Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Maybe because I have a brain that operates on full-speed most of the time, the Lord drops an occasional dream into my sleep-time, because He needs to get a point across or give me an instruction. Doesn't happen often with straight-forward results. Just sometimes.

On Sunday, our Pastor's sermon included the comment that dreams weren't a part of our usual spiritual life. And, I have to agree with that, in general. But there are the occasional ones ....

This one hit about 30 years ago. You ought to get a good chuckle out of it.

In my dream,
my teeth were being broken out and my jaw pulled. [I really -- REALLY -- don't like to have my mouth messed with, so this was very intense and unnerving.] I woke up, big eyed, and glad I was awake, and after breathing heavily for a few seconds, I settled down. WELL, a few days later I had the same dream with my jaw-bone being broken and yanked out... And then again a few days later.

When I woke up I was hollering, "WHAT is going ON???" And, surprisingly, the Lord spoke very clearly to my heart: "Getting you to change is like pulling teeth."

Well, I decided I better check in with Him and find out what I wasn't doing that He wanted me to. After that, any time I started to have that dream, I would immediately say, "OK, Lord, what am I supposed to do?" I haven't had one of those dreams for a very long time. Hope it means He can get to me more easily.


In a while I will share about the other main dream. Through it, the Lord sent me to Uganda in 2003 for 3 months, after the Soroti area had been invaded by the Kony rebels and He wanted me there for very specific reasons. If He hadn't done it, I wouldn't have gone there, I'm quite certain sure. Soroti was pretty close to the bottom of my "willing to go" list, as much as I love Uganda. And to leave my husband for months? Risk my life by entering a war zone? But it was the right thing to do.

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Beth said...

Chuckled at this! Sometimes I feel like God has to drop something on my head---when I start bumping my head or my side hurts, I start wondering what I'm missing that God's trying to get through to me.