Thursday, October 28, 2010


Recently, the Lord laid Revelation on me to read, probably over and over -- He's done that before. It ranks right up as a favorite book, and I enjoy it... it thoroughly excites me.

Well, in chapter 7, it has one of my favorite portions. The host comes from every nation, tribe, people, language... then the angels and four living creatures... and then they all fall prostrate before the throne and worship God and the Lamb of God... and this verse just explodes -- I have it underlined big time and read it with a loud, roaring, "hallelujah-ing" voice:

Amen! (So be it!) they cried. Blessing and glory and majesty and splendor and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and might [be ascribed] to our God to the ages and ages (forever and ever, throughout the eternities of the eternities)! Amen! (So be it!)

=========WOW!!!! ===========


S. Etole said...

Worthy is the Lamb ... to receive honor and glory and power ...

Unknown said...

Maranatha! Lord Jesus!

Arti said...

Such a beautiful post... Loved the words!!
Have a beautiful weekend:)

Sandra Heska King said...

That was actually the first book I ever studied inductively. One of our assignments was to draw the book. I did it on a roll of white paper. Talk about sealing it.