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MIRACLE # 5 -- A & B -- STEVE

FYI -- these occurred nearly spontaneously.
 Miracle “A” --

My son, Steve, began his life miraculously prior to and during his birth.  I was the miracle-forcing person, then, fighting the “authorities”, but truly scared beyond belief.  However, it’s certainly not the same as this next God-giving story.

We lived in Redwood City, California.  Through our Heavenly Father’s intervention, [very serious stuff going on], I left my husband, my kids’ dad.  Renae was 4 years old and Steve was 16 months.  A financial gift, from a Christian sister in our neighborhood, paid for the airplane tickets.  On May 24, 1974, we flew to Omaha to stay with Susie and her family.  We had been invited a few weeks earlier; she had felt the Lord tap her to write me.  I had no idea, when that wonderful letter had arrived, that this would come to pass, if for no other reason than absolute poverty.

Steve had very serious allergies -- all wheat and dairy products.  I could hardly afford ordinary food, let alone specialties necessary for his health.  When arriving here, Susie and her husband blessed us by purchasing what Steve needed and avoiding what he didn’t.

He was better, but not perfect.  Scrawny and skinny.  Cried nearly every night and did not sleep well.  Had never slept well, which made it tough for his mom, believe me.

In August, Susie was visiting her family in Minnesota.  Her husband and I were at home.  One morning, the phone rang.  A friend from church was heading downtown to attend a worship and prayer convention.  She told me she would be in our area in about 20 minutes and if I wanted to go and could be ready by then, she would pick me up.

I DID want to go, believe me.  A teen from down the street agreed to watch my kids and Susie's son.  I grabbed a can of soup out of the cupboard and set it aside for lunch.  Left with a carload of ladies.

After a long time of worshipful music, praising and praying, the morning speaker stepped forward.  Before his preaching began, he said this would be the prayer time for healing.  He told us offering  plates would be passed and we could put in notes re: physical needs. 

While he was giving instruction, suddenly I panicked.   I remembered the soup can I had grabbed without reading the ingredients ... it was vegetable alphabet soup.  The alphabet portion was wheat. 

During my agitation,  trying to figure out what I should do, the Lord spoke to me so clearly.  He said, “Put a note in the plate so they will pray.”

I grabbed a pencil and quickly wrote blunt info.  Basically: boy, 19 mos., allergic to wheat and dairy.   When finishing, I was able to toss it in right on time.

When the piles of notes were delivered to the front of the convention center, the speaker stacked them up and laid hands on them and prayed.  When he finished, I knew Steve was healed.  My heart was totally assured. 

By the time I reached home he had, of course, eaten soup.  Almost immediately, I gave him ice cream.  In the next couple days he had macaroni and cheese, which became one of his favorite foods, and French toast and pancakes and, and, and....

He had absolutely no negative reactions.  And it was wonderful, of course...

... until I panicked again. I thought, “It could still hit him.  He might be vomiting and screaming at night and it will be my fault.”

Do you know God is BIGGER?    My knee-jerk reaction was a “mom” thing.  And the Lord didn’t change this to slap my hand for not trusting Him entirely.  He’s most certainly very kind!

Steve continued to eat and eat some more.   In a few days, he started sleeping, not crying, his stomach pain reduced significantly, and his skinniness was swept away.

I rejoiced ... AGAIN!!!  

How is Steve today?  Well, at 39 he eats what he wants, when he wants it.

As one song says: “God is GOOD all the time.”  Yep, I agree!

NOW -- Miracle “B” --

In August, shortly before the convention, because of his eating dilemma, he was diagnosed with iron deficiency.  They would begin the medication in September. 

A couple weeks after the allergy healing,  he was given another blood test.  Suddenly, the nurse came out, stunned.  She asked what had happened?  I asked what she meant.  She said his iron level had increased well into the normal range and it couldn’t possibly have occurred so quickly.  So, again, she asked, “What happened?!”   I told her that he had been prayed for about his allergies.  I had no idea that not only his eating sources changed, but also his blood iron level.  Hadn’t even thought of it.

But, I rejoiced ... AGAIN!!! [As did Susie’s family,  our church, and many others.]  This time because it was not only a total surprise, and not even slightly anticipated, but, medically speaking, an even more important healing.

The word “HALLELUJAH!!” truly means a lot to me!!!

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Anonymous said...


Wendy @ ECTaS said...

WoW! More amazing miracles! I believe miracles definitely still do happen today... I also believe it is US who sometimes limit them by our unbelief...

Christina said...

Amazing! Our God is a powerful and generous God. Wonderful!

Unknown said...

I wanted to thank you for commenting on your experience with depression. I've been struggling with it for many years, as well. It wasn't till I found myself broken and humbled, in a mental institution, that I had to face my Major Depression.
I thank the Heavenly Father for never given up on me even though I did.

Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

I'm a Believer. You had me at "...God-giving story." HallELUJAH!

Jason Stasyszen said...

What an awesome testimony! So good, Joanne. I'm ready to see stories like this become everyday occurrences to the glory of God! Thank you for sharing this.

caryjo said...

Thanks, Jason. I think that's why the Lord is tapping me on the shoulder and having me place stories that may encourage hearts. Have a number more that will hit in the next stretch of time.

And all of you, thanks. Encouragement is a nice thing, doncha think?

a joyful noise said...

Thank you for sharing Your true story at Tell me a True Story. Wow God gave you a double miracle for your Son Steve. God is so good, and goes beyond what we even ask or think.

Diane said...

I came over from Tell Me A Story. What a wonderful story! Thank you for writing about these two miracles. What an awesome God we have! How He showed you how much He loved you.


Lyli said...

Powerful story! Praise God!

bluecottonmemory said...

Through my children, I have seen amazing miracles! Thank you for sharing your miracle. Billy Graham said, "If you want to change someone's life, tell a story." Your story is a life-changing story!

Gayle said...

I am loving reading your lifetime stories of the faithfulness and paths the Lord has led you on. It is such a blessing.

Floyd said...

I'm fascinated by the world's lack of understanding and how they pass things off as just that, "unexplainable." What a slap in the face of the One who provides the very life for us to be able to breathe and think....

There are no unexplained phenomenon, there is our Father who controls all things... including the health of a 19 month old...

Great story... And yeah, He is good all the time!