Sunday, May 13, 2012


 Am sharing miracles.  I decided these would be good ways to remind us of the love and protection of our Lord... sometimes when we hardly know Him.  This is a portion of a "Grandma Cary" story called "Does God Help Us?"  I use my granddaughter, Juliana, as the side character. 

When Grandma tells her about something that occurred many years earlier, THAT is the miracle that I [Grandma Cary] went through back in1979.  So, the answer to "Does God Help Us?" is YES!!!!

...  headed to Omaha through a hilly country area, as Grandma drove around a curve, the car hit a piece of black ice, and she lost control.  The car started to spin, and slid towards the other side of the road headed for a ditch.  Juliana screamed while the car was sliding and Cary started hollering, “Lord.  Jesus.  Father God.  Help us.  Dear Jesus, help us.”  And as she hollered, the car gripped the pavement just as the edge of the road was reached, and suddenly the car was back on track.  Grandma pulled off onto the shoulder as soon as she could and turned around to check on Juliana.  Juliana's eyes, usually big, were huge – and filled with tears.  Her body was stiff and she looked like a statue.      

Grandma climbed into the back seat to hold her and it took a couple minutes before Juliana’s body began to soften and then she broke down and cried and cried and cried, hugging Grandma Cary’s neck very, very tight.

“You poor dear.  I’m so sorry.”  Grandma stroked her hair and held her.  After a few minutes, she said, “Honey, I need to start driving again.  I don’t want to be here too long and end up driving after dark.  OK?”

Juliana nodded her head very slightly and Grandma started the car.  A little later, Juliana said something so quietly that Grandma couldn’t understand her.  “What did you say?”

“God does help us, doesn’t He?  We could have crashed and instead we’re OK.”

“That’s right.  He did help.  My heart is still pounding and I’m still shaking a bit, but I know it was His hand that kept us from being in real trouble.”

While they were about 10 miles outside of Omaha, Grandma said, “I have a story that’s pretty amazing.  Now, God has protected me many times while I’ve been driving during rain or snow storms all around our country.  But this one was the first one.”  Grandma glanced in the rear view mirror to make sure Juliana was listening and then started talking.

“It happened when your mom was about 9 years old.  I was working in a bank and late in the afternoon, after dark, we had an ice storm.  When I got out to my car, it was totally covered with ice and it took me about half an hour to chip it off enough to see through the windows and drive.  I finally got onto the road to head for home. 

"Today, that is a busy part of Omaha, and houses are all around it, but back then it was just a plain road and very few houses and no street lights, and only a few stop signs.  Well, I was driving along, carefully, and then suddenly the car instantly swooshed from the lane I was in to the other lane.  I was shocked and really scared. The road was covered with ice and I couldn’t turn the steering wheel hardly at all, so this sudden change wasn't what I had done.

"Another scary part.   I could see the glare of headlights reflected off the hilly stretch of road ahead and knew there were cars coming at me and we were all going to be in a very bad accident.

"I immediately started to pray.  First, I said ‘Angels.  Send angels.’ Nothing happened.  Then I said, ‘Jesus, help me, Jesus.’ Nothing happened.  But I kept frantically praying in my heart and suddenly my mouth opened and I shouted – very, very loudly –  ‘Satan, in the name of Jesus, take your hand off my steering wheel.’  And you know what happened?”  Grandma Cary looked at Juliana.  Juliana shook her head.  “My car immediately swooshed back into the lane where it belonged.  I didn’t touch anything.  The car moved all by itself.  Within just a few seconds the other cars started to pass by in the other lane where I had been and where we would have had a terrible accident, and maybe even died.  And, yet, God had done this for me.

"I had nearly 10 miles still to drive home and I had no more problems, although, because of the ice, I had to move slowly and carefully, just as I had before the ‘swooshing’ happened.  When I got home, my body was still trembling and I was shaking my head from the miracle I had just been through.

"I have never wondered whether God can step in to protect me.  He did it then, and many other times over the years as I’ve driven all over the country, many thousands and thousands of miles, and just now, He did it again for us.  And it gives you, my dear girl, a story to plant in your heart so you will know that He cares for you just as He cared for me..."


Beth said...

Those stories will be handed down through your generations to come--an incredible legacy for your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and on!

Anonymous said...

great story - I remember it from your Grandma Cary stories, but love hearing how
God intervenes. I have been there too!


Lyli said...

Beautiful testimony! I pray a lot in the car as well. Thank God for those ministering angels who protect us from harm!