Monday, September 10, 2012

FIRST RESPONDERS -- GABE -- and baby coming

Buried in important and serious activities.  Some good, some stressful... all God-connected.

At this present moment, I am at our local hospital where I have been a baby-delivery helper for the Bhutanese.  Baby number 5 is probably arriving later today.  Can't take any photos until later when it's official, obviously.  Last night we arrived about 9:30.  I couldn't sleep on the couch here; hurt my legs/back too much, so I went home at 4:30 this morning and hit THAT couch and rested [didn't sleep much] until 8:30 this morning and came back.  The baby will probably arrive late today or overnight.  To prepare for sleeping more effectively, I brought a sleeping bag and can stay on the floor, if necessary.

So, now I'll hit the important element from yesterday.

Our First Responders were needed to go to a part of town we have rarely, if ever, been in the 4 years I've been involved.  When I arrived, I talked to neighborhood people and they were so horrified.  On Friday night/Saturday morning, on their street, 4 people were shot, 2 were stabbed, and one died soon.  As his family and friends arrived the story about him was a real heart-toucher/breaker.

Gabe was 18, had been a writer, a worker, had graduated through GED, and had been a football player at the high school that is 2 blocks from my house.  His sister was holding his picture when she came.  I was given permission by his family to take a photo.

What could we do?  We prayed, we touched, we held, we encouraged, we loved.

I had a prayer shawl in the car and we were blessed to lay it over his sister's shoulders [she was small, it was small] and pray over and for her, and it looked absolutely lovely on her.  I so would love to have a photo of that, but praying and touching her didn't allow my fingers to be pulling out my camera at the same time.

When we left, the family and friends moved closer to the house where the tragedy had occurred.  All we could do was leave them behind, knowing their hearts were buried in Gabe.  Our prayers were that they would know that our Father could bring truth to the light, hearts to Him, souls and spirits to healing.  Will we know soon?  Probably not.  When will we know?  When we are in heaven.  We get an answer when someone contacts a church, but that rarely occurs.  What must we do?  What our Father calls us to do.  Period.

The rest of it is laid on His Hands and His Hands, alone.

Nothing else counts.

I reached home about 4:00 in the afternoon.  Thought I would have a quiet evening, do some writing and post reading.

Life changed rapidly.  My tiredness was filled with adrenaline... and now I'm "on the road again."  [One of my main godly mottoes.]

[And, dear friends, if this is not perfect, please just put up with me.  I'm one tired cookie today and didn't want to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday after some rest.  Wanted to share so you would have hearts for these dear ones who have faced such critical and stressful phases in life.  Thank you.]

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Anonymous said...

We are the hands and voice of God to others here on earth. My husband called my a Guerilla Warrior yesterday when I was taking some more food next door to a couple who needs help but who is resistant to hearing the gospel. I told him, "Well then, they will just have to see it!"

I now bestow that name on you; Youa re a "Guerilla Responder", warring in one of the best ways possible.

Yes, there isn't usually much closure now, but I am sure you will have lots of wonderful surprises when you finally move to heaven and get to see the outcomes.

Praying over you right now at 11:43a On Monday. You are being energized even now and upheld by the Word of God's Almighty Power.

Thanks you for sharing! ♥♥ & Hugs

Wendy @ E-1-A said...

Joanne - this is real front-line stuff! I can only think of a verse which I read earlier today and I will share it with you to claim:

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.!" (John 14:12).

Can God bring peace and hope and His Truth into a community which is at war with itself? "Yes, heavens, yes... and much more..." The same power which raised Jesus from the dead is able to work in the lives and hearts of men, women and children and convict them of sin and save them. Hallelujah ((( AMEN )))

a joyful noise said...

Joanne dear, you are certainly on the front lines. Your first responder group who are willing to pray and just BE there for those who have just experienced tradegy are angels of mercy. Thank you so much for sharing at Tell Me a True Story.

Dolly@Soulstops said...

Glad you could pray for Gabe's sister and be a comforting easy answer..praying for comfort for his family, and that the baby delivery goes smoothly.

Floyd said...

Good for you for being a soldier with the heart of God... My heart breaks for that family... This is a sad life, but only what's done for Christ will last... Keep storing up those treasures in heaven sister...

Diane Ronzino said...

Joanne, I'm moved in reading your story. My heart aches. God bless you and I ditto what Nancy calls you!