Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I'm getting ready for my trip up to northern MN to see Susie. I leave tomorrow morning, so have lots of bits on my prep plate and didn't want to be interrupted.

A while ago, the doorbell rang. And 5 of the Bhutanese were standing outside, smiling.

After we visited for a few minutes, the young man told me their main need ... someone to work with them to learn American English. Many of the young folks had gone to school at the refugee camp and most of the classes were in English English --
they even have Shakespeare classes! However, our terminology and pronunciation and syllable emphasis is a real challenge for them.

I couldn't think of any books that would be a help as we moved forward. And then the young man [who will have been in the States a week as of tomorrow] mentioned having a Derek Prince book in Nepali and I have the same book in English. When I get back home we're going to try to work out a time for Bible study -- using common scriptures, such as John 3:16, in both languages -- and also use the Prince book as a learning/training time.

We all became very excited at what the Lord is opening for us.
I -- a non-other-language-adept-person -- can help them become more comfortable with our language. How cool is that?

The last neat part: when they drop in occasionally, before they leave, they always ask me to pray for them. And even though their language understanding is limited, they just love to have me lift them to the Lord and rejoice and praise Him for bringing them to our country and our neighborhood. They always leave with smiles and laughter and hugs and lots of love. Makes my spirit sing, to say the least.

NOW I'll get the last of my chores accomplished so I can hit the road early in the morning, but I just needed to share this blessed moment.


Tricia said...

Take care on the trip. May you come home rested and refreshed and having heard from the LORD. Blessings.

S. Etole said...

Looking forward to it ... glad you were blessed tonight!