Monday, October 26, 2015


     My husband, Dave, and I went to the Methodist Women's Hospital way out in the far west central area of Omaha on October 24th around 1:30 that afternoon. When we were walking toward the room, we saw the father of the little baby  sitting outside the room and holding him. The nurses had taken my granddaughter Miranda into a surgery section and the baby had been taken out of her tummy about 3:15 Saturday morning. It was a huge blessing to see the baby. Devonta, the dad, was sitting outside the room because stuff was being done to Miranda in the room and we couldn't go in, yet.  Devonta has accepted Dave and I as his grandparents and gave hugs and kisses while we were waiting to get into the room.  So, I have a new grandson, since I now have a great-grandson. Then took pictures of the baby Aiden with Dave. So I'll pop some pictures on.



     Miranda and Aiden will be home late tonight or early tomorrow. 

 It will be only about 8 to 10 minutes from our house to be where she will be at my daughter's/her mom's house.  I'll pop in often and bug them and hold them whenever I can.  The hope is that eventually Miranda and Devonta will be married.  They've been dating for about 2 years. And in their upper teens.
      Yesterday I went there and today I went also.  When I popped in there and hugged my granddaughter and held the baby, I suddenly heard the Lord tell where to turn and where to drive, so going to and from that location.  I was worshiping, praying, and turning to and to and to the Lord. And praying in a couple of special places re: our history when other gods were worshiped and sacrificed to up to hundreds of years ago.  That's what counts!
    Had this picture of me with the little one today and will show you the direction the Lord was telling me to go when I hit the car.

      I had taken pictures when I was standing up on the 5th floor area, just outside the room, and didn't know that where I was going. But when ready to leave the hospital, the Lord told me to turn right and drive on road instead of turning left to reach the main highway.  And He had me go a lot of places, before I got home. 

     I'm grateful for serving the Lord and extremely grateful to be a great-grandma and hug and love them! 

[Her sister is the same age...they are twins.  She has an older brother, a younger sister, and a younger brother.]  

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a joyful noise said...

Rejoicing with you for a new great-grandchild and driving adventures. Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

Saleslady371 said...

Congratulations to you great grandma and to the family. What a precious baby; must have been fun to hold in your arms. You look so happy! Thank you for posting pictures!


Unknown said...

Congratulations!!! What a blessing to have and hold family. Enjoy your precious time with loved ones, sister.

Sandra Heska King said...

What a little sweetie! And I had to read "when I hit the car" several times before I figured out what you meant. Glad it wasn't literal. :)

Michele Morin said...

What a blessed baby! And you, too, are blessed to be part of such a family!

Doug Spurling said...

You reallllly are a GREAT grandma

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, sweet Caryjo! How wonderful!

Unknown said...

How sweet! I must say that I'm a little bit jealous. My oldest daughter and her husband have decided not to have children and we are still praying for the man God has set aside for my younger daughter to come into her life. She is 29 and really want to begin a family. Sigh . . . I guess there are a lot of little ones I can love on at church but to be a grandma? Please God :)
Blessings to you dear one,

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! Congratulations.