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    This is filled with a lot of information.  But most of it is pretty important re: Renae.  AND for about 20 years she has been an occupational therapist.  So, here's info pieces from my life when the beginning of her birth.   
     Renae's 46th birthday was last Friday, the 9th.  When I married her dad in Tacoma, WA, December 24, 1968, she entered my body 2 months later.  We were in Tacoma until April, '69.  Then, surprisingly to me, was heading to California.  I had no idea re: it, but my husband had never told me where we were going, but had to leave Tacoma.  I found out later that he was taking me to the city area where he'd been at as a kid.  However,  in that area he was in jail when he was very young... 6 years old... and in and out from then through his youth and teenage times.  He stole a car and hit the road to Idaho when he was 18. He met a lady and was married for a time there. 
     Amazingly, while in a very serious hospital situation in Tacoma, it was assumed he would die.  Well, things changed and he had come to the Lord in '67 shortly after he had thought of the Lord strongly when he was alive.  When he was taking me down towards California about 4 months after our marriage, he wanted to drop in to see his dad in San Mateo. His mother had died several years earlier of cancer and his oldest sister had been dead in a car situation in New York City when he was in his teens.  Even though his dad had never wanted any time with David, miraculously the dad accepted us and seemed to like me.  So, we stayed with him for a couple months, then went to Redwood City at an apartment.  Renae was truly on the way.
     The blessing for me was connected to a church...very strongly Presbyterian church in many ways, and filled strongly with worshiping the Lord through it and met a significant spiritual pile of "family".  David and I ended up with spiritual parents.  A huge blessing!
      Renae was born, October 9, 1969, at the hospital in Palo Alto, CA, Stanford University.  In the next few days, I ended up with some special issues and was taken back and forth after being home and the nurses and doctors thought I might die from serious issues in my body since the birth.  And, amazingly, I lived.
     So, Renae lived in California as a kid until she was 4-1/2,  then Omaha as a kid and until about 12 and back here when 14 and as an adult.  Just for a couple years in Edmond,Oklahoma, she was in her 8th and 9th grades. We had moved down there, b/c her dad was a wonderful roofer and that was a great place to be.  Seriousness occurred.  Then, because of my divorce situation, I returned back up to Omaha where we had lots of friends and she went to the same school she'd been at most of the time in this portion of Omaha and then graduated. And she has lived here most of the time.  After graduation she went to Tacoma to do a couple of jobs and spending time with my mom and sisters.  Then she went to the area of New Jersey to be a babysitter.  She returned to Omaha when she was 21, because she wanted to get married soon, and it happened.
     Anyhow, just wanted to show a few pictures as she was a kid.  Yes, she's 46, has 5 kids-- 2 boys and 3 girls-- and, through one of her daughters she has a grandson coming in a couple weeks. [And I'll be a great-grandma.  WOW!]
First photo and she was just a few days old.

Renae's Dedication at the Presbyterian Hospital when she was 2 months old.

First Day at School, September, '74, Omaha

Graduation, May, '86.  Me, her Step-dad, and her brother/my son, Steve.
  [OH, and BTW, I ended up marrying in May, '85, and her step-dad's name is much the same as her dad's was.  
Dad is David; Step-Dad is Dave.]

And the twins graduated this past May, their older brother graduated a year earlier, and the other sister and brother are moving into schools on a regular basis.  

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Nina said...

That's wonderful ... Happy Birthday to Renae -
Such a wonderful blessing to have a daughter and 5 grandchildren!
Blessings to you,

bluecottonmemory said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter - and congrats on the up-coming great-grandma title! God has so blessed your faithfulness!

a joyful noise said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter's story with us here at Tell me a Story. Truly God has had his hand on her as well as your entire family.

Saleslady371 said...

Happy Birthday to Renea! I enjoyed hearing her story and wish her many blessings in the coming years. She is lovely just like her mamma!

Unknown said...

What a blessing from God and what a beautiful family... Great grandma? Where does the time go, sister. Blessings to you and your ever growing family.