Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last May when I visited Susie, this is what it looked like from my favorite sitting site (sight) in her house.

This time? Change, BIG TIME. [Bare feet to warm socks, if nothing else... but, of course, that doesn't count the green-to-brown outside world.]

What did I do this time? Slept and slept, rested, rested, and rested some more. So much needed... and didn't quite realize how the Lord had laid my rest up there in place, no pun intended [at least originally].

In the 4-plus days I was there, I went o
nly into the nearby town and back... a total of 6 miles. Considering it's about 530 miles each way, from my house to hers, I usually pile another hundred or so
aking some side trips and visits... but not this time. Except for going to a local Christian community center with a great clothes-for-sale shop, it was only being "home" with Susie. [BTW, God really opened a great door: I was able to purchase, for next to nothing, approximately a dozen winter jackets and other warm items for the Bhutanese refugee family I'm involved with here, and piles of sheets, blankets, towels, comforters, and on and on. Totally stuffed my trunk and 1/2 of my back seat. Handed them out yesterday, and the their joy of receiving was thrilling to see.]

Had nice dinners and visits with her local family members who came over; had a real treat of a time with a local man born and raised in Zambia with his missionary parents [also locals]; he returned to the States after high school in '96, about the same time Dave and I returned from Uganda. How exciting to talk to someone who has been in Africa and has a true heart for it ... and has brought some of it home with him. Got my adrenalin flowing big time!

So, here're the "bits and pieces"...

I was painting Christmas tree and shelf ornaments in 1977. This was the one I made for Susie. Amazing to see it still today. What a blessing to have a friend who shows continued appreciation for the small things. [My painting ended by 1978; ain't done it since. Glad it fit into her life at just that right time.]

And then the big one, a really nice photo of the two of us. What a treat to have this. I can hardly wait to print it off and frame it.

So any deep and intensive Truth that invaded our lives while I was up there? Any insights into all that is happening in the world, both outside and around us? Nope. Hardly any at all, which is very rare with us. So, nothing to share in this post that will change lives forever. But our time was quiet and pleasant.

Guess that should be worth as much as anything else.


S. Etole said...

It's often in the "being still" we experience the most ... thanks, again, for the joy of your company and friendship.

Jeff Jordan said...

I like the view from May a lot better:) The leaves down here in Shenandoah Valley are just about at their peak color right now. Wish they could stay that way.

That ornament you made and she still has is really neat. Those little things mean so many memories. Glad you still have each other after all these years. Friends like that are hard to come by for sure...

SimplyDarlene said...

What a be comfortable enough to rest fully and not feel like you have to be doing-doing-doing. I am a stay-at-home kind of gal myself.

Caryjo, thank you for the kind words of support regarding the post I wrote on Halloween. I appreciate your honesty and encouragement.

And sometime I will have to ask you to tell me more about Uganda. Susie is a contributing photographer for a Uganda, Christ-centered ministry that I founded. Also, Mr. Jeff (up above in the comments) just made a wonderful order from the site. What a small world we live in and it is so wonderful that He holds us all in His loving hands.


caryjo said...

I'm willing to talk about Uganda any time ... in so many ways it has been/is my life, even though I was in my mid-40s before the Lord poured it on me. I've been working on a book for some time, and just need to keep moving forward with it... it you're interested and have time to read, I can give you some. Have hundreds of photos, lots of small stories. So any time...

Fun to see how so many are involved in so much that will touch and bless and help the ones who need it the most.


caryjo said...

Also, Jeff, thanks re: friendship. It's been, for me, one of the most amazing events of my life. In spite of sometimes living nearly 2,000 miles apart [not counting my 10,000 when in Uganda], going through tough and critical stages and phases of life, sometimes not being able to communicate regularly, God has continued to put us and pull us together. I just have to shake my head with amazement at His grace through these 50 years.

Glenda said...

Ah-ha! You're the friend Susan was so looking forward to seeing! I love the pic of you two. I'm sure you two caring, creative ladies had a wonderful time together. I like both the now and then photos actually; starkness can be beautiful in its own way.

Thanks for visiting my blog; come again! God bless you and your ministry!

Beth said...

Great pics of what always looks to be a very restful place. Esp. good one of the two of you--so glad you could both have the time together.