Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This won't be long, but I was pretty amazed, so quickly after my posts, to receive an email from Fred this morning. And it opens more understanding of what they are dealing with. [We sometimes fail to reach each other for a year or longer and suddenly that is changing. Makes me happy!]

Dear Joanne,
Josephine and I are in S Sudan and will be home this weekend.
We have been running a training program for 3 months with short breaks to go home and spend time with the girls.

We will be in a better position to communicate from next week- net bad here.

My comment. It ain't one easy trip back and forth. I have no idea where they are in Southern Sudan, but, at the very least, it's 300 miles which is not easy to reach and rarely is the transportation anything most of us would ever want to ride in.

To leave their upper-teen girls home alone for most of this time is also another challenge. I'm sure someone is stepping in to help. Very recently Josephine's father died, so that added to more of the family stress.

Their work for YWAM is going to make a big difference. To be able to train the Sudanese in ways to share the gospel and build their families more strongly with all they've faced in the past, and give them hope for the future ... what a blessing on both sides. [Have desired to go to Sudan so many times, and it just hasn't worked out. But I guess "I'm" there when several of my friends who have been there over the years have bits of my heart with them.]

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