Monday, October 18, 2010

Pharisee Interview

A scribe asked a Pharisee, as part of a survey, “What would you do with Jesus?”

The Pharisee answered with great detail and heart-filled hatred.

“I’m happy to tell you what I'd do with that blaspheming rabble-rouser. I'd stone him. With pleasure.

“Ever since he emerged on the scene here in Jerusalem from that God-forsaken area up north, he's been nothing but trouble. We can't maintain order. We had everything running smoothly here. Sure, we all despise the Romans. There is always a plot fermenting to overthrow them. The fools who do that plotting are normally discovered and crucified, but, then, what can those rebels expect? They know the risks.

“The Romans are difficult to live with at best, but this man, Jesus, has made it worse. He has divided the populace with his talk of a new kingdom ... a heavenly kingdom. Who does he think he is? He SAYS he's the son of God. HUH!!

“Would the son of God -- our most Holy, Almighty God -- allow prostitutes to touch Him... allow beggars and lepers with their filth and running sores, to handle Him? IF Jesus was truly the son of God, he'd know the Law and what IT says about the unclean and impure.

“You know what I think? I think he's an opportunist ... crazy ... power-hungry. I don't know what his goal is, but, if nothing else, it obviously is only to further his own ends and increase his own following. And that end can only be destruction. For all of them.

“And for that I wait – impatiently. It will be a great day for this nation when that man is dead. The sooner this man Jesus is condemned and removed, the sooner we can regain our control. And the sooner we can get these Roman eyes diverted from us and back on their own problems. And we will be free.

“So, what would I do with Jesus? I would kill him.”


S. Etole said...

They didn't realize ... did they?

He was condemned so we wouldn't be ... and that is grace, all grace.

richd said...

So if He showed up today and messed with our security and politics, maybe suggesting something radical like "God blesses ALL nations, not just America"--I wonder how we would respond?

My guess--it wouldn't be much different.

Anonymous said...

Scary ... thought-provoking. Has happened in people's hearts and minds through generations and today. Good writing Jo. More than just printed words but powerful, strong, and to the point - then and now!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Good insight.

Lisa notes... said...

I like how you ended this very bluntly. It’s not just hypothetical; it’s what we do spiritually. What do we do with Jesus? We crucify him anew, when he’s the very one who takes away our condemnation. Thanks for the thought-provoking.

Ryan Tate said...

Jesus didn't come for the rich, powerful, religious, pharisees. He came for those willing to be poor, weak, and broken. If you don't think you need healed, you won't think you need a Savior.

Great post - excellent.

HisFireFly said...

I pray that your words cause us to stop and think.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Well that sure got to the point. Very well done... thank you!