Monday, February 6, 2012


For nearly 27 years, Dave has been in my life. Neither of us had any idea that the Lord would put us together. The night before he came to my duplex, I called my friend, Susie, who many of you now know from the blog-oriented life we all live, and casually told her that this young guy from church was coming to mow my grass the next day. She still laughs a bit when she remembers that within about 10 days, the "young guy" and I were engaged; married in 4 months.

This is what I've shared. Think you'd understand even more.

We still enjoy each other. We bless each other. We
rarely ever focus on Valentine's Day. We don't like the commercial insanity and the way in which romance is faked. The only gift? About 15 years ago, Dave bought me an African violet plant on Valentine's Day... still have it.

So, to me, true romance had rarely occurred in my life until Dave was dropped in. Dave is an amazingly overwhelming treat.

One other blessing with being together. We have different ministries and gift areas. We support and encourage each other to do whatever God calls us to do as partners or individually. Period. So "romance" isn't just lots of kisses and hugs, although those are very nice; "romance" is blessing each other to serve our Lord no matter what the cost.
Word Carnival is "Romance".


Cris Ferreira said...

Beautiful, Jo! It's inspiring to see a relationship like that. Unfortunately, nowadays it is not easy to find it, not even in church. In my opinion, the key to a successful marriage is to let God choose your spouse.
I loved this phrase: "'romance' is blessing each other to serve our Lord no matter what the cost." That says it all!
May God continue blessing and using you and your husband in amazing ways!

Peter P said...

I love hearing stories of those people who just 'knew'.

My wife and I met online and were married in about four months. Before we ever met face to face or even knew what each other looked like, we 'knew'.

I'm so happy for you both!

Mary said...

you said "Dave is an amazingly overwhelming treat" that just about says it all...blessings you you two.

and i cannot believe that African violet plant is still alive!! you must have it in a perfect spot!

Anonymous said...

You win the prize for the word "romance" and your sharing! Every woman in the world would wish for a tender husband like yours who has such insight and such caring sweetness. Thank you for putting that whole message out there for all to enjoy. Congratulations on 27 yrs. We are going to celebrate 50 this year. God blessed me with an awesome friend and hero with whom I can spend my life. I am so blessed.

S. Etole said...

Ah, Joanne, you've captured its meaning well ... and lived it.

a joyful noise said...

I love a true romance story, and what a romantic jesture to come and mow your lawn and then marry you! My African violets usually die and yours must be truely blessed. I appreciate the fact that you both give each other grace to minister together or alone as the Lord sees fit! Beautiful!

Shanda said...

so beautiful....a relationship that god has been nurturing for 27 years, all the while knowing it would come to this!