Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As I posted about this yesterday, connected also to a First Responders event on Sunday, this birth was on my plate.  It finally occurred at 2:02 A.M. today.  This was the result of approximately 30 hours of labor.  It was one LONG and tiring event, for all of us.

For me, this is Bhutanese grandchild #5 -- a boy.  My heart is so surprised that the Lord dropped this "ministry/job" into my life.  I always say I am not a medically-oriented person. I would never have expected this new care-giving aspect, even though it entered my life about 16 months ago. One reason I'm continuing is because the Bhutanese are convinced that I will be their helper, and I am approached again when a baby is on the way.  So much has changed, too, and I sometimes have to laugh.  For instance, when I first began, during the delivery stretch, I was touching Mandira's hand and soothing her forehead, simply encouraging her.  NOW?  I'm holding their legs, pushing and pushing,  being very intense during the contractions, my arms and legs worn out from that delivery "exercise" pressure.  Even the nurses and doctor have become accustomed to my presence and ask me for more help during the whole labor and delivery process.  And I've begun to LOVE it!!!  WOW! ==

Yesterday, the time went quite well in some personal ways.  During those many hours of waiting and hanging out, Laxman and I talked about their cultural situations in Nepal, how they dealt with India and Bhutan, ways to adjust to our country aspects [cars, various types of insurance, taxes, jobs, how to move closer to the Lord with what's on our spiritual plate here].  His mom, Dil, was with us; a real treat and one of my favorite Bhutanese sisters.

I'm living in exhaustion today.  Not enough rest since Sunday morning.  Truly hope I sleep well tonight.

I'll show a few photos.  The last one was taken today when I went to the hospital to check in on them. I wanted to see how they are doing and how Bisant looks after being bathed and dressed.  One of my biggest joys is having a newborn child holding my finger.  Makes me grin.

Now I'll shut up and go away and you can see my dear ones... Laxman, Dumbari, Dil, and Bisant.


Mary said...

May God grant you a peaceful, rejuvenating sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

we are neighbors at Jennifer’s...sweet sweet...sounds like God has you in a very special place. blessings as you rest from your “labor”~

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

Aw! What a precious baby.

I love the way you love. You are a gift. God uses you in so many ways.

S. Etole said...

He is sure looking straight at his daddy.

Hope you are getting some rest.

Linda said...

It is true - He equips us for what He calls us to. You are a bright, shiny light for Him Joanne.
The pictures are lovely - precious new life.

Floyd said...

Awesome job Joanne! What a heart you have for and by God. You're an inspiration to all of us. Great pictures. That's a good looking baby. Get rest sister.

Sr Crystal Mary said...

The poor girl, she looks utterly worn out. I pray that looking on her precious baby's face she felt better about the long ordeal. Lovely photos, great to see. Keep sharing.xx

Ruthie H. said...

Wow, what an amazing opportunity and ministry to be part of ushering in new life! Very cool! May God continue to guide you in this ministry to these precious folks. :)