Saturday, August 13, 2011


What a day! I took Mandira and Pemba to the hospital at 4 AM yesterday. I had slept a bit for the 3 hours before they started calling me at 2 AM to contact the hospital for them and find out what to do, since Mandira was having contractions. So, I was the inbetweener until the delivery nurse said to come in.

Well, the whole day was filled with the combination of lots and lots and next to nothing. I came home at 2 in the afternoon to take a shower and pick up Pemba's sister. I'd been told the baby would arrive between 8 and 9.

That nurse was wrong!! Mandira had really
hit the extreme pain element. I have the treasure of a bruise on my hand that she was holding... I had told her much earlier she was free to hold my hand as hard as needed. [If I could, I'd take a photo of the bruise and frame it forever!]

For the first time in my life I was involved in the final few minutes before the baby came out. Mandira was gri
pping my hand and I was also rubbing her forehead. Then I was assigned by the doctor to count to 10 for her during the "pushing" time. Every time he nodded I did it again. So, I think I counted to 10 at least 10 times. Glad I knew how!!

And then I saw the baby's head come out. WOW!! And "baby girl" officially became Prasansa ... the Nepali word for "praise".

Details: 12:33 AM; 7 lks 9 oz.; 19 inches. Comment: considering that Mandira was very small -- starting the pregnancy at 93 lbs, 5 feet and with a very short and thin husband -- it was not at all anticipated that Prasamsa would be this large, which may have well added to the pain level!

I came home a little past 1 AM, got to bed at 2, and slept most of the time until nearly 11. Was exhausted, wh
ich should be very understandable.

Mandira and Pemba adopted me as a grandmother
shortly after their arrival here last October. I've definitely adored them and they have so much respect and appreciation for me. [They feel the same about Dave, but he isn't in their faces nearly as often as I am.]

Couldn't NOT
send this around and about. They and others have so changed my life this past year. God has been so gracious to me.


S. Etole said...

Congratulations to all ... love all that dark hair. And her name is perfect.

Jeanne Frances Klaver said...

Lucky you! What a delicious experience you had. Thank you so much for sharing these precious photos.

Beth said...

Congratulations great-grandma!
What a wonderful, blessed experience! You are special indeed! :>)