Thursday, September 27, 2012


One of my recent projects the Lord laid on me ... months ago ... is to scan all the photos we have in our lives. THOUSANDS! In lots of albums.  I'm trying, but can't say I don't get sidetracked ... one of my character defects 

Occasionally, when scanning, something hits not just my eyes, but my heart.  Today that happened... and I'm still a bit sad as I'm prepping this post.

In January, 1991, when we left Omaha for Uganda , it was our first check-out time to see if the Lord was laying this nation on our hearts, as we thought was taking place.  And, while there, during that 5 weeks, we had some stressed times, scary times, and immensely blessed times.  And we wanted to go back forever and ever. That wasn't God's long-time plan, though, so, over the next several years we had short-ish stretches, either several months or weeks.

One of my favorite open-door opportunities in Uganda during the first visit was to preach and teach. During our 5 weeks, I preached 3 times in 3 different churches in 3 different towns -- and taught kids, too. 

This church held service at a school; gives another indication of what money was available in other than churches. The ceiling and piles of chairs were a real shock to us when we had arrived.

It was my first phase of life to be interpreted, which took a bit to learn re: when and how to move forward quickly enough, but not TOO quickly.  I did OK.

Now, when our church leaders try to fit piles and piles of money into the budget for beautiful flooring, ceilings, and re-building way beyond "practicality", it drives Dave and I nuts.  Why?  Most Ugandan churches, occasionally only able to deal with the basic basics, even after all these years, still are common. 

  I spoke during my last time -- November, '03, teaching re:
a particular portion of spiritual warfare at a pastor's conference.
Would I return to Uganda?  Oh, YES!  Still love it and adore my many dear ones. 

And I dearly miss being blessed to preach and teach!

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Ruthie H. said...

Thank you for the stories and photos! The last church photo looks very much like a typical island church. I think my first real sermon (aside from sharing about going to Uganda) was preached in Uganda. Sometimes these opportunities mean being "instant in season and out of season," as you are not always given much notice (as I am sure you weren't either!). Just like Wednesday when I was told about an hour before I shared. ; )

a joyful noise said...

Teaching and Preaching and healing is what Jesus did. We follow him, and do the same when the light is green. In our walk with the Lord, there are times when the audience is ONE. So be it. Just do as Jesus says to do. Thank you for sharing at Tell Me a Story.

Susan said...

Bless you for your faithfulness, Joanne. I'm sure He has something planned for you to use your gifts.

I'm with you on the extravagance in our churches. It's embarrassing. I could rant for days about it.

Gayle said...

Beautiful meaningful memories! I can't wait for you to come. Let's just have you get here and you can call me and we will put the schedule together. (I'm not sure if I responded to your last email, I've been working so much!)

Saleslady371 said...

Uganda has a special place in my heart. The people are so lovely. So happy for you to relive this memory.