocodiles! Well done, good and faithful servant... well done.

Wendy L. Macdonald said...

CaryJo, thank you for sharing these intriguing pictures from your mission trip. The before and after pictures made me smile. God is so good to have done all the work for our spiritual before and after pictures.
Blessings ~ Wendy

Gayl Wright said...

Great photos! I'm sure that trip was a blessing even though you got tired and dirty. :) Thanks for sharing, CaryJo! Blessings to you. I'm visiting from #GiveMeGrace.