Wednesday, May 23, 2012


OK.  Here's the story.  Life, obviously, never changes.

When I was 16 years old in Klickitat, Washington, I was walking on the main street of this small town on a Saturday and saw one of my teachers, Mr. Warner.  I have no idea what we were talking about.  I only remember what happened.

While I was talking to him, he suddenly reached over and grabbed my hands and forced my arms to my side and said:  "Now talk."

As a result, I had Big Eyes, staring at him, and my mouth frozen shut.

In all these years similar events have occurred.  I get teased.  For instance, I was interviewed by a news reporter after a local First Responder prayer time when two murders had taken place.  Even though a number of people were pleased by my comments, I also was told that it was so "me" to see the hands and arms winding around.

WELL, I was up in northern MN a couple weeks ago, visiting my "sister" and dear friend, Susie.  First, this is a picture of us.  See what she's holding in her hand?

 When I was talking to a couple guys who were rebuilding her deck and ramp, I had no idea what she was doing.  She has known me since I was 15, so in nearly 52 years she has seen each part of my life that changed -- salvation, for instance-- and what hasn't.  THIS is what hasn't.

Sometimes I would like to be a quieter [even with hands and arms], less filled with arm exercise during talks.  Do I remember what we were discussing?  NO!  But Susie obviously enjoyed taking the "Normal Joanne" pics.

[And I'm not upset; just chuckling at how some things never seem to change.  Will I be that way in heaven?  Will my personality still be an overwhelming arm-raiser, swinging and swaying them during worship?  Might not be too annoying there, doncha think?]


Gayle said...

Oh I love it! I teach a class in communicating with disabilities and that is one of the things that help us understand each other more is using our hands when we talk. And did you know that children whose mother use their hands to express talk earlier than other children? I knew we were a family that talks with our hands when our little one year old granddaughter would chatter in baby talk and use her hands to "talk". LOL!

city2prairiegirl said...

Oh my goodness! My husband used to do the same thing (hold my arms to the side). I told to pretend I was Italian... I'm not sure if that helped him, but I still use my hands to "talk." :)

Jennifer @ said...

Love, love, love this! Chuckling here! I am a hand-talker, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...when Dad was really sick, all of us girls got together for reunion and we were standing around in the living room "talking" when we heard him just start laughing. When we stopped to see what he was laughing about, he said, "You know it's a good thing you girls don't get too close to each other or you would probably beat each other up!" Another time.....I recall taking a public speaking class at college and we were being instructed in the practice of using the hands effectively while speaking publicly. We were then supposed to give a small 2 minute talk. I didn't even make an effort to use my hands..I was more concentrated on what I was saying... and when the instructor critiqued me afterwards, he said I really didn't have to use my hands THAT much! Hahahaha....I think it's in the blood!!!! Niki

Beth said...

Great photo of you and Susie together---the love is so evident.

I'm smiling at those photos of you--such animation--love it!:>)

Anonymous said...

I'm married to a hand talker, and don't think I do it as much, but when I speak to a group, I hate having to hold my notes or keep them on the podium with my hands - I want my hands free to move.

I loved the pictures! And the one of you and Susie is precious.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mum,

Thanks alot for all those great posts of Miracles and other pieces of your great life. It has always been such a huge blessing to get to
read about all those wonderful adventures that the Lord has taken you thru on this journey of life.

Yes, definitely as a teacher as well as a preacher i do alot of arm rising, swinging and swaying so as to attract the attention of my
learners and communicate more effectively. So i took on the same

Your Ugandan son,


Floyd said...

The more the hand communication, the bigger the personality! I've heard it said that the actual voice part of our communication only makes up a small part of how we communicate... I'd say that's true in your case!

I too talk with my hands, it's like painting the picture we're trying to communicate... and to be honest, I think it helps paint a clearer form of what we're trying to say.

Saleslady371 said...

This is what sister do! Your post is cute. Thank you for stopping by today!

Unknown said...

So cute! I love to talk to expressive people who talk with their whole being. Hope we get to chat one day!