Thursday, August 11, 2011


Actually, the excitement isn't only about them. It's watching their other family members we've been "living with" for over a year to jump for joy.

It all began last night. I took two of the present family members to the airport to welcome the 3 who
were coming, a young couple with a young son. When I reached the airport, just shy of 10 PM, I joined with a pile of the others who were waiting. Had so much fun just waiting. After the arrival, I took Mandira and Tshering back to the apartment. Perfectly content with the evening's activities. So enjoyed my time with my many dear ones.

Well, today it was a blast. About 2:00 I decided to go to Mandira's apt and see the family now that they had slept. The baby/toddler wasn't a happy boy last night. So, I had visited the Mom, who speaks a bit of English, and enjoyed the little one and my others.

Suddenly I
heard a rowdy, noisy person jumping up the stairs to this upper apartment and when the door was opened Phurba ran into the room, overwhelmingly joyous. He hadn't been at the airport [he'd been sick last night, which is very common] and wanted to see his cousins. When he came in and saw me, he ran across the room and threw his arms around me and hugged me so hard it nearly broke my back... but I sure had no complaint. This is the first time I have seen him so extroverted. He's always been facing the brain surgery, seizures, on lots of drugs, sleepy, sick. A little open at his church sometimes, always respectful and nice to me, and sometimes affectionate. This, however, was a whole new experience. I watched while he laughed and jumped around the apt and talked a million miles a minute, with everyone laughing with [and at] him. All I could do was sit there and grin. [The photos are from last winter before and after his surgery.]

A few minutes later, his brother, Sai and his wife, Wang, came and brought more relatives. And the Nepali yammering went on and on, and, of course, I didn't understand a word.

I was getting ready to leave and all except the new ones knew when my surgery had taken place 3 weeks ago. They've all come to my house to check on me before. Well, they wanted to see my belly. So, here I am in the middle of a large living room with a large family sitting there, asked to show my stomach so they could see the incisions. I just shrugged my shoulders a bit, then I did what they wanted and lifted my shirt and showed them my gut. They were pretty amazed to see how things have improved, and they rejoiced. [The healing has really increased recently!] I never would have thought that this would be such a great impression on them.

I came home about 3:30 with real joy in my heart. New family, "old" family, love and love and more love poured around and about to their family and to me. What a treat! [I think adding these 3 new ones makes the total "family" in the 50 range now. Who would've thunk we'd be so buried in so many refugees. I love it!!]

Just thought I'd share this with you all. Couldn't be happier this afternoon. It's been wonderful. I've eaten better, walked farther, visited more, and come home with less tiredness than would have been the case just a day or so ago. YIPPEE!! [Thanks for your prayers, encouragement.]


S. Etole said...

Thank you, Lord!!!! for answered prayer and continued healing.

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