Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This is not spiritually-focused teaching, intensely grabbing hearts and spirits, presenting new poems or stories. Nope. Just a grateful, joyful, smile-oriented moment to share. Here goes.

GOD IS BIGGER!! That has become one of my main mottoes. I would have wanted to know it back in those years. God began then to plant the “BIG” seed. I’m very grateful.

I was married on Christmas Eve,
1968. In April, 1969, my husband and I left Tacoma, WA, and ended up in the San Mateo/Redwood City region of the S.F., CA, Bay area, where he had been born and lived through his teens. He wanted to go back, hoping to restore serious family situations involving him. He wanted to develop a good relationship with his Dad. It had never happened before. It didn't again.

Physically and emotionally the 5 years I was there were pretty scary... in fact, exceptio
nally frightening on nearly every possible facet.

Except One. One BIG one.

I had been a Christian for exactly
3 years when we headed south. During those 5 years in California, God dropped, spiritually, a Mom and Dad, several sisters and brothers, and good friends into my life. He put me in churches and Bible studies and home group get-togethers. These fed my heart, grew my spirit, gave me hope. Protected me.

After all these years, there's one event I always remember and feel so blessed to have been in the "right place at the right time".

In 1972, a friend and I attended a home Bible study in Palo Alto. Went occasionally, but
didn't always like to go; the teacher seemed to always be talking about Leviticus 23, which I thought was boring, and he tended to holler at the 50 of us... YES, 50 in one large living room.

This evening, after I settled in
, I saw 4 hippie-looking guys sitting on the floor, a couple with guitars. Obviously, visitors. After the evening prayer was over, they were introduced. They were a singing group connected to what was called the Jesus Movement. [Keith Green, Barry Maguire, 2nd Chapter of Acts are famous members.] The guys said they'd been very involved with drugs, still had court time and might be in jail, but had come to the Lord and were attending Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa. And, for now, as they could, they were traveling around California to sing.

Then they did. Several songs. An
d I fell in love with them... and, by the way, their group was named "Love Song". The main leader was/is Chuck Girard. I've admired him ever since.

They later came to Redwoo
d City and gave concerts. Always free. Since I had no money, it was a big heart feeder that I could go.

In May, 1974, my 2 kids and I escaped to Omaha. I never heard or saw Love Song again. And always missed that blessed time.

Through it all, my favorite song was Maranatha! I hadn't been able to track it down over these years. Then, yesterday, I suddenly thought of the song and wondered, "What about Youtube? Has it finally shown up there?"

And it had! So, for the first time in 38 years, I listened to it last evening ... over and over and over.

Now, no, it isn't the best lyrical song ever written. And, yes, too repetitious. But, especially then, in our world view and our Christian walk, it focused on the return of our Lord and our need to prepare for that world-wide, eternal event. It was a very important then.

Still is.

Enjoy and rejoice!
on Youtube.

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Mary said...

Smiling here...they were/are some of my favorites...I think I had all their tapes/CD's. Always liked Matthew Ward and Annie Herring,s voices. I remember going to a 2nd Chapter of Acts concert, sitting ing the front row and being blown away!